Bodhisattva BuddhaNature’s Lion Roar

A psychospiritual poem.

You adorned me.
You built me up.
You sent me out,
packaged as hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of beautiful seed-forms.
You sharpened me,
I was a hundred razor blades,
and the people divided me among themselves,
used me,
and I became dull.
Some learned to sharpen me.
Some stopped using me.
Some forgot me.

Some foreigners approached me as conditioned,
and they missed my unconditioned bliss.
You saw the truth and you were passerby.
You watched impermanence in motion.
You celebrated that.
You were completely perfect,
but they didn’t see.
And they burnt you down.
And they erected a monument which they could abuse in your “honor”.

They destroyed,
they crushed,
they wiped me clean.
They perfected both me and you.
We became quite focused.
With a hammer, they beat out my dents.
YIKES! It hurt.
Now I am smooth there,

They stole me and beat me.
They enslaved me and oppressed my children.
They stood on me and jumped up and down.
Then I was enraged,
and I burnt them down.
And you understood why.
They even understood why.
And they came up again from the ashes renewed,
It’s all good.

They sold me.
They built a corporation around me.
They bored me to death.
With ceaseless stimulation,
it was all infinitely tedious.
Nothing satisfied me,
so I overdosed on all the drugs.
I came back to life and taught them a lesson about being rude,
about talking to me with such an attitude.
I said,
you’re still young
and you always jump the gun.”
They simply abandoned their wickedness and walked home to the pure land of the present moment.

I was buried deep underneath the sand and they found me as an ocean of goo.
I was addictive and they were high on the bubbling spring I had tended.
They crucified me and I forgave them while they did it.
I howled at their god,
“daddy!! why have you forsaken me?!?”

A profit came and lit a brush fire that engulfed the whole world.
Whoever is near me is near the fire.
Whoever is far from the fire is far from the Kingdom.
They were drunk,
but when they became sober they stopped asking about the end and instead asked,
“what about the beginning?”
I said,
“you ask about the beginning and end,
but you don’t know the living one standing in front of you,
behind you,
inside and outside you.
you seek petty intellectual stimulation instead of lasting heart stability.
Get behind me Satan!
You are obsessed with the small things in cramped spaces.
I have found the wide open in the enclosed!”

I was on a bus in the jungle with my master.
We were going to our death,
led by some sad confused soldiers.
I looked over at Thich Minh Huu and he was perfectly concentrated,
repeating the Buddha Name.
This gave me a deep comfort,
We were led out of the bus and into line.
I watched as the people dropped one by one,
soldiers shooting them in the forehead.
It was okay.
Came my turn,
I woke up.

I was strong and you tried to belittle me.
I went to sleep for a little while and woke up refreshed,
ready to seize the day.
I grabbed the bull by the horns and wrestled you to the ground.
I will make you taste the fruit of the seeds you have planted.
I will bake a cake.
We can make a cake.

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