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Beyond the Fishbowl

Ultimate reality cannot be defined within the terms and boundaries that form our idea of ‘realism.’ Currently, realism is synonymous with naturalism, a school of thought that rejects anything and everything that cannot be (as yet) scientifically explained and empiricised. It is boxed in by its own view of the natural world, reducing everything to […]

The Fabric of Reality is the Gnosis of Ancient Days

Quantum-level discoveries are revealing the warp and weft of this reality and it’s throwing our concrete assertions into the bin. It’s an old chestnut to say that science and religion are not really at odds; but fundamentally this is true. The more we discover at sub-atomic and quantum-levels, the more all things become possible. The […]


Falling, Thrown by death, Sent tumbling headlong into life, I strike the water And come up gasping, Heaved by waves Once more onto shore; I raise my head And see the winding road Before me, paved With suffering, And I cry, As I have cried countless Times before; Hopeless my lot Since beginningless time, A […]