What is Gnosis?

Google it. You’ll find some definitions. You’ll see it has to do with knowledge. But, then forget about what you read because now I’m going to share what it means here in GnoTruth Land.

Don’t worry. It’s not gonna be a complex collection of words.

In the past, they have used ‘gnosis’ to describe direct knowledge of theistic stuff.
Now, here, it has nothing at all to do with that.

Gnosis, here, is Direct Experiential Understanding of any variety.

Most of the time,
when I (Nguyen Giac) use the word gnosis,
I am talking about the ultimate nature of things,
and/or I am talking about direct perception of mental or physical stuff,
by ‘gnosis’,
I usually mean,

understanding of Suchness (tathata),
arisen through direct experience

Knowing vs. Gnoing

As long as you approach reality through ‘knowing
you will not grasp the whole of it.

When I use “knowing” in this way,
I mean,

“wrong [dualistic] view born of false imagination”

in contrast to

“direct / correct / nondual understanding of reality”

which is ‘Gnosis’.

The intellectual,

discriminating mind cannot carry, chew, or digest whole things.

That is why Intellect chops everything up into dead bits.
It has to kill the animal before it can eat it.