When mind is foundation, nothing is off limits.


Verse 1.

Mind precedes all knowables,
mind’s their chief, mind-made are they.
If with a corrupted mind
one should either speak or act
dukkha follows caused by that,
as does the wheel the ox’s hoof.

Explanation: All that we experience begins with thought. Our words and deeds spring from thought. If we speak or act with evil thoughts, unpleasant circumstances and experiences inevitably result. Wherever we go, we create bad circumstances because we carry bad thoughts. This is very much like the wheel of a cart following the hoofs of the ox yoked to the cart. The cart-wheel, along with the heavy load of the cart, keeps following the draught oxen. The animal is bound to this heavy load and cannot leave it.

*** from http://www.buddhanet.net/dhammapada/d_twin.htm

Two of my recent finds. They appeared under unusual circumstances.

without doubt or confusion.
This is the mind that cuts through veils,
this is the mind that builds itself.
Even mind is made by this perfectly inscrutable mind.
Certain thoughts are so strong that they synchronistically bend “collective / consensus reality” around themselves…
Or something like that.

Above, on the left, you see the booklet from a CD. It is Elliott Smith’s album: “Elliott Smith”. I’ve been listening to this album over and over and over. It’s touching. Makes my heart feel.

I listen to it on Spotify, I don’t need a CD, but a few days ago it (a CD) appeared in a free box on the side of the road. It is a rare opportunity to find the original CD (with no scratches), with the booklet. I found this strange. Also, just so you know, Elliott Smith may be my favorite musician, ever… I named one of my sons after him.

Chanting Discovery

But, on the right you see a little booklet on Amitabha Buddha! This was a much more significant synchronicity thingy!

I was walking down the road, wearing my grey robe (a layperson’s robe given to me by my Vietnamese Monk friend, Thich Hue Nhan), chanting:Nam Mo A Di (sounds like ‘yee’) Da Phat (sounds like “fuh..”)

Which is:

Namo Amitabha Buddha

In Vietnamese.

A red thing caught my eye! I looked closer and it was this little book! Tibetan teachings on Amitabha! Very wild.

Unfortunately, it was wet… The pages are stuck together. I can’t gain much knowledge (factual, intellect mind stuff) from it, but there is insight!

That’s all.

Listen to “Nam Mo A Di Da Phat” here:


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