Walking Mindfully

Walking Mindfully is pleasant. Talking off the top of my head for the benefit of all beings and nonbeings is fun!

Walking and Talking Meditation

The Words

Fast or slow,
whatever the rhythm,
I believe it is important to simply remain aware of the process of walking,
the feeling of the ground on your feet.

Sometimes I walk real slow,
sometimes I walk normally.
Yesterday I walked 12 miles.

I wasn’t running.
I also wasn’t tip-toeing.
I was walking normally,
Acknowledging the sentient beings around me,
and the non-sentient beings (hahahha).

I like a practice I learned from Thich Nhat Hanh:

You see a plant, you see a friend, you say:
“I see that you are there and it makes me very happy.”

So simple … and profound.
Give it a try.
“Come and See”.

I like that saying.
It is a suuuuper Buddhist perspective.
Just “come and see for yourself.”

It’s like the Kalama Sutta.
Don’t believe things because people say them..
or books say them..
practice and see for yourself.

Do the thing with walking meditation.
Practice and see if you like it how you like it.

There will be teachers who will tell you a thing
and you can try it
and see how it goes.

Although, it’s not necessary to have any teacher.. guru.

It’s like the Dhammapada, saying 61.

If a wanderer doesn’t find a superior or an equal on the path,
then that wanderer should simply continue travelling alone.

It’s well within traditional Buddhism:
the idea of advancing on your own.
But! The priest caste asserts its importance over time.
The evolution of the system solidifies the role of “The Guru”.

I’m just not a huge fan.
I’m a fan of my noble friends that teach me through friendship.
Good friendship is the whole of the holy life.

And that’s from the Buddha’s Mouth… I think. (hehehe)
It’s from some Pali Sutta, I forget the name (Upaddha Sutta).
Maybe it’s called “half of the holy life”?

The Buddha is asked,

“Isn’t friendship half of the holy life?”

And he is like,

“Nooo! It is the whole of the holy life!”

Sooo, why am I talking about this?

if you can’t find a teacher,
find a friend.

Find a good friend.



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