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Quite a few of the current "straight" male porn stars are actually bi-sexual, including my new favorite, the well-hung tall Dominican superstud Carlo Carerra.

R1, RE: The guy loved getting fucked. I just really Bibb City girls looking to get fucked he would have had the balls to have been the first continual male bi porn superstar. The special effects wizzes on Star Wars took time out of thir gruelling schedules to create a fake Matt Ramsay getting fucked in the back of a van on dirty, dollar store sheets. Otherwise, the budget would have allowed for thread sheets.

Matt Ramsey had gay porn sex for real. This is bullshit that his gay sex scenes were somehow manipulated. Then when Ramsey wanted to disassociate himself from gay porn maybe he's not gay, which is finehe changed his name to Peter Bibb City girls looking to get fucked, started doing straight Citt and for some strange reason thought his gay past would disappear.

True, R And it's obviously one of the biggest lies in the history of porn for him to say that his scenes were all faked and manipulated with special effects etc. As if they have the budget or the ability to do that in porn. I don't believe he's straight though.

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He's bi. He has gay voice for one thing, and straight guys don't Bibb City girls looking to get fucked fucked up the ass bareback for another.

He fucked one woman for Jake Cruise's cash and said it was fun once but never again because "I am gay". RJ Reynolds was an established straight porn star who fell hard for gay performer JW King in the early s. They soon moved in together and RJ would lloking do gay work with JW. It was all very tempestuous. So there was this vast right-wing conspiracy against Matt Ramsey to manipulate his gay porn scenes?!

And no one else. Just Matt Ramsey. Everyone else did it willingly except for him.

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Yeah, right. He may be straight, gay or bi, but he probably got into the business needing some money or he was an exhibitionist. He wasn't in Bibb City girls looking to get fucked porn all that long--so perhaps he thought the transition to straight porn and his longevity in the business would overshadow a bad decision to do gay porn when he was young and dumb.

Plus, there is some stigma in the straight porn industry not to hire gay porn stars since they ruin the illusion for the straight audience if the porn star's identity becomes known.

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But gay porn grew to fet no one could imagine. So now he has a past that continues to follow him if only in a few gay videos.

I think most of the Corbin Fisher guys have had sex with women or women and men in their 'bi' lineeven the ones that seem really Bibb City girls looking to get fucked.

Yes r That being said, at the time of that scandal, Arpad told me directly that he was gay. He seeme frustrated he even had to sort of "come out" all over again.

Bibb City girls looking to get fucked I Am Seeking Dick

He also hasn't worked much since then. It's still up, but is no longer lookijg. It's kind of sad that Arpad is 45 years old and still hooking. Blake Riley works at his boyfriends cheerleading gym in Las Vegas and coaches little girls think Dance Moms type shit.

You wouldn't if Sex dating in Hansen saw what most gay male hookers johns look like. Imagine having to fuck, suck, and rim guys that look like Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie for a living. It's what he said about it during an interview that was perceived as being deeply insulting to his gay fans.

Devin Draz from Dirty Tony? I think I heard him say fuckdd and his girlfriend have done straight scenes together. Could Bibb City girls looking to get fucked BS.

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On the other hand, I think the dude could fuck anything that moves. Blu Kennedy has gone on record saying his first time with a woman was on Corbin Fisher for money.

They pay you more if you pretend to be straight and have sex with a woman. He also said one of his most humiliating moments was when Bbib Lucas fuucked air up his ass Bibb City girls looking to get fucked he was rimming him to get him to fart on camera. He said when it happened, he just wanted to the bed to swallow him up and disappear.

Well, if you're already being filmed with a cock up your ass what does a little fart noise matter. Geez she's delicate.

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I agree, R So Michael Lucas blew gjrls air up his asshole. What's the big deal? How is it any different from being fucked on camera, or having cum sprayed on your face? The only interesting answers, porn actors Bibb City girls looking to get fucked established straight actors who you may not know have done gay or bi scenes:.

It seems to me that getting into bed with Michael Lucas is proof you've surrendered every bit of self-worth you have Matt Hughes. I'm surprised they've even taken him into straight porn. He's done a shit load of gay.

Wanting Nsa Sex Bibb City girls looking to get fucked

In the Peter North gay scenes do you have see his face and his hole getting fucked at the same time? A lot of those 'gay' for pay guys like Wolf Hudson and Girth Brooks are all either bisexual or gay. I remember seeing a bisexual porn from Corbin when Blu Kennedy was very young and not such a roided out mess like he is now. Anonymous, I read that Mike Roberts had retired from porn, probably because his jealous gf lookign having a fhcked.

Also, read that he advertises for David Forrest, I'm not sure. Blu Kennedy used to be cute but now he's a roided out mess, into barebacking and meth according to what Bibb City girls looking to get fucked wrote on his personal hook up or escorting site, and claims he's 'retired' from pr0n but will probably resurface years later doing bareback porn like a lot of gay male porn stars do.

R60,61 and 64, Jake Cruise did discover alot of amazing talent. For my money, one of the hottest Cityy he ever shot was David Taylor fucking Leo Giamani bareback. Two gorgeous titans going at it. Giamani is clearly in pain with Turner pounding Cigy ass and it's clear that these guys are Bibb City girls looking to get fucked gay for pay. Adult want casual sex NH Plymouth 3264 it's a fucking hot pairing and has given me many a satisfactory wank-off session.

Straight guys are not 'gay for pay'. Real straight guys would never let a man fuck them in the ass, especially on film for Bigb to see. They would never live it down with their straight friends.

The men who are G4P are all bisexual or gay but just branded as "Straight" since it plays into the fantasy Bibb City girls looking to get fucked that hot "straight" guy looking lusted after but could never have, and there are a lot of queens out there who like to fantasize or pretend that they've actually had sex with a straight guy but they never have.

Careful, R68 you are treading on sacred delusions.

You do not want to say "straight guys don't have gay sex" on this website. LMAO R70 that's rather silly, but it does make sense why do they "need" that fantasy Bibb City girls looking to get fucked survive?

Can't they Bibb City girls looking to get fucked a guy who's out to have sex with? I always thought it was weird that he wouldn't suck but his ass was in the air begging for dick in a heartbeat.

Maybe he fuckes having 20 year old virgin wants to lose it in his mouth would make him "gay," but a dick up the ass wouldn't. These guys would never even consider a guy who says he is gay or bisexual. I assume R8 knows by now that Peter North is full of baloney and that there were no special effects in porn films in those days.

But they are not straight. Think about it.

Yet they continued and continued, and as with most performers, only retire when WE discard them for something younger and bigger. It's pron.

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Cody Cummings does both. However his gay porn scenes are so boring because he works overtime to Blbb disinterested. Also he will only get sucked or rimmed by guys and will not kiss or fuck them I have friends who are anal Dating Cafayate whore bottoms who hate to suck dick but just love to get fucked up the ass.

Interesting, R When Katharine Kelly Lang's son did the sex scene for Sean Cody last year, he did everything except cock. R88, did you click the 2nd arrow to play the movie? The 1st one doesn't work, but the 2nd one does.

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It's not interesting for me to watch Cody because he clearly is not gay at all just doing it to make a buck. R91, people used to think Pavel was gay for New Castle web cam sex, but Bibb City girls looking to get fucked he is gay in fycked life. There was an article posted here last year about him and his boyfriend getting arrested in Cuba. People used to also claim Lukas was straight, but I'm not sure. One of the things people said about Lukas's scene with Pavel is that it revealed he is probably at least bi gidls if you look at the scene above, Lukas betrays his true sexuality by becoming entranced by the sight of a man with an fet cock bigger than his and the sight of the massive ejaculation it produces.