Crow and Fox

I just bowed thrice to a Fox,
to the sound of a screaming Murder.

In the backyard there is a wall constructed of small pieces of wood.
It is ugly.
We made it.

But, we paint on it and do not get arrested.

This morning I was writing a phrase over and over.
“Zen Heretic”

Because, yes, by all accounts, I am a heretic.
After the Diamond broke the unbreakable, no form can trap me.
This mind rests nowhere, everywhere. In between. Above. Below. Around the corner.

This is not Nibanna. Not Satori. Not awakening or enlightenment.
You say these things and bring dishonor to your family.


All of a sudden my Crow Family began screaming all around me.
We are a close-knit bunch. Our territory extends down to the water and around this house for a few blocks. It is baby season and we have no tolerance for any messin’ ’round.

I walked around the house and I saw them diving everywhere. The distant relatives, those within earshot, had gathered to battle. I knew something was happening somewhere. Then, a scruffy little fox scurried out of the bushes carrying the Crow’s food.

I’ve been feeding my Crow Family for a while now. Seems Fox discovered the food stash. This really pissed off the Crows.

Fox scurried into the next yard, turned around, hung her head low and stared at me.

I gnew this was an occasion.

I put my hands together, touched my third-eye, my throat, my heart, my belly,
fell to my knees,
bent my body,
extended my hands as I let my forehead rest in the dirt.
Three times.

On the third bow, Fox was leaving.

And now here I sit.

The Beginning.


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