Gnotruth Practice: Tekgno

What follows is an outline of TekGno, the path to GnoTruth. These are teachings from various traditions woven together into one statement. It is the result of Kalyanamitra Nguyen Giac’s study and practice. 

Words matter. Kinda. Learn what they mean.

TekGno means the skill of crafting (or, ‘attaining’) gnosis.


Techno is a word-forming element meaning “art, craft, skill,” later “technical, technology,” from Latinized form of Greek tekhno-, combining form of tekhne “art, skill, craft in work; method, system, an art, a system or method of making or doing,” from PIE *teks-na- “craft” (of weaving or fabricating), from suffixed form of root *teks- “to weave,” also “to fabricate.”

gnosis (n.)

“knowledge,” especially “special knowledge of spiritual mysteries,” 1703, from Greek gnosis “a knowing, knowledge; a judicial inquiry, investigation; a being known,” in Christian writers, “higher knowledge of spiritual things,” from PIE *gno-ti-, from root *gno- “to know.”

Obviously, “gnosis”, in this context here is not limited to knowledge of Christian doctrine, but it is any direct experiential understanding. This kind of understanding is beyond the activity of what the Lankavatara Sutra calls False Imagination (which can be understood as the activity of the vijnanas, or “discriminating minds”, over countless lives since beginningless eternity).

Gnosis is nondualistic awareness. If you like, you could probably substitute it with Prajñā. We hear that, in Sanskrit, jñāna literally means “knowledge”.  Pra- in Prajñā means “before” and “super”, making it into “super-knowledge” or perhaps “proto-knowledge” or even “meta-knowledge”.. This is Gnosis. Proto-knowledge. Something you can’t quite catch… but you don’t really need to catch it, it is already there at the depths.

It is a kind of understanding that issues forth directly from the heart. It does not depend on words or even ‘thought-forms’. There is nothing to grab, nothing for the discriminative mind to chew. But! It is for exactly this reason that gnosis is so potent. It is healing. It calms the mind and with a calm mind things are more clear. Little by little, with constant mindfulness, we drop wrong views and come to reside in the deeper, unconditioned mind.

The Gist.

Come home to the pure land of this present moment. Study and practice with impossible diligence. Break down oppressive structures with hammers of clear, clean, compassionate insight. Do not turn back. When defeated, rest. Take time, there is no rush. But, do not turn back.

Do not lie and do not do what you hate, for all that is obscure will be made clear. All that is hidden will be revealed. Ask, and it will be given. Seek and you will find. You will become disturbed, but remember that after this disturbance you will marvel and with this assurance, strive on. All that has come together will fall apart. Gain the right view and do not taste death. No birth, no death.

In marveling, you will reign. After reigning, you will rest. Those wise people with wealth give it to those who cannot pay them back. Those with true power are not afraid to renounce it. When you let go, you are picked up. When you cling, you are set down. Look at the birds and the flowers, see how they are so well cared for? The universe has a place for you, too. Do not worry from morning to evening, from evening to morning, about money. Worrying about money will pervert minds everywhere, near and far. Your own activity will mark the universal active-mind, make it a beautiful seal. We are here to benefit sentient beings and to beautify the Buddha Realm (universe).

Reality is not ugly, your own mind is ugly.

Is it because the sun and moon are impure that those blind from birth do not see them? No.  The fact that some living beings do not behold the splendid display of virtues of the universe of the Tathagata is due to their own ignorance. It is not the fault of the Tathagata. Friend, the universe of the Tathagata is pure, but you do not see it because you are confused somewhere deep down.

This is the teaching of all those who have awoken. Where they opened the Dharma Eye, in whatever land, speaking whatever language, it does not matter– they see one Dharmakaya, one body of truth extends across all activity of False Imagination.

Look within, not *up* to ‘leaders’.

So you want to see it? What will you do? Go seek the seminar and buy the manual? You gonna retreat from the battlefield? Go to a ‘retreat‘? No. Gno your [non]selves. Act now. Here.

If your leaders tell you, “Look, the kingdom is in heaven,”
then the birds of heaven will precede you.
If they say to you, “It’s in the sea,”
then the fish will precede you.
But the kingdom is inside you and it is outside you.
When you know yourselves,  then you will be known,
and you will understand that you are children of the living father.
But if you do not know yourselves,
then you dwell in poverty and you are poverty.

Compassion and wisdom are two wings on one bird.

Wisdom sees that sentient beings are not sentient beings, but compassion saves them anyway.

The disciple’s mind should be kept independent of any thoughts that might arise within it. If the disciple’s mind depends upon anything in the sensory realm it will have no solid foundation in any reality. This is why Buddha teaches that the mind of a disciple should not accept the appearances of things as a basis when exercising charity. As disciples practice compassion and charity for the welfare of all living beings they should do it without relying on appearances, and without attachment. Just as the Buddha declares that form is not form, so he also declares that all living beings are, in fact, not living beings.

A person who wants to give rise to the highest, most fulfilled, and awakened mind must create this resolved attitude of mind: ‘I must help to lead all beings to the shore of awakening, but, after these beings have become liberated, in truth I know that not even a single being has been liberated.’ Why is this so? If a disciple cherishes the idea of a self, a person, a living being or a universal self, then that person is not an authentic disciple. Why? Because in fact there is no independently existing object of mind called the highest, most fulfilled, and awakened mind.

Let haters hate.

Whatever a hater may do to a hater, an ill-directed mind inflicts on oneself a greater harm.

Practice effacement:
‘Others will be cruel; we shall not be cruel here’.
‘Others will kill living beings; we shall abstain from killing living beings here’.
‘Others will take what is not given; we shall abstain from taking what is not given here.
‘Others will speak falsehood; we shall abstain from false speech here’.
‘Others will speak maliciously; we shall abstain from malicious speech here’.
‘Others will speak harshly; we shall abstain from harsh speech here’.
‘Others will gossip; we shall abstain from gossip here’.
‘Others will be covetous; we shall be uncovetous here’.
‘Others will have ill will; we shall be without ill will here’.
‘Others will be of wrong view; we shall be of right view here’.
‘Others will be of wrong intention; we shall be of right intention here’.
‘Others will be of wrong speech; we shall be of right speech here’.
‘Others will be of wrong action; we shall be of right action here’.
‘Others will be of wrong livelihood; we shall be of right livelihood here’.
‘Others will be of wrong effort; we shall be of right effort here’.
‘Others will be of wrong mindfulness; we shall be of right mindfulness here’.
‘Others will be of wrong concentration; we shall be of right concentration here’.
‘Others will be of wrong knowledge; we shall be of right knowledge here’.
‘Others will be of wrong deliverance; we shall be of right deliverance here’.
‘Others will be overcome by sloth and torpor; we shall be free from sloth and torpor here’.
‘Others will be restless; we shall not be restless here’.
‘Others will be doubters; we shall go beyond doubt here’.
‘Others will be angry; we shall not be angry here’.
‘Others will be resentful; we shall not be resentful here’.
‘Others will be contemptuous; we shall not be contemptuous here’.
‘Others will be insolent; we shall not be insolent here’.
‘Others will be envious; we shall not be envious here’.
‘Others will be avaricious; we shall not be avaricious here’.
‘Others will be fraudulent; we shall not be fraudulent here’
‘Others will be deceitful; we shall not be deceitful here’
‘Others will be obstinate; we shall not be obstinate here’
‘Others will be arrogant; we shall not be arrogant here’
‘Others will be difficult to admonish; we shall be easy to admonish here’.
‘Others will have bad friends; we shall have good friends here’.
‘Others will be negligent; we shall be diligent here’.
‘Others will be faithless; we shall be faithful here’.
‘Others will be shameless; we shall be shameful here’.
‘Others will have no fear of wrongdoing; we shall be afraid of wrongdoing here’.
‘Others will be of little learning; we shall be of great learning here’.
‘Others will be lazy; we shall be energetic here’.
‘Others will be unmindful; we shall be established in mindfulness here’.
‘Others will lack wisdom; we shall possess wisdom here’.
‘Others will adhere to their own views, hold on to them tenaciously, and relinquish them with difficulty; we shall not adhere to our own views or hold on to them tenaciously, but shall relinquish them easily’.

The end.

That’s all for now. We will continue to explore Tekgno in future posts. Until next time, strive on with diligence!

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