Immersed in the Name

Immerse me in Your Name,
That this world with all its suffering
Becomes an unreal thing to me;
Envelop me in Your Light
That all conditioned things as shadows
Flit by me;
Surround me with Compassion
Until I am lifted up
To Bliss and my heart sings —
Sings Your praises, Amitabha,
Closing the space to Western Joy
On Nianfo wings.
Namo Amitabha!


    1. Hey man! Yeah! Faith, in Buddhism, is an interesting thing. I didn’t write this one, but looking over it, I don’t see any mention of faith 🙃 (I know what you mean, I’m just messing with you).

      But, this post seems to be about the practice of reciting the buddha’s name and the resulting state of nondual awareness. The abhidharmists got all meticulous with defining the path and the mind and all that and they talk about original mind’s qualities of being space like and light like. We see in the Pali texts that “recollection” of Buddha is one of the ten recollections. The Buddha becomes a mindfulness object. Entering into the first jhana with Buddha as object, then second, and third and fourth.. the Buddha name recitation practice is one more method for maintaining mindfulness of Buddha. With this object for meditation, we do the work and see for ourselves what there is to see. “Ehipassiko” = “come see”.

      Faith, in my view, is what gets us started. But! We still investigate for ourselves. We practice the recitation and see for ourselves. They said that with zen 1 out of 10 may attain to enlightenment, but with Buddha name recitation, 10,000 out of 10,000 will. I think they meant that this is an easy way to enter and move through the dhyanas. (Dhyana / jhana / chan / zen….).


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