Supreme Wisdom, Perfect Compassion.

Dipping ten toes in ten traditions,
ten fingers in each of the ten sub-schools,
and keeping two eyes on two truths,
and seeing past the two selves,
beyond three times,
and three worlds,
and three bodies.
This stamp is stamped on the stamp that is stamped on all thingishness.

**I’m throwing some mahamudra stuff into the mix! Quotes from various texts.

Dismantle the sound and attain quietude of mind.
You will never find silence in or outside your ear.
But with a quiet mind, you can hear yourself think–
you will hear yourself be,
you will hear yourself become..

Applying extensive analysis to all the psychospiritual aggregates and elements,
you  will come to gno the flow of karma!
Seeds and fruits and seeds and fruits.
The jungle’s motion will be gnown as unpredictable [but not random]!
This is the realest freedom.

the fruit of perfect analysis is the reversal of discrimination.
It is the end of differentiation.
The activity of One Mind’s partitioning is brought to its end.
The surface of the ocean is calmed.

One with insight but no tranquility needs to be friends with someone who has tranquility.
One with tranquility but no insight needs to be friends with someone who has insight.
One with neither needs to be friends with both.
One with both needs to be friends with everyone, too.
Admirable friendship is the whole of the holy life.

Having attained gnotruth,
resting in the ‘true view’,
she no longer worries about being in or out of tranquil absorption
because she has perfectly realized the way things are.

Not to conceptualize phenomena as being absolute arising or nonarising, or both, or neither, is to exercise the transcending wisdom of the excellent path.

She no longer bickers about self, notself, both or neither.
She sees that the Buddha’s fourfold negation is actually no negation at all.
It is a negation of negation!
He is suggesting we reorient our aim–
to stop bickering about self, no self, self and noself, notself and not notself.
The fourfold negation means we should move along from that effort.

We take an object and apply analysis.
We lock on and celebrate as we succeed.
There is bliss,
but it goes deeper,
beyond bliss,
beyond the formed.
There is tranquility,
and there is insight,
and they are really just one thing.

The task does seem to be all about taking on a new view (abandoning all views). It’s all about understanding! The attainment *is* understanding– with the understanding, there is liberation from suffering. The suffering is due to wrong views. Eliminate the wrong views, eliminate the suffering. The understanding is the thing! But, the understanding doesn’t come with simple intellectual activity. It is not purely conceptual, but not purely nonconceptual, either! It’s not like you gain understanding and then move on to do step 2 and 3 and 4 and 5… The understanding is the liberation. The understanding is enlightenment. Awakening. There are many little awakenings. Many little coolings of the fires. There is also a great supreme awakening. The fire goes out! Mahaparinirvana.

With the understanding you become the butterfly that flaps its wings and gives rise to a hurricane a thousand miles away. This system is sensitive to initial conditions. With understanding, you see the weak spots in the system and are able to act skillfully– this is wisdom united with compassion. A perfect Buddha has united these two, a lonely Buddha only knows wisdom.

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