Sage Bodhi-Nature

Sage Awakened-Root,
explorer of mountains and mud,
step down
and reveal the practice of Attentive-Aimlessness
for the sake of all [non]beings.

Believe nothing.

All beliefs are empty affirmations.

Beliefs are nothing but assertions born of false imagination.

False imagination is the mind that differentiates between this and that.

Don’t even believe me, now. I’m a fool. (Don’t even believe that I am a fool.)

Beliefs inhibit compassion.

All beliefs ultimately stem from ego-delusion.

There is no belief without false imagination — ‘the activity of discrimination’.

There is no false imagination without a mind engaging in ego-delusion. Mind must have chosen limitation (belief in self / the inherent existence of dharmas) in order to have become this node of awareness that perceives a limited stream of information.

  1. Eye > Light > Seeing
  2. Ear > Sound > Hearing
  3. Nose > Smells > Smelling
  4. Skin > Pressure / Heat > Feeling
  5. Tongue > Tastes > Tasting
  6. Intellect > Thoughts / Data / Streams of Sense Perception > Thinking
  7. Alaya Vijnana, or “Storehouse Consciousness” > Activity of Mind > Being
  8. Manas, or “Deep Intuitive Mind” > Activity of ‘lower’ minds and Gnosis of Inscrutable (“impossible to understand or interpret.”), Ineffable (“too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.”) > Gone Beyond
  9. Dharmakaya

Ego-delusion inhibits compassion. This is why it can be said that a mind that is foundationless is truly compassionate.


Wisdom without compassion is naught but the deluded activity which is often called ‘Intellect’. Intellect, combined with awareness of interdependence, produces the wise and compassionate mind/heart.

Nothing can be said about the ultimate-nature, or about the deep reality of mind.

All that can be said is that mind began a process of discrimination / differentiation.

  • Discrimination is the process as seen according to the notion of subjectivity.
  • Differentiation is the process as seen according to the notion objectivity.

Our goal is beyond words, but the path is good in the beginning, middle and end.


We don’t accept the teachings of those that would have us repress this current configuration of ‘reality’. This conventional, provisional, practical reality *is* worthy of our attention. There is no way out but through. No way around it. No way to hide. It is too late. Now, is the time for skillfulness, not foolish cowardliness.

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