In Breaking from the Cycle, We Have Broken Our Minds

Birth, life, death, rebirth. The Samsaric cycle is ably reflected in the passing seasons. It is a cycle from which we have disconnected ourselves and to which we have become insulated by our modern world that cocoons us in shells of plastic, concrete and tarmac. Hence we no longer recognise that we are a part of the same cycle because we are of the same nature. In our ignorance we imagine that we are something other than dependent upon and arising from this universe that manifests itself all around us. This ignorance leads to a frustration with the expression of the seasons in our own lives as youthful spring gives way to maturer summer, the autumn of middle age, and the winter of the elder state. It is a frustration that breeds a clinging in us and a grasping after that which is fleeting. It locks us in the same cycle but as a cycle of suffering, doomed to be ever discontented and defeated by our cravings and dissatisfaction. If only we can see through this delusion, then Samsara can become Nirvana to us, and the perennial cycle a thing to be celebrated rather than resisted.

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