Conduct Matters

A psychospiritual poem by Nguyên Giác.

I made big claims about my attainments and understanding– but if I have achieved what is to be achieved, why do I act like such a sad, tortured, angry and crazy fool?

My conduct reveals my hateful, deluded, and greedy nature.
Seeing this,
I work to display true strength and wisdom with right conduct.
Right conduct is the north star and shame is strangely useful!
Give me one hundred years of humiliation!

A voice:

Mistakes are made.
It’s all good.
Keep trying.
Keep moving north.
You’re never gonna touch the star.

In conduct, wisdom is on display.

A voice:

Be a friend to the world.
Be an admirable friend.
And, keep your head up.
Keep going.

Don’t let the haters drag you into it.
Don’t hate.

Be radically loving.
Follow the spiritual heroes that have displayed the perfections.

Yeah, it will be difficult.
You will probably lose.
You will certainly die, eventually. FOR SURE!
if you can align yourself with that Tao motion,
if you can move where your identity rests,
if you can free your mind
you will succeed.
We will all benefit from your success!


Because wise and compassionate conduct is a boat on the ocean.
Tiny leaks can sink the ship, too.

Because wise and compassionate conduct is a force-field, providing true protection.
Protected by legions of soldiers,
still unsafe when heedless.

Perfect your conduct and shine!
Infinite Light!


A simple call to arms.
Avalokiteshvara’s thousand arms! 😉
Be nice.
A friend of the world.
An admirable friend.
That’s all.


Bye bye.

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