How moral can it be?


I was throwing pebbles into the water yesterday–
watching their ripples expand outward and absorb into the larger collection of waves created by wind and current.

I thought about kamma. I thought about morality. I thought about life and death and “will” / “intention”.

I thought how difficult it would be to trace the impact of my pebble’s ripples upon the ocean’s wave pattern as a whole.


Sure, my action of tossing the pebble will have some effect, but due to the wild complexity of waves on the water, and the overriding effects of other forces (wind and water-currents), my pebble’s ripples will be difficult to trace.

It is difficult to reduce kamma to something moral.
It is difficult to say:

this action leads to this result.”

Just as it is difficult to trace the influence of my pebble’s ripple.


then again,
I recognize that I am not a Buddha and I have not traced all the causes and conditions to their root.

I’m going to suspend intellect and just watch morality move.
There is a deep urge within to just ‘be nice’.

I am of the nature to assert that true wisdom is only expressed through compassion.


Namo Buddha
Namo Sangha
Namo Dhamma.


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