Lion Hammer

A short pyschospiritual poem. 

He seeks and does not stop seeking,
but he is not a divider, is he?


And he is not chained to any combination of ideas,
or doctrines.

But, he does not hate any doctrine.
He doesn’t hate anything,
Such aversion is beneath him.
He acknowledges all the permutations of gnotruth
and celebrates as he recognizes that they are each perfectly suited to their diverse purposes.

But does that mean he blindly accepts any foolish doctrine?

No. He practices discernment. Some things make sense for him, others don’t.

There is faith, diligence, mindfulness, concentration, and discernment!

All of us have blind spots–
there are backdoors.
We “don’t have eyes to see” what comes in through the backdoor.
So, our Admirable Friends watch what we cannot.
We listen to their advise,
recognize and celebrate their strengths,
and we benefit thereby.

How do we recognize an admirable friend?
They praise our good and beneficial behavior while also providing gentle and wise admonishment.
They are honest.
They don’t speak harshly.
They don’t speak deceptively.
They care.

Their understanding may be different,
but that is what makes it valuable.
Moving beyond superiority and inferiority,
we learn to take advantage of the wisdom of crowds.

Until we can celebrate others’ strengths,
we will be jealous of the Bodhisattvas!
This will make it difficult to accept the good things they offer.
If we are jealous of those with true strength,
we will not approach them.
We will speak harshly to them
and we will accumulate all sorts of bad juju–
missing out on many wonderful opportunities to learn and grow.

A fool already knows everything– a wise person accepts advise.

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