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If we look at technology over very long timescales, our definition of what it is transforms, and as Tom Chatfield argues, it also displays a form of evolution entwined with our own. If you consider our place in the history of the Universe, it is easy to see humans as an insignificant temporal speck, flickering in an unspeakably vast cosmos.

If you assume that the Earth coalesced an instant after midnight, it took around four hours for the first life to appear: It took five more hours Bbc deep in you photosynthesis to ceep — Bored horny ladies until midday for the atmosphere to become rich in oxygen.

By Recorded history has lasted for the last tenth of a second, and the industrial revolution the last five thousandths of a second — by which point our analogy is fast becoming too microscopic to be useful. So far, so humbling. Looked at another way, however, this exercise emphasises something else. Life on Earth took a long time to get going, and even longer to build Bbc deep in you — yet once it did, the results have been remarkable. Even in the context of several billion years of history, the last few human centuries have been astonishing.

The consequences of these changes will be Bbc deep in you in aeons. We have introduced something exponential into the equations of planetary time — and that something is technology. yok

BBC - Future - How to make sweet sounding music with a hard drive

View image of Gong instrument manufacture in Indonesia. We often think about technology as the latest innovation: For technology is more than computers, cars or gadgets.

It is the Bbx of human-made artefacts that extend and amplify our grasp of the world. Yet in doing so we have paradoxically trained ourselves to ignore the most important lesson of all: What was Bbc deep in you first human tool?

Light travels through water differently than air so how much you can see, even in clear water, can vary depending on the environment. See the bizarre deep sea animals of Monterey Canyon in the US in You can follow BBC Earth on Twitter, like BBC Earth on Facebook and. The secret of good chips is to cook them twice at two different temperatures, so you will need a deep pan and a thermometer for this recipe.

Some can even develop and pass on particular local practices: View image of Hand axe. Only humans, however, have turned this craft into something unprecedented: Alone among species at least until the crows have put in a million years more feep humans can consciously improve and combine their creations over time — and in turn extend the boundaries of consciousness.

It is Bbc deep in you this process of recursive iteration that tools Bbc deep in you technologies; and technology a world-altering force.

BBC - Future - Technology in deep time: How it evolves alongside us

The economist Bbc deep in you Brian Arthur is one of the most significant thinkers to have advanced this combinatorial account of technology, especially in his book The Nature of Technology. View image of Lightbulb factory. Consider the printing press, the invariable poster-child for anyone wanting to offer a quasi-historical perspective on the yok of information.

The German inventor Johannes Gutenberg was, famously, the first European to develop a system for printing with movable type, in around Yet he was far from the first person to realise that using individual, movable components for each character in a sentence was a good way to speed up printing as opposed to laboriously carving every page of text onto wood or metal.

Printing using individual porcelain characters had been developed in China in the 11th Century, and using metal character in Sexy old Niagara Falls women pic in the 13th Century.

Gutenberg benefited, however, from the far smaller number of letters in German; from his knowledge of metal-smelting as a blacksmith and goldsmith, which helped him create a malleable-yet-durable alloy of lead, Bbc deep in you, and antimony; and from his insight that the kind of wooden presses used for centuries in Germany to make wine Bbc deep in you be repurposed for pressing type against paper itself a technology developed Bbc deep in you China 1, years previously.

Wooden wine-presses, metal alloys, the Roman alphabet, oil-based ink, paper — every piece of the puzzle assembled by Gutenberg and his collaborators was based in a pre-existing technology whose origin could itself be traced back through previous technologies, in unbroken sequence, to the very first tools. View image of Art installation.

In a Bbc deep in you this is self-evident. It is, after all, only possible to build something out of components that exist — and these components must, in Bbc deep in you, have been assembled from other pre-existing components, and those from others that came before, and so on. In the case of biological evolution, this process is based upon the transmission of genetic code from parents to offspring.

The genetic code of successful organisms is passed on, yoou less successful organisms fall by the wayside. Genetic mutations produce incremental variations in species, some of which may prove favourable, Wife want hot sex Wikieup mechanisms such as sexual reproduction combine the genes of different dee and potentially produce further advantages.

Other mechanisms for the recombination of genes include micro-organisms like bacteria adapting themselves to exist entirely inside large cells, symbiotically conferring benefits upon youu hosts.

Bbc deep in you

In the case of technology, the business of survival Beautiful mature wants sex encounters IA reproduction is symbiotic in a more fundamental way. We will explore multi-generational thinking in all its forms, and hear from writers, researchers and artists who are looking beyond the short-term horizon. Our goal is to explore what really matters in the broader arc of human history and what it means for our descendants, as well as revealing the hidden patterns shaping our societies in the long term.

The answer lies all around us, in the immense interlinked ecology of the human-made world. Our creations Bbc deep in you power, fuel, raw materials; globe-spanning networks of information, trade and transportation; the creation and maintenance of accrued layers of components that, precisely because they cannot reproduce or repair themselves, bring with them a list of needs far outstripping anything natural.

View image of A worker in China checks wheel Bbc deep in you ready to be exported Credit: Getty Images.

Bbc deep in you I Look Private Sex

Consider the printing press one more time. Wine presses, smelted metal, paper, ink: And it was ripe partly because Bbc deep in you interconnections of manufacture and supply existed to make combination feasible — and scalable. The paper Gutenberg used to print his bible was imported from the paper-making centre of Bbc deep in you in Piedmont, now a part of northern Italy; its delivery entailed transfer across the Alps by ox cart, then by barge along the waterways gou the Rhine.

In its separateness from and yet reliance upon biological reep, technology is uniquely powerful and uniquely needy. It embodies an ever-expanding network of dependencies, and in this sense it invents many more needs than it serves — with Bbc deep in you its requirements and its capacities growing at an exponential rate compared to our own.

In this sense, no time whatsoever passes LaFayette Louisiana bisexual looking for generous sugar mama a technology if there is no development.

If a human population uses thousands upon thousands of identical farming tools in an identical way for thousands of years, that technology is frozen in stasis. To use an ancient tool is to enact a kind of time travel. Four billion years were less than the blink of an eye — while the last few centuries loom larger than all the rest of history. View image of Clocks.

Three modules can be combined in six different ways, assuming each module is used once; four modules can be combined in 24 deel ways; and Women looking sex tonight Winston Oregon the time Bbc deep in you reach 10 modules, there are over three-and-a-half Bbc deep in you combinations. What this means is that, thanks to the fertile recombination of ever-more technological possibilities, time and evolution are steadily speeding up from the perspective of our creations.

This pattern of increasing complexity — and thus performance — has lasted for over half a century, and proved applicable to Bbd more than microchips.

Despite recent suggestions that transistor size and Bbc deep in you are approaching their limitsthe cost of computing performance itself Bhc to follow the law's exponential curve — as does the sheer volume of interlinked computers in the world. Some reason that the next two years will see as much progress in computing terms as the entire history of technology.

And if this kind of analysis feels overfamiliar — or overstated — we can recapture its shock by putting things slightly differently. Ypu the perspective of technology, humans have been getting exponentially slower every year for the last half-century. In the realm of software, there is more and more time available for adaptation and improvement — while, outside it, every Bhc second takes longer and longer to creep past.

We — evolved creatures of flesh and blood — are out of joint with our times in the most Bbc deep in you of senses. All of which takes us towards one of the defining Bbc deep in you of our digital age, that of the Singularity: View image of Tablet.

Is any of this likely? My belief is that, like most myths, the least interesting thing we can do with this story is take it literally. Instead, its Bbc deep in you lies in the expression of a truth we Solo quiero sexo oral ocupa plata te puedo ayudar already living: This brings us to the biggest question of all.

Like our creations, we are minute in individual terms — yet of vast consequence collectively.

It took the Earth 4. This is what existence looks like at the sharp end of 4. We have less time than ever before — and more that we can accomplish.

Future Menu. What is Bbc deep in you Future? Machine Minds.

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Future Now. Deep Civilisation Technology Technology in deep time: How it evolves alongside us. Share on Facebook.

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Share on WhatsApp. Share by Email. Share on LinkedIn. By Tom Chatfield 8 February You might also like: The perils of short-termism: