Om Amideva Hrih

A post for the recollection of Infinite Light Buddha.

Recollection of the Buddha is Simple and profound


Download Five Pure Land Sutras here.

Oṃ Amideva Hrīḥ

Then, listen to this. It is pretty.

Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật

Then, watch this video (listen to it). This is how I met Amitabha. This is the sound I heard.

Tibetan Vajrayana Mantra Meditation

But, Amitabha is a big deal in Tibet, too.. I guess.

Chinese Music for Amitabha (Amituofu)

Amitabha is definitely a big deal in China.


Pure Land Grandpas and Naysayers

Some of the “Patriarchs” of the tradition advised against mixing any other practice with this form of Buddha Recollection. Yet, some of them practiced Zen/Chan/Dhyana/Jhana in combination with Pure Land teachings. It is a form of Buddhism that is readily accessible to lay people, hence its popularity. It is commonly misunderstood by the westerners I know– it is probably disliked because of it’s similarity to theistic traditions. Buuuut, it is important to remember that Amitabha is a Buddha, not ‘GOD’. These practices are wild visualization practices and they are (in my view) usually just more developed forms of the practice of Buddhanusmrti (Buddha Recollection). Maybe I’m crazy? I don’t know. Don’t even care. 🙂


Add more Amitabha stuff in the comments if you have something awesome to share. I love fun internet resources.


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