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When Ordinary Mind Gnos Itself: the dawning of Mahamudra Meditation.

Here is a psychospiritual poem / rambling-session centered on Mahamudra Mediation. What does “Psychospiritual poem / rambling-session” imply? It means I’m not gonna spend too much time trying to connect the dots for you. I’m gonna step from peak to peak and not everyone will be able to follow me. If you’re confused, I am […]

Past, Present, Future Dissolve in Nembutsu Light

The Nembutsu closes the distance and folds the time that ordinarily and conditionally appears to separate us from that point where Dharmakara made his great Vow, that past, present and future dissolve into the eternal Now. And at the focal point of this sacred everlasting Moment — Amida, wreathed in the incense of limitless life, […]

To Be Mindful of the Buddhas is to Remember Who We Really Are

Strictly-speaking, it would probably be incorrect to say Buddhism is atheistic; it is non-theistic, and there is a difference. Shakyamuni Buddha did not deny the existence of gods, but attached no creative or salvific significance to them. Rather, he understood that they are irrelevant to our salvation since the gods are themselves in need of […]