Bow in Gratitude.

The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,
the sentient beings and all that so called “lifeless” matter,
space and time,
light and voidness,
here and there,
now and then;
all of these are  aspects of your own (not your own) inscrutable [non]self.
Mind-born-mind. Get over it.

I’ve spent some time sitting in front of big statues of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.
One time, I received a full package– a self-assembling mind-to-mind transmission from the heart-brain of the empty multiversal intelligence.

It was a simple realization.

Through nonself,
we are they,
they are us.

The Buddhas are beyond,
but the Bodhisattvas remain
as expressions of perfect imperfection.

You are what you eat… with your eyes.
You are what you think.
Practice in this way,
with a heart of gratitude for the beautiful aspects of personality,
you become these beautiful aspects of personality.

Recognize Avalokitesvara’s compassionate listening.
Honor, revere, bow in gratitude, keep the recollection on the tongue of your mind-heart.

Do the same with each of the other aspects of ineffably perfect imperfection.


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