Walking in a grey robe.

Is this ok? Yeah. It’s ok. 


So, my meditation teacher gave me a robe from Vietnam. I’m a lay person. But, I’m also a white male.

So, I’ve had this conflict, thinking, “is it ok to wear this and walk around my neighborhood mindfully?”

And, I just realized that not only is OK, but it is … uh.. it’s real good. I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings by wearing such a grey robe.

And, I’m not trying to flaunt anything, but I do like that people can recognize that something is happening here. They see a grey-robe-guy walking around mindfully, slowly, sometimes– a little faster sometimes.

But, I just saw a guy. He crossed the street to meet me on the sidewalk and he just like, looked at me, we stopped and looked at each other and he shook my hand– not a word was shared. He walked away.

But, those who GNO, GNO.

And, they are the ones who I will walk around for, ignoring all the funny negative thoughts / actions of my white brethren.

Why do I say “white”?

Because, here, the path, in America, we euro-americans… we view much of the Buddha’s teaching as weakness and it is often looked down upon.

I have more to say about this, but I don’t want to say it now.


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