The Telephone Boxes in Our Heads

The world is an illusion, a bubble of insubstantial perceptions that bursts upon our realisation of them. We see, but our visual perceptions are based upon the light reflecting from an object, and upon the wavelengths that cause our brains to see ‘colours.’ Is a red telephone box still red if no one is looking at it? Perceptions of touch are translated by receptors on the surface of our skin that merely convey a sensation of an object that has really nothing to do with the object itself. What is hard or rough with no smoother or softer skin to react to it? Likewise our senses of smell and taste are based upon the reactions of our olfactory nerves and tastebuds which generate an experience in our brains. There is no scent without a nose to, no taste except that which our tongues and brains suggest to us. And our auditory perceptions are only possible because vibrations in the air are registered as ‘noise.’ No hearer means no sound from a falling tree. What we perceive to be ‘real’ is actually but a simulation. It is a reproduction that has no bearing on the ultimate truth of the universe. No finger, no moon. All is emptiness, and emptiness is form.

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