Study vs. Practice - In truth, there is no real distinction. Yet, angry fools abuse one or the other.  Study and practice will lead us beyond the cycle of suffering.
GnoTruth Adventures - Sharing for the benefit of beings everywhere. Beautifying this Buddha realm with Dhamma. Enjoy.
Two Sides of Teaching - There is study and there is practice. Ideally, they come together. There is seeking for historical authenticity and there is freestyle spirituality. Ideally, they come together as well. 
Ajahn Chah: Clear, Direct, Practical and Profound Wisdom. - Download a PDF of the Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah here.  Also, I read a chapter for you. Enjoy!
Stand up. - Some of you are steering, others just have their hands on the wheel.
Protect Yourself. - Things get interesting when you consider Anatman in the context of ‘protecting yourself’.
No Basis - “Have you found the beginning, now that you are searching for the end? For, where the beginning is, that is where you will find the end.” ~Yeshua, Gospel of Thomas
The Long Discourses of the Buddha - The Digha Nikaya is beautiful!
Threefold Lotus Sutra - Here is another place to get a pdf copy of the wonderful Threefold Lotus Sutra. 
Dhammasangani - Enumeration of Phenomena. From the Abhidhamma Pitaka. “Pitaka” means “basket”.