Living Meditation.

Peace in all these steps.
Travelling to the Lotus Temple.
I made some videos.
Check ’em out!

I’ve been doing random jobs I find on craigslist.

On this day, I was pulling cattails from the muddy bank of a lake.
Waist deep.
I saw a leach.
It was gross.

It was all fun and games until I saw the leach.
after a little self-talk,
I shifted my focus away from the possibility of finding more leaches.. on my skin,
sucking my blood all wriggly and yuck.

Skating in Heaven

Then, I finished the work and began skateboarding to the temple.

Here, in this video, I was marveling at how beautiful all the sense impressions were. The sounds were nice. The visuals were intense. The air was the perfect temperature.

I felt light,
as I floated down the road on this big ol’ floppy skateboard.

Chua Lien Hoa

And, then I got there:


Here is a video of the kind of stuff that is usually happening inside:

Mahayana Buddhism.

Amitabha Buddha and his Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

These people practice Mahayana Buddhism.
Pure Land Buddhism.
It is easy for westerners to misunderstand, but the practice is profound and the doctrine is profound.

I guess it is easy for anyone to misunderstand.

The Pure Land does not have to be far away.
Amitabha’s light extends throughout all of the infinite multiverses,
inviting all with eyes to see.

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