Mahamudra and the Stranger

Reading Allogenes the Stranger and Mahamudra: the Moonlight, I see some connections. In this post, I’m gonna quickly point those out.

The Great Invisible Spirit is Dharmakaya.

The ‘tripled-powered’ unknown, unknowable father (The Great Invisible Spirit of Sethian mythology) of Allogenes (the stranger) is none other than Dharmakaya, consisting of the three ‘coemergences’ described by my Mahamudra teachers.

The Triple-Powered Great Invisible Spirit

The Three Powers of the Unknown Father described in a text we call “Allogenes the Stranger”:
“He is 1.) Vitality 2.) Mentality and 3. Substantiality.
So then, Substantiality constantly includes its Vitality and Mentality,
and Vitality includes {Substantiality / } Nonsubstantiality and Mentality;
Mentality includes Vitality and Substantiality.”
{They are **interdependent**. You know, it’s like what we read in the “Heart Sutra”.}

The Three Coemergences

The Three Coemergences that define Dharmakaya are:
  1. The coemergence of mind.
  2. The coemergence of thought.
  3. The coemergence of appearance.

Summary of Connections

I’m thinking that Coemergence of Mind could correspond to Vitality, as it is the platform for the whole complex, giving “this” ‘life’ / ‘vitality’.
Mentality can be seen as the Coemergence of Thought— as ‘mentality’ can be seen as the activity of mind, or ‘thought’.
Substantiality corresponds to the Coemergence of Appearance. Where there is ‘appearance’ the mind perceives ‘substance’.
This, in Allogenes the Stranger, is an attempt to describe the process of ‘being’ emerging from ‘nothingness’ (just as the Three Coemergences do with Dharmakaya)– these three styles of coemergence mingle with emptiness and give birth to that activity of One Mind called Samsara.
Although there does seem to be at least some contact between the Mahayana yogis and the Sethian yogis, in Egypt (as we have seen that there were Mahayana monks in Egypt by the time of Jesus.. you know, there was that ‘silk road’), we do not necessarily need a “historical link” between these two styles of elucidation of the unknown unknowable to see that there are clear connections. It might be said that whenever any sentient being looks deeply, they will all end up seeing the same dharmakaya (they will come to the same GnoTruth)– yet, they also come to the same problem: the true truth is beyond words and thoughts! We can only point.
We point from infinitely unique perspectives, as each of the infinite (imagined) partitions of Dharmakaya are ultimately, infinitely unique. There will be an infinite number of paths to that Great Unknowable, but they will all end up, eventually, at this great (non)realization through the supreme fourfold negation.
Both styles employ a kind of ‘negative analysis’ to get at that unknowable root: the Great Invisible Spirit / the Ultimate Truth Body. We come to gno it by negation! We gno it by knowing what it is not. By examining its unknowability, we come to clearly ‘see and gno’ “it” (it is the ultimate “not-it”).

So, if things don’t make *sense*, keep going! Good job! The gnotruth won’t make sense. You will get closer to this realization the further you gno the frustrations of mundane mind. When you see clearly that ‘this is not the way’, you will, at least, be that much closer to ‘the way’. And! When you fully understand how all ways are inadequate, when you find the unsatisfactory nature of words and thoughts (with regard to bringing us closer to ‘truth’), you will stop wasting energy in those ways. But! Until it makes *actual sense* to your deepest heart, don’t give up on the intellect! If you give up too soon, the snakes will come out and poison you! The charlatans will find you in that vulnerable position and they will suck your blood until you are dry.

“If your leaders tell you where the Kingdom is,
run away from them!
The Kingdom is not limited by space or time.
It is spread out all around you,
but you don’t see it,
because you don’t look.
You are addicted to chasing that which will never satisfy.
Look inside and outside,
Gno yourselves and you will be Gnown
and you will see that you are Children,
Not slaves,
of the Living One.
You are Dharmakaya, too!
The partitions are imagined.”

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