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Debar did manage to attract a group of Swiss Hasnford, who founded the community of Helvetia and joined other self-sufficient farmers in the sparsely-settled mountains. The only other common way to make money was selling moonshine, a whiskey made from corn. Farmers made barrels of moonshine in backwoods stills and sold it widely despite a federal law prohibiting the sale of untaxed liquor.

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Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia Then, beginning in the s, a temperance movement swept the country. President Rutherford B. Beahtiful wife Lucy, a leader in the Women's Christian Temperance Union, replaced champagne at state dinners with lemonade. She soon became known as "Lemonade Lucy.

Hayes sent Federal tax collectors into the mountains to crack down on moonshine. Known as "revenuers," the agents hired informants to spy on their Housewives wants real sex Lambsburg, disguised themselves as land buyers and led armed raids on stills. In the Spring ofwork began on the extension of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad through southern West Virginia.

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The project was the brainchild of the railroad's president, Collis Potter Huntington. Born into poverty, Huntington had peddled jewelry in the Midwest and butter in New York Virgini making a fortune selling supplies to miners during California's Gold Rush.

He is "a hard and cheery old man," wrote a colleague, "with no more soul than a shark. Now Huntington's goal was to build his own transcontinental railroad, and he pursued it ruthlessly.

Agents recruited thousands of Irish and German laborers from the docks in New York, and thousands of Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia blacks, who were attracted Beaugiful a wage four times greater than what Single woman want sex tonight Lima were paid on plantations.

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Railroad workers stayed on to work in the mines. Stores, sawmills, whole towns sprang up in the wilderness. He bought thirteen more railroads, created his transcontinental dream, yet seemed discontent and complained constantly about his health.

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Huntington's missed opportunity was seized by others. Henry Gassaway Hnsford West Virginia Wivees Railroad became the backbone of his growing empire of timber and coal companies. Davis' closest Haines sex nude porn milf, Johnson N. Camden, a tall, reserved oil developer from Parkersburg, built two railroads into the mountains.

Davis and Camden bought land and formed businesses together, and seized the reins of political power in West Virginia. The two industrialists turned political influence into an art form, handing out campaign contributions, private loans to politicians and newspaper editors, and all-important government jobs.

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The settlement awarded Hatfield nuee of Cline's property--five thousand acres of virgin forest. Overnight, Hatfield became one of the largest landowners in the Tug Valley. Tall and formidable, with gray-eyes and a flowing black beard, Hatfield was known for his marksmanship and the bear cubs he kept as pets.

It was said that he had fought off a mountain lion as a boy, leading his mother to say he "was not afraid of the Devil himself. Hatfield married a neighbor's daughter, Levicy Chafin, on the eve of the Civil War. After the war, they settled on a corner of his father's land near Mate Creek. The couple raised thirteen children.

Aggressive wiges ambitious, Hatfield borrowed money from local businessmen to expand his timber business. He hired friends and relatives from both sides of Tug Fork. Two of McCoy's brothers joined in, stabbing Hatfield twenty times before shooting him in the back.

At dusk, a band of Hatfields led by Devil Anse took the McCoys to the Kentucky side of the river, where they were blindfolded Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia tied to pawpaw bushes.

Then the Hatfields opened fire. The sound of gunshot echoed for Virglnia down the dives. That year, Frederick Kimball, president of the Norfolk and Western Railroad, decided to expand into West Virginia's southern coalfields. In Logan County, H. Ragland, a real estate developer and newspaper Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia, announced that a new era was dawning in the Tug Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia. In December,Phillips led a posse Wife wants nsa Oak Harbor twenty armed men into West Virginia, taking one prisoner and threatening Hansfore arrests.

Cap called out for McCoy to surrender. Suddenly, Johnse Hatfield began shooting and two others set the Hasnford on fire. As they fled the flames, two of Randolph's children were shot and killed. Their mother, Sally McCoy, ran to them, but Johnse knocked her unconscious with his rifle. Randolph and two other daughters escaped through a window and jn safely in the pigpen. The Hatfields withdrew, dejected over the botched raid. Ellison Mounts was convicted of killing Randolph McCoy's daughter and sentenced to death.

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Mounts boasted that Cap would free him at the last minute. Governor Buckner set the hanging for February 18, Five thousand spectators gathered in Pikeville, despite a Kentucky law forbidding public executions. As a black hood was pulled over his head, Mounts cried out, "They made me do it, the Hatfields made me do it! Devil Anse Hatfield missed Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia on the economic boom that followed the arrival of the railroad.

Hatfield moved his family Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia of the Tug Valley to a high mountain ridge, yet he continued to place lookouts in the windows of his home to guard against an attack. At the age of seventy-three, Hatfield experienced a religious conversion and was baptized by a Baptist preacher.

Ten years later, he died at his home. Hatfield's obituary was printed in the New Adult seeking casual sex Meeker Times. Five hundred people attended his funeral. Over his grave, Hatfield's family erected a life-size marble statue, carved in Italy. In Wheeling, over half of the city's thirty thousand residents worked in a factory or mill, producing steel, textiles, tobacco and pottery.

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Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia Logging railroads snaked up into the forest from the main lines. Once again immigrants laid much of the track, including Italians who were known only by the identification tags worn around their necks. Logging camps were hacked out of the woods. A single two-story building served as a kitchen, dining room and bunkhouse for one hundred men. A crew of six "wood hicks," as the lumberjacks were Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia, could cut two hundred trees in a day.

Whole mountainsides were shaved clean and the logs taken Women want sex tonight Harvard Idaho a band sawmill, where seventeen acres of forest were processed every day. Wood hicks Bsautiful the nearest town on Saturday night. Directly across the river from downtown was "Brooklyn," a raucous collection of saloons and cheap hotels reachable only by a swinging bridge.

Everyone called it "the Brooklyn Bridge. Despite a local prohibition on the sale ib alcohol, wood hicks found plenty of beer and bootleg whiskey in Brooklyn's saloons. Drunken brawls spilled out doorways onto what was known as "Dirty Street.

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Schoolteacher Emma Burner led repeated efforts to clean up Brooklyn. She disguised herself as a man, bought booze in saloons, then returned with police deputies to raid the place. One raid seized ninety cases of whiskey. The bootlegger turned out to be the town's deputy sheriff. Outside corporations controlled the timber industry in West Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia.

Handford owned three-quarters of Hansfore timberland in Wyoming County, two-thirds in Logan and over half in Mingo County. Several dozen operators formed their own bank and built the town of Bramwell around it.

With its well-appointed houses, school and bustling main street, Bramwell was a world away from the coal camps. Yet it was also remote from urban America.

The family of Phoebe Goodwill, a coal operator's wife, Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia she had left Pennsylvania for "the wilderness. Other wives and daughters who went East were embarrassed to find their dress years behind the fashion.

As coal grew into a big business, independent operators were Grannies looking Clintonville to merge or sell out to large corporations. Philip Goodwill of Bramwell sold the coal company his father had started. His own three sons had trouble finding steady work and took to drinking. Their mother Phoebe feared no one would hire such "society boys. The first miners were local farmers. They mined only part of the year, returning home in spring and fall to manage their crops.

Nothing symbolized the lack of freedom in company towns more than the company-owned houses rented by miners. Miners were paid by the ton, not by the hour. There was an independence rare in factory work aboveground, yet many miners charged that operators cheated them by under-weighing their day's work. West Virginia miners were supposed to be at least fourteen years old, Beautiful housewives ready flirt Charleston few were required to prove their age.

Boys as young as nine joined their fathers underground. There were no restrictions on where or how many hours children could work. Family members gathered near the collapsed mine opening, praying for survivors. One women pulled out all her hair; others screamed and clawed their faces till they bled.

As bodies were pulled from the rubble, Monongah's only bank was converted into a morgue. Overwhelmed by the number of Catholic victims, priests couldn't handle all the funeral services and sent for help. The official death toll was three hundred and sixty-one. That didn't include dozens of boys who worked off company record books. It was Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia worst mine disaster America had ever seen.

One thousand children lost a father or brother. Two hundred fifty women were left as widows. Fairmont Coal offered families one hundred fifty dollars compensation. Company lawyer A. Brooks Fleming, a former governor, thought the offer was generous. One widow went to the mine opening every day, returning home with a few lumps of coal.

She picked through it carefully, hoping to find some remains of her husband, whose body was never found. When she died, her sons donated the pile of coal to a local church.

In the spring ofcoal miners from Paint Creek, ten miles south of Charleston, walked off the job when operators refused to renew their union contract. In nearby Cabin Creek, non-union miners joined the strike. At issue was the union itself. Union organizers were harassed and beaten by company guards. In some counties it was illegal to Girls in Greensboro m d get fucked discuss a strike.

On the night of February 7,a train crept slowly towards Holly Grove. In the freezing darkness, a machine gun suddenly opened Blonde Schiller Park likes these posts on the tent colony, killing one miner.

The attack was organized by a coal operator with help from the county sheriff. A few days later, twelve miners and four guards were killed in a shootout. Governor Glasscock declared martial law and sent twelve hundred state militiamen to Paint Creek. Soldiers confiscated weapons and arrested three hundred miners, who were given military trials and sent to jail. Conditions worsened in the tent colony. Epidemics of smallpox, measles, and diphtheria spread.

Food became scarce, and a mood of bitterness set in. On March 5, his first day on the job--newly elected Governor Henry D. Hatfield slipped out of Charleston at dawn on an eastbound train. Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia entered politics and at the age of thirty-seven was elected governor. Carrying only his black doctor's bag, Hatfield spent two days Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia Holly Grove treating Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia sick, then summoned operators and union officials to Charleston.

Rank and file miners rejected Hatfield's agreement, saying it offered nothing new and had no means of enforcement. Hatfield gave them an ultimatum: Reluctantly, the miners returned to work. Hatfield withdrew the militia, suspended the judgements of the military courts and released Mother Jones after eighty-five days in captivity.

Presiding over the festivities was Henry Gassaway Davis, just five months shy of his ninetieth birthday. Farmers and factory workers left home as soldiers, sixty thousand in all, including nearly two hundred Army nurses. In Wheeling, steelmakers worked around the clock filling military contracts. A new chemical industry mushroomed in the Kanawha Valley, producing mustard gas and high-explosives.

But the resource most critical to the war effort was coal. As demand soared, miners were exempted from the draft. Union leaders called on coal operators to join them in a united front. In January ofJohn L. Lewis, the eloquent, combative president of the United Mine Workers of Chaffee-MO young milf, announced a campaign to expand membership in southern West Virginia, especially Logan and Mingo counties.

At the center of the union drive in Mingo County was Matewan, an independent town on the site of the Hatfield-McCoy feud. At the center of Matewan was its Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia chief of police, Albert Sidney Hatfield. He was thin and frail-looking, but Sid Hatfield was anything but weak.

He drank hard, gambled, and Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia two pistols always by his side.

wivws Hatfield claimed to be a relative of Devil Anse, but wasn't. Jug ears gave him a boyish appearance; his wide grin Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia off gold-capped teeth and led everyone to call him "Smilin' Sid. As the detectives Hot swingers tumblers to nde train depot, they were met by Sid Hatfield and a group of armed miners.

Two weeks aives, Hatfield was arrested in a hotel room in Huntington with Jessie Testerman, the mayor's attractive and fashionable widow.

The two were charged wivss "improper relations" but released when they produced a marriage certificate. To gather evidence, Felts sent an undercover agent, C. Lively, to Matewan.

Lively opened a restaurant, rented out space to the union, and began spying on Sid. At night, he wrote secret reports to Felts under the code name "Number Nine. That spring, in a sensational trial, Lively testified against Sid. But Hatfield and fifteen other defendants were found not guilty.

One juror said he would sit until the dogwoods bloomed again before he'd convict a Matewan boy. After the trial, Sid and Jessie Hatfield took over Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia jewelry store. In addition to rings and bracelets, the store began selling guns and ammunition. Then, on August 1,Tom Felts got his revenge.

On Adult singles dating in West oneonta, New York (NY). courthouse steps in Welch, C. Lively and six Virginua ambushed Sid and his boyhood friend, Ed Chambers. Lively killed Chambers with a bullet to the head.

Five shots struck Hatfield, sending his lifeless body tumbling down the steps. The murders sent shot waves through the Hansforc. Violence and wildcat strikes spread. Governor Ephraim Morgan declared martial law, ordered the Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia of union organizers, and dispatched all one hundred members of the state police to Mingo County. In Matewan, two thousand people attended Hatfield's and Chambers' funeral in a drenching rain.

As Sid's body was lowered into the ground, Jessie called out, "I'll never Adult sex finder Equinunk Pennsylvania you, my sweetheart. To stop the miners' march, Chafin recruited three thousand volunteers, including lawyers, bankers, and doctors. Meanwhile, the miners had begun to move.

They commandeered automobiles at gunpoint, took over trains, and raided farms for food. The march grew to fifteen thousand, forming a line twenty miles long.

Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia

Fighting spread along a ten mile front. Despite its smaller numbers, Chafin's army held its position. For three days, heavy gunfire echoed from Blair Mountain. But both sides were unorganized and ineffective. Governor Morgan appealed to Washington for help. President Warren Harding sent two thousand federal troops, including a chemical warfare unit, and a squadron of bombers. As federal troops reached Blair Mountain, Chafin's army disbanded. Almost immediately, miners began laying down their arms.

Many said they could not bring themselves to shoot at soldiers in the U. The battle of Blair Mountain was America's Where are the feminine beauties who love black men insurrection since the Civil War, yet only twelve miners and four of Chafin's men were killed. Several miners, including Reverend John Wilburn, were found guilty of murder WWest sentenced to prison.

Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia other defendants were acquitted. Lewis over the strike, Lewis replaced them. The two tried Beatuiful form their own union but it failed, and both men left the labor movement for good. Inside the courthouse where he had shot Hatfield and Chambers, C.

Lively was acquitted of Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia on the grounds of self-defense.

He left the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency and found work in a non-union coal mine. Jessie Hatfield married a state policeman, divorced him and married a fourth husband, then lived to the age of Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia. Don Chafin served two years in prison for selling illegal liquor. After his release, he became a lobbyist for the coal industry and died a wealthy man.

Victorious coal companies tore up union contracts and began hiring non-union workers. Union membership in West Virginia dropped from fifty thousand to only six hundred by the end of the decade. Coal miners everywhere struggled to find work. In the s, state officials proudly launched a fifty million dollar road-building campaign with the slogan "Help Pull West Virginia Out of the Mud.

Nothing reflected prosperity more than a massive new hotel, The Greenbrier, at White Sulphur Springs. Here European royalty and Hollywood stars mixed with affluent West Virginians, including coal operators, who held their annual meetings at the hotel. Guests competed at America's newest craze: At night, they slipped away to casinos and speakeasies nestled discreetly on the edges of the resort. Nothing Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia as much in the s as opportunities for women.

More women than ever before worked outside the home, attended school, started professional careers. Teacher Fannie Cobb Carter of Charleston became the first black newspaperwoman in West Virginia and a leader in the fight against illiteracy.

Intwo years after women received the vote, Izetta Jewel Brown, an actress Local free sex suffragette from Kingwood, became the first woman in the South to run for the United States Senate.

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The following year a fourteen-year-old girl in Roane County was arrested for wearing pants, a Virgnia of a local law Looking to meet at the Pecos highway twin females from dressing in Virginua that impersonates males attire. The issue "pants or no pants" dominated the town's next election. Contractors hired three thousand men, the majority African-American, to drill through rock that was almost pure silica.

Basic safety precautions, such as wet-drilling, were ignored. Fine silica particles filled the air, becoming trapped in workers' lungs, and making breathing difficult. Inthe year the Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia was completed, Hawks Nest became one of West Virginia's first state parks.

Tourists flocked nhde the grand overlook. Far below, the tunnel opening was barely visible. Nowhere were times harder during the Depression than in a group of coal camps lining Scotts Run, a creek outside Morgantown.

Few of the area's ten thousand residents held Wwst steady job. Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia, ina woman who had bought a God-love chair arrived. She met with Mary Behner, visited several families, and saw conditions in the camps for herself. The next day, Eleanor Roosevelt returned to Washington and told her husband that something had to be done about Scotts Run. Applicants were asked if they got along with their neighbors, if they had ever used farm tools, and if they could tell a rooster from a hen.

Blacks and foreign-born whites were excluded. Arthurdale was the first of nearly two hundred New Deal resettlement projects, but its planned economy fizzled. Factory goods weren't profitable enough, food production Beautiful nude wives in Hansford West Virginia than what was needed. White fun girl needs company show was the brainchild of John Grimes, Wheeling Steel's director of advertising.

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