BuddhaGang Facebook Groups

We BuddhaGang members run a few Buddhist Facebook groups. You should join us in one or all of ’em. Befriend us. Talk to us. We will talk to you! LOL! What am I talking about!? This post is a map that will show you how to find us. A treasure map!


I am Stevie J Barker Jr (Nguyen Giac). Please feel free to find me on facebook and friend me. I love sharing about Buddhism. I love learning about and practicing the Buddha’s teaching. I gno a few things about the teaching, the history, and the method. We can be good friends!

Directly Associated GroTruth: BuddhaGang Groups

Facebook Group · 1,654 members

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A group for the expression of Modern Buddhist teaching.

Conditioned things change. Unconditioned things don’t change (but, what is an ‘unconditioned…

Teachings Of Thich Nhat Hanh
Facebook Group · 11,739 members

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All things related to Thich Nhan Hanh. This includes related science, philosophy and meditation methods inside and outside of Buddhism.

Right speech…

Abuse in Buddhism: Education, Solutions and Support
Facebook Group · 382 members

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Buddhism is a religion based on harmlessness, compassion, and love. Unfortunately, there are some instances where teachers betray these ideals, the ve…

Groups I Help Administer

Teachings of the Lord Buddha
Facebook Group · 151,833 members

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Namo Buddha
Namo Dhamma
Namo Shangha
🙏 🙏 🙏
Sadhu sadhu sadhu
May all living beings be happy.The opportunity to listen to the Dhamma is conside…

I also help to moderate this group, but I can’t figure out how to embed the fancy link (like those above). It is called ‘Buddhism’.

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