When Ordinary Mind Gnos Itself: the dawning of Mahamudra Meditation.

Here is a psychospiritual poem / rambling-session centered on Mahamudra Mediation. What does “Psychospiritual poem / rambling-session” imply? It means I’m not gonna spend too much time trying to connect the dots for you. I’m gonna step from peak to peak and not everyone will be able to follow me. If you’re confused, I am happy to elaborate: please ask questions.

During reading-centered-meditation this morning, I clearly saw that I have been dancing like this across many lifetimes. And, YES! We’ve all been doing it for an infinite amount of time across beginningless samsara. Across an infinite amount of time, all potentialities have been actualized an infinite number of times already! Dualistic Discriminative Awareness is the thing that singles out a stream of becoming to grasp hold of as ‘real’ and ‘self’. Consciousness is like a selector, selecting what will become actual out of a field of infinite potential.

Why do some people seem so ‘asleep’, ‘foolish’, ‘unawakened’, ‘hardhearted’, etc…? Some of us have stopped doing it in our most recent lifetimes. We forgot who we are and forgot what we are doing. This is how samsara is. “What goes up must come down”. This time you are born human, later born as a God, and still later you will be born as a mosquito and a shark and a hungry ghost and a happy kitty.

Do you see that this is why some of us appear to be ‘more accomplished’ in gnosis and compassion than others?

It is only because, within recent iterations of this Great Mind System, the karmic-streaming has been coursing through Prajnaparamita (perfection of wisdom). So, now, here, Original Mind is more likely to be laid bare: made naked. When Original Mind is open, with lucidity and spaciousness, you are ‘near the fire’. Whoever is near the fire is near the kingdom (Jesus said something like this. Jesus’ kingdom is the ‘pure land of the present moment’). These people, no matter what kind of skin they’re born into, no matter what nationality or ethnicity or religion, they have Gnosis and Compassion. They are already ‘Buddhist’– the names we apply to their self and / or ancestral traditions are **ultimately** irrelevant. In some Buddha-realms, there are not even words!! What do Buddhists call themselves in such a Buddha-realm?

The secular Buddhists don’t want to hear it! Okay. They’ll get it “next time”. For now, they cling tightly to the assumptions handed down by our European ancestors. They don’t see that there *is* a conventional self that takes ‘birth’ according to causes and conditions within this samsaric-context. They prefer annihilation to eternity: haven’t they seen both are not very great…

Sure! Ultimately, there is not birth and not death. There is not “self” to be “reborn”. Continuing to think in this way you will eventually realize: “HEY!! Right now “I” am not real!! BUT HERE I AM! Here WE are!”

So there are these two interpenetrating truths. There is conventional and ultimate reality. And! They need each other. Some prefer to cling to the ultimate, others don’t want to let go of the conventional: both will miss the mark.

This infinite loop consists of mind telling and becoming addicted to stories within stories within stories within One Mind (the great unknowable totality / wholeness / Dharmakaya / Truth Body)! When it gnos and sees clearly, that is Buddha. When it doesn’t gno, there are sentient beings. Go ask Huangbo: he’s an old dhyana master that will tell you about this.

There are certain streams you can catch tho that will continually carry you ‘upward’! (you will be “Stream-entered”). Those who catch these happy currents have “kept it up” (they’ve kept Mahamudra close to heart mind) — and, although they keep changing costumes, it is one play; one “story”; one karmic-stream of continual becoming. Where does it start? Where does it end? These questions aren’t gonna help you now. A monk wondered something like this all the way to the Brahma world, he asked the Great Brahma and this God rebuked him for having left the company of the Supremely Illuminated Conqueror. Returning to the Buddha, the monk learned that his questioned was wrong. He learned that he should have been asking where “this” finds no footing. Where does it find no footing? Where there is not discriminative awareness!! At the very core of Original Mind, before all the knots and loopy twists and turns, before the projection and the addiction and the aversion and apathy!! Drop it all and look at naked mind. Become acquainted with that and find liberation.

“To observe perfectly the perceiving mind exactly as it is,
without impairing its form or missing any aspects,
actually means to encounter the real Buddha.”
–Je Gampopa

“There are many gurus who arouse in their disciples an inner sensation and a certain absorptive state, which they identify with meditation (meaning: these gurus are “common”). Yet gurus who are skilled in making disciples recognize ordinary mind as meditation are rarer than visible stars in daylight.”
–Je Yanggonpa

“First there is primordial awareness,
Second, ordinary awareness,
Third, perceiving awareness,
He who has perceived the intrinsic nature of these three has discovered his own mind.
[I think this must correspond to the three types of Coemergence that define “Dharmakaya”. 1.) Mind, 2.) Thought, 3.) Appearance– these are described by Mahamudra meditators.]
Has attained all-seeing awareness,
Has perceived the essence of its unmodulated simplicity,
And has seen it through dualistic thoughts;
In short, this is the awareness of an untutored lay person.”
–Je Gomchung

“This awareness of an ordinary person is dharmakaya;
One can realize this without having a guru to reveal it.”
–Je Gyare

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