Instructions to Anathapindika

Reading the Anathapindikovada Sutta for you. I have also seen this Sutta called, ‘Teachings to be Given to the Sick.”

Sariputra provides a very powerful set of instructions which are aimed at helping Anathapindika to disassociate from wrong views born of ego delusion.

Listen here:


    1. Hi, thank you for the comment! And, thank you for your support!

      I will continue to work on pronunciation, but I will also let you know that ‘correct’ pronunciation of words is less important to me than their meaning. I’m not a student of pali or sanksrit and I don’t really plan to make this a huge concern of mine ❤ I don't believe that the sound of a word is very important, but I am also aware that others do believe that the sound itself holds power 🙂 I'm not trying to offend _/\_

      So, because i believe that these teachings are valuable beyond the sound of their words, I have chosen to read them for my english speaking friends (many of whom also do not know how to pronounce these fun words). I will take your encouragement and work on my pronunciation as I continue to read the Sutras.

      thank you for visiting!


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