Tied together.

A psychospiritual poem. Mind is dancing like spontaneous coemergence. 

Going with the flow

Sometimes going with the flow means flowing in an infinite loop. Sometimes resisting the flow means supporting the flow of the infinite loop. Sometimes being apathetic to the whole process also supports the flow of the infinite loop. What’s a wise person to do?

The negation is not a negation at all.

Our Buddha negated things in four ways:

  1. Not something
  2. Not not-something
  3. Not both of the above
  4. Not neither of the above

Substitute ‘something‘ with the thing of your choice. Not self. Not real. Not existent. Etc..

So, when you see your friends huffing and puffing about the nonexistence of the self, remember the Lankavatara Sutra, which teaches (something like):

It is better to cherish a sense of self as big as Mount Sumeru than to become addicted to the notion of a void of self as identified by the assertions and negations of the philosophers and priests.

The takeaway: 

Our Mahayana teachers clearly tell us that until it makes sense, we don’t have to try to brainwash ourselves into believing what we clearly see to be untrue.

Two Truths

Where is that self? Here it is! You are there and I am here, writing these things on the internet. No big deal! That much is clear. This is the conventional aspect of Satya (Truth, or Reality, or Being, or whatever you want to translate it as).

This conventionally exists as a giant web of relations between various partitions (sentient beings) of One Mind (Buddha). Ultimately, tho, yeah. This is not what we think it is. One Mind is also just another notion (it is useful tho, just as the notion sentient beings is useful).

There **is** a story being told– yes!
But, also yes, it is not what we **think** it is.

The truth of things won’t be brought down into words or thoughts. It is too big. Too awesome. That is okay! Perfectly okay. So, we try not to get lost in clinging to the basic notion of Shunyata as voidness, emptiness, nothingness.

We look deeper to find the Tathata of Shunyata. The suchness of emptiness is available to those who look.

Tathata and Shunyata are two aspects of one [non]thing. They arise simultaneously, like tranquility and insight,  samsara and nirvana, black and white, and allllll other notions.

Nirvana is Samsara. That is okay.

A Mahamudra Master once said:

Nondiscriminating awareness is the actual basis of Samsara;
It is Nirvana.
It is the Great Middle Path.
It is to be observed (perception), to be meditated upon (contemplation), and to be realized (gnosis).

Some Buddhists act like it is difficult to understand the reason for the assertion that Samsara is Nirvana. Why play dumb? I know why. They disagree. Playing dumb is a fun tactic for them. But, in truth, the idea is clear. Buddhist meditators have made this assertion because they have seen what the mind can do. They gno the nature of the mind’s discriminating process. They see that Samsara and Nirvana are both notions.

But, they’ll get it next time. It will be okay

With Mindfulness, Diligence and Self-Restraint, we travel all the way home to the pure land of this present moment.

Mindfulness is mind’s ability to keep connected to an object. Vigilance is mind’s ability to check on the presence or absence of mindfulness. Self-restraint is what emerges from the continued application of Mindfulness and Vigilance.


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