9 Things an Arahant Cannot Do

In the Pasadika Sutta we learn of the qualities of an Arahant through negative-characterization [describing an awakened one by describing what an awakened one cannot/will not do].


There are 9 things an Arahant cannot do:

  1. They are incapable of  deliberately taking the life of a living being.
  2. They are incapable of stealing.
  3. They are incapable of lying.
  4. They are incapable of storing up goods for sensual enjoyment as a householder.
  5. They are incapable of sexual intercourse.
  6. They are incapable of acting wrongly through attachment.
  7. They are incapable of acting wrongly through hatred.
  8. THey are incapable of acting wrongly through folly.
  9. They are incapable of acting wrongly through fear.


We find some of the 5 vows a Buddhist lay person takes upon becoming Buddhist.

I can’t stand for the denial of sexual intercourse, but I imagine that other beings may find benefit from this practice. A Monk friend of mine (Thich Minh Huu) described it to me like this:

By abandoning sexual desire for one person, true love is more easily developed for all people.

That makes sense to me, but it is not my practice, I am not this kind of early-Buddhist Arahant. I am Nguyen Giac. An American Buddhist. An Olympian Buddhist.

Dhammakaya is alive– it changes, but it stays the same, spiraling around a core set of truths– I won’t let others tell me about truth. I GnoTruth. We can all GnoTruth for ourselves.

Practice and see for yourselves. Take refuge on the island of self and look beyond it.