Thrown by death,
Sent tumbling headlong into life,
I strike the water
And come up gasping,
Heaved by waves
Once more onto shore;
I raise my head
And see the winding road
Before me, paved
With suffering,
And I cry,
As I have cried countless
Times before;
Hopeless my lot
Since beginningless time,
A myriad faces worn,
And numberless
My acts of karmic loss,
Hammered into chains
Harder than steel;
And thus I wander,
Floundering in seas
That roll me this way
And that, to infinite ends
And unnumbered beginnings,
Bound to the Wheel;
Amid my cries of loss
And hopelessness,
I feel a breath of air
Upon my face,
That whispers to me
Softly of a far off Land,
And wisdom in a Name;
Such that shines
Through ignorance,
Beats back the waves
Of woe and strife,
And binds Nembutsu cords
About my heart, and takes me,
Never to be born again.
Namu Amida Butsu!

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