Beyond the Fishbowl - Ultimate reality cannot be defined within the terms and boundaries that form our idea of ‘realism.’ Currently, realism is synonymous with naturalism, a school of thought that rejects anything and everything that cannot be (as yet) scientifically explained and empiricised. It is boxed in by its own view of the natural world, reducing everything to […]
Amida Buddha: Beyond, Far Beyond - Amida Buddha’s reality transcends our concepts of what is ‘real.’ If we say Amida is one and the same as our inherent Buddha nature, this is true. But this is not to negate Amida’s reality. On the contrary, it rather makes him more real since it is our own sense of ‘self’ which is revealed […]
The Fabric of Reality is the Gnosis of Ancient Days - Quantum-level discoveries are revealing the warp and weft of this reality and it’s throwing our concrete assertions into the bin. It’s an old chestnut to say that science and religion are not really at odds; but fundamentally this is true. The more we discover at sub-atomic and quantum-levels, the more all things become possible. The […]
Immersed in the Name - Immerse me in Your Name, That this world with all its suffering Becomes an unreal thing to me; Envelop me in Your Light That all conditioned things as shadows Flit by me; Surround me with Compassion Until I am lifted up To Bliss and my heart sings — Sings Your praises, Amitabha, Closing the space […]
Grasped, Never to be Abandoned - Once we imagine our recitation of the Nembutsu to constitute some necessary, virtuous karmic act that we perform in order to be reborn in Bliss, we stray from the path of sincere trust in the power of the Vow. Any demand for a continual repetition shifts the burden of salvation back on to our own […]
Falling - Falling, Thrown by death, Sent tumbling headlong into life, I strike the water And come up gasping, Heaved by waves Once more onto shore; I raise my head And see the winding road Before me, paved With suffering, And I cry, As I have cried countless Times before; Hopeless my lot Since beginningless time, A […]
A Nembutsu Shrine of the Heart - Why do I say Nembutsu? What is my motivation? What do I hope to gain? How can I not? Gratitude. Absolutely nothing that Amida has not already granted. These are the answers to those questions. I say Namu Amida Butsu because this sacred Name bubbles within, just beneath the surface, like a spring that does […]
Heading Within to Bliss - When the sutras speak of Amida and his Land of Bliss lying countless worlds and Buddha-lands distant, it is as though they are seeking to reinforce the impossibility of the notion one might nurture of hoping to reach them by heading ‘out there.’The immeasurable locational gulf speaks of the unattainability of Bliss whatsoever while we […]
The Telephone Boxes in Our Heads - The world is an illusion, a bubble of insubstantial perceptions that bursts upon our realisation of them. We see, but our visual perceptions are based upon the light reflecting from an object, and upon the wavelengths that cause our brains to see ‘colours.’ Is a red telephone box still red if no one is looking […]
Mahamudra Meditation. - From, Mahamudra: The Moonlight. By Dakpo Tashi Namgyal.