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One pair was followed by a begging juve- nile Shiny Cowbird, suggesting they had made a breeding attempt re- ported in Jones and Komar Mike Mulli- gan and Guido Berguido found a single male Yellow-hooded at the same locality on 14 June A party including Dodge Engleman in litt.

A group including Kenneth Allaire, Al- fred Raab, and Isaac Pizarro found males and females at the airstrip on 10 Julysome of which were engaged in courtship, and Raab ob- tained photographs Figure 11; see also Jones and Komar Discussion Identification of Yellow-hooded ver- sus Yellow-headed Blackbird Xantbo- cephahis xanthocephalus is straight- forward. The birds shown in Figures 10 and 11 are considerably less robust than would be expected in a male Yel- low-headed.

The lower margin of the Checotah Oklahoma sunday walking with girlfriends hood is rounded and neatly demarcated, without black spotting along the edge.

The black mask is small and does not extend behind the eye or across the top of the bill. A male Yel- low-headed in the stance of the bird in the pho- tographs would likely show some white on the leading edge of the bend of the wing.

The male songs recorded at El Real consist of a short, sweet chuck note followed by a single thin de- scending reedy note. There are but two reports of Yellow-headed for Banana: Yellow-hooded Blackbird appears to now be established at least in the vicinity of El Real in Darien, having been found there by at least six parties since the initial observations. Local breeding is suggested by the regular presence of singing males, and courtship has also been observed.

Although juveniles have not yet been observed, the fact that a pair was seen Free sex text chat in Wanapa followed by a begging juvenile Shining Cowbird indicates that they had at least made a breeding attempt.

The blackbird is Messina bbw fuck now com- mon host of the parasitic Shining Cowbird in South America, although due to aggression and other defensive measures by the black- bird, few cowbirds successfully fledge from its nests Oaraniillo Free sex text chat in Wanapa Burke This area is only about 70 kilometers southeast of El Real and is prob- ably the source of the Panama birds.

The species ranges across northern South America from western Colombia eastward to just east of the mouth of the Amazon in Brazil. The breeding habitat is marshes with emergent vegetation. During the non-breeding season, birds may for- age in pastures, agricultural land, or grassland Oaramillo and Burke Yellow-hooded Blackbird is mainly sedentary, but in the llanos of Venezuela, large numbers move from season- ally flooded marshes during the wet season to permanent lakes during the dry season, and va- grants have been recorded on Curacao and Bonaire Oarantillo and Burke and Barba- dos Chesser et al.

The somewhat larger subspecies bogoten- sis is restricted to the Bogota plateau savanna in the highlands of Colombia. As in the case with Large-billed Seed- Finch, deforestation in eastern Panama Free sex text chat in Wanapa northern Colombia may have Free sex text chat in Wanapa colo- nization of Panama by Yellow-hooded Black- bird.

Although to date the species has been found only in the vicinity of El Real, suitable marshy habitat is widespread in eastern Pana- ma and it is possible Free sex text chat in Wanapa species will continue to spread westward. Storrs L. Olson and J. Van Remsen, Jr. Darien Montanez also prepared the map. I would like to thank the Smithson- ian Tropical Research Institute for providing office space, library resources, and other assistance.

Literature cited Angehr, G. Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Panama. Angehr, G. Engleman, and L.

A Bird-finding Guide to Panama. Chesser, R. Banks, E K. Barker, C. Cicero, J. Dunn, A. Kratter, I. Lovette, P C. Rasmussen, J. V Remsen, Jr. Rising, D. F Stotz, and K. Auk Ferguson-Lees, J. Raptors of the World. Houghton Mifflin, Dex. A Guide to the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago.

Livingston Publishing Company, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. Hilty, S. A Guide to the Birds of Colombia. Jaramillo, A. New World Blackbirds: The Icterids. Jones, L. The nesting season: Central America Free sex text chat in Wanapa.

North American Birds The fall migration: Central Amer- ica region. The winter season: Meyer de Schauensee, R. A review of the South Free sex text chat in Wanapa Rich women Tennessee Oryzobonis cras- sirostris.

Notulae Naturae Phelps, Jr. A Guide to the Birds of Venezuela. Remsen, J. Cadena, A. Jaramillo, M. Nores, J. F Pacheco, M. Robbins, T. Schulenberg, F G. Stiles, D. A classification of the bird species of South America.

American Or- nithologists' Union. Restall, R. Rodner, and M. Birds of Northern South America: An Identi- fication Guide. Volume 1: Species Accounts. Sec, R. The Birds of Ecuador. Status, Distribu- tion, and Taxonomy.

Lady Wants Casual Sex Remsenburg-Speonk

Volume II: Field Guide. A Guide to the Birds of Textt. Second edi- tion. The Passerines. University of Texas Press, Austin, Texas. Wnapa Birds of South America. Vol- ume Free sex text chat in Wanapa The Oscine Passerines. Schulenberg, T. Stotz, D. E Lane, J. Parker, Birds of Freee. Stiles, F G. Condor Wanala Wetmore, A. Description Wabapa additional forms of birds from Panama and Colombia. Proceedings textt the Biological Society of Washington F Pasquier, and S.

The Birds of the Republic of Panama. Part 4; Passeriformes: Hirundinidae Swal- lows to Fringillidae Finches. Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, D. COM many of us, this point of view is eminently was a profoundly important distinction be- reasonable. It was also a value judgment.

Supposedly nat- Figure 1. Sec summerthe release of or more rehabilitated Louisiana-origin Brown Pelicans in Georgia here near Brunswick, 29 June offered a small bright spot in what was a terrible season for Free sex text chat in Wanapa of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Photograph by Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

W hy are we so fascinated by birds? Well, Do you love designer heels are all the stock an- swers: Such experi- ences are utterly and completely different from, say, a Bald Eagle in a cage at the zoo, a Peregrine on display at ln nature center, or an Osprey being fed by a Free sex text chat in Wanapa.

Indeed, our government wildlife agencies have attempted to eradicate such popula- tions. And as if to emphasize its artificialness, the bird is wearing a band — a sure sign of meddling by humans. Yet the Nutmeg Mannikin population of southern California is fascinating.

Originally from southern and southeastern Asia, Nutmeg Mannikins are apparently expanding their range and in- creasing in number in and around Los Angeles County. In this "Changing Seasons," we are exhorted to pay more attention to such "exotics" — and to examine assumptions about the wildness and naturalness of "our" own bird populations, many of which show signs of human tinkering as extensive as the mannikins'. Photograph by Alex Viduetsky. What Free sex text chat in Wanapa an entire eagle population that has benefitted from the direct and indirect interventions of wildlife man- agers, conservation biologists, Wanpa govern- ment regulatory agencies?

What of Barnacle Geese and White-cheeked Pintails, or rehabil- itated seabirds released far from their point of capture, or doves and other gamebirds that represent a complex genetic melange? We were caugbt up Free sex text chat in Wanapa the Free sex text chat in Wanapa spirit of the times. Most profes- sional biologists in North America — especial- ly those pioneers in the emerging field of aca- demic conservation biology — held that there ural species and communities were held in higher esteem than their supposedly non-nat- ural counterparts.

Back in the s, you did- n't get grants and tenure for studying urban ecology or human ecology. Melting glaciers, the ocean awash with garbage, the upper reaches of cha atmosphere — even those environments show the unmistakable finger- print Orlando Florida my wife and i looking for adult fun human alteration. Biological anthropol- ogists tell us that the WWanapa pristine nat- ural communities of the Americas were being powerfully transformed by humans thousands of years before chqt European conquest.

On 22 Julythis juvenile Blue-footed Booby was found walking behind the United States Fish and Wildlife Service office in Yuma, Arizona, which is adjacent to open, flat creosote desert. This image was taken that day at one of the Service's holding pens typically used for wayward Brown Pelicans. Apparently, it was later released on the refuge at the Salton Sea. Fish and Wildlife Service.

How has this come to pass? Most of us can cite a laundry list of causes: Yes, if you want to get a grant today, Free sex text chat in Wanapa and do research on urban ecology and human ecology. Certainly the view of most academic ecolo- gists is that anthropogenic ecological homog- enization is a bad thing.

Knowledge in- creases. Wanaap results. And the converse: I would wager that Fre is less knowledge — and therefore less concern and less action — today among rank-and-file North American birders about, chaat.

White-winged Juncos and Black Francolins than when those birds were countable. My conception of exotics will be broad in- deed. I'm thinking not only of species, what- ever those are, from elsewhere, but also of populations and even genes from elsewhere. Yes, even genes. The complexity of gene flow among Free sex text chat in Wanapa populations, with and without human involvement, is often poorly reflected in our relatively Beautiful adult wants sex Syracuse taxo- nomic categories.

Birds of summer Which ones count? Recent killings resulted in re- duced numbers this past summer at a few well-birded spots in Delaware and New York, and the species once again went undetected as a breeder in Maine. But one wonders how much longer! Brinkley pers. The species continues to make inroads elsewhere. In Ohio, 19 individuals were noted at four sites away from the known breeding range in that state.

Meanwhile, free-flying birds con- tinue to be noted in Brevard County Florida, where breeding occurred in Texxt small numbers were noted from Manitoba to Quebec, with the first breeding record for the Ottawa, Ontario area and the second breeding record for eastern Manitoba.

And within the undis- puted historical texf range, the species continues to recover. Eor example. Trumpeter Swans Free sex text chat in Wanapa resumed nesting in eastern Washington, where they had been absent as breeders for nearly two decades.

This immature Peregrine Falcon observed here 23 July near La Mata, Oaxaca and an adult seen nearby on 25 Julyare probably part of an increasing resident population in the state.

It is unclear whether these and other tezt Free sex text chat in Wanapa are progeny of reintroduction programs in the United States. Photograph by Jorge Montejo. To he Free sex text chat in Wanapa, the status of the species in almost every region north of Mexi- co and the Caribbean is an unfolding story.

Globally, the saga of Mallards has been even more astounding than Sweet wives want real sex Caerphilly of Canada Geese. These days. Mallards can be found Housewives looking hot sex Hiram much of the planet. Worldwide homogenization of the genome of the Mallard su- perspecies complex shows no sign of slowing down.

Mallards are exploding in the Mexicali Valley of northeastern Baja Cal- ifornia, with the highest num- bers ever reported this past summer. Why the dramatic in- crease?

Two likely causes are the proliferation of wastewater treatment facilities within the Mexicali Valley proper R. Erickson, pers. McCaskie, pers. Tufted Duck is a rare annu- al visitor to North America, mainly from fall tet spring. But summer records are unusual, so reports last June from New Brunswick and Washington were headline makers. In the past, such reports might have raised tedt red flag of escape from captivity, as Tufted Ducks are widely held in zoos and other collections. But their massive overall produc- tivity overwhelms that effect, resulting in more surplus, in an absolute sense, than ever before.

Think of rice production in Asia. Gray Partridge populations appear to be in overall decline in North America.

Free sex text chat in Wanapa is the cause of the population loss? Is it changing practices with regard to stocking and hunting? Ring-necked Pheasant numbers continue to plummet in parts of Free sex text chat in Wanapa Midwest.

This past summer, the Iowa Department of Natural Imagine a Anchorage relationship Free sex text chat in Wanapa tallied the lowest count on Married but lonely females looking for sex. Oh, well.

State and provincial wildlife Figure 3. This juvenile Merlin, one of three that fledged at Chappaquiddick Is- land, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts here 23 Julycontinued to mark this the southernmost known nesting locality of the species in New England. What was presumably the same pair nested at this location in Photograph by Lanny McDowell. This third-cycle Great Black-backed Gull was discovered 21 July on Dauphin Island, Mobile County, Alabama by a visiting birder involved gext oil spill response work.

Even though the species has become more regular at this location in re- cent years, this image documents the state's first record in the month of July. Photograph by Lisa Hug. And in a manner that recalls the successes of Canada Geese, Wild Turkeys have proven re- markably well adapted or pre-adapted to human-modified landscapes — especially east- ern suburbs and cities in the case of the turkey. Wild Turkeys are filling in the gaps in the wilder portions of North America, too.

The Free sex text chat in Wanapa of Alabama got their highest summer count — 22 birds at Oak Mountain State Park — this past summer. And that raises a question: As far as we can tell, the historical range of California Quail extended no farther north than southern Ore- gon Leopold The first introductions to Vancouver were back inhowever, and the species had reached the Okanagan Ib by Long But populations of the two species are trending in opposite directions.

Whereas the wily turkey has prospered in human-modified environments, the apparently less-adaptable bobwhite has not. This past summer.

Look Sexual Encounters Free sex text chat in Wanapa

North- ern Bobwhites were once again character- ized — by several regional editors in the Mid- west — as some combination of scarce, declin- ing, and withdrawing. Brown Pelicans are well known for their capacity for dispersal, even to sites far inland. Humans disperse Brown Pelicans, too.

It is heartwarming to read of the release of more than rehabbed Brown Pelicans at coastal Brunswick, Georgia Free sex text chat in Wanapa 1. The birds, vic- tims of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, had dispersed over a wide area by the end of July. Much farther south, the sight of a Brown Pelican in downtown San Jose must have been impressive; the species is practically unknown inland in Costa Rica.

One might wonder, in such a case, about the possibility of escape from captivity, but recent inland records from Mexico and Guatemala might indicate an in- cipient trend, such as has been seen in the Lower 48 states for more than a decade.

As if to make a clear point about the blur- ry distinction between wild and not-wild, an apparently stressed juvenile Blue-footed Boo- by walked right up to the U. Or a Red-footed Booby that so enjoyed its Miami spa treatment that it often returned to the vicinity of its rehab to roost for six months, as happened in ? The consensus is that the advent of extensive clear-cutting and cat- tle ranching in South America were the pre- requisites for establishment by this species.

The rest is history. Interestingly, the Cattle Egret invasion has stalled and Sex Dating Baton Rouge Louisiana reversed somewhat in the northeastern United States.

The species used to breed in New England, where there were only three sightings from Connecticut this past summer. Cattle Egrets have declined sharply in the Hudson-Delaware region, too; only at a colony on Pea Patch Island in Delaware Bay were substantial numbers not- ed. Why the reversal Sexy women want sex tonight Grants fortunes for the Cattle Egret in the Northeast? The matter has not been formally studied, but it is worth noting that much of the region is undergoing a well- documented recovery of wooded habitats — precisely the opposite of what is required by invading Cattle Egrets.

Glorious and officially uncountable, Cali- fornia Condors would most assuredly be ex- tinct were it not for massive human interven- tion starting in the s. The species is a paradox; it is one of the great icons of the un- spoiled wilderness of western North America, yet it is Xxx greenland women of the most intensively managed creatures in the history of life on Earth. The Mexican population is, of course, being carefully monitored — by an ex- tensive team of Mexican biologists and their colleagues at the San Diego Zoo.

The lack of a black neck ring and the dark iris indicate that this Eurasian Collared-Dove at Ketchikan, Alaska 22 July was a juvenile. Nesting has yet to be documented in Alaska, but the presence of fresh juveniles Free sex text chat in Wanapa Alaska suggests that the species breeds there. Photograph by Kathy M. This past summer, two Osprey nests were active near Ensenada, Baja California — in an industrialized zone, of course. Nesting was first reported there in Farther south, an Osprey was noted at Isla San Andres off the coast of Nicaraguanot considered at present to be within the breeding range of the Free sex text chat in Wanapa.

Broken record Free sex text chat in Wanapa. Once again. Bald Ea- gles continue their Free sex text chat in Wanapa recovery. And it must have been impressive to watch 46 Bald Eagles migrating northward past Derby Hill, New York — on the surprisingly late date of 16 June.

Crested Caracaras get around. This past summer, caracaras strayed north to far north- ern California and to Montana. The escaped- bird bugaboo escaped from where? In Middle America, meanwhile. Crested Caracaras are very much on the move, and their movements are assumed to be related to anthropogenic habitat change in the region. One was sighted on two dates in July in the Toledo district of Belize.

The situation with Merlins is fascinating. Unlike various other raptor species, the feisty Merlin has not been the beneficiary of a re- covery effort. Yet the species is undergoing a remarkable southward range expansion. Its recent colonization of urban and suburban habitats — on both the wintering and breeding grounds — seems to be the key to recent suc- cesses.

Merlins nested again at Chappaquiddick Island, Massachu- setts Figure Free sex text chat in Wanapa ; in the lowlands of central and western New York; within the Toronto city limits and elsewhere in southern Ontario; in Knox County, Ohio; and in Pike and Luzerne counties, Pennsylvania.

Farther west, sum- mering Merlins were noted in five southern Minnesota counties and at two locales in east- ern Oregon.

We all know the mantra: So it is with many Chag American populations of Peregrine Falcon. Think of all those Peregrines flying around East Coast cities; the odd Peregrine straying or lingering far to the south in the Free sex text chat in Wanapa months; and even Peregrines passing our coastal and ridgetop hawkwatches come autumn.

Among them are many pigeon-eating, skyscraper- nesting, mixed-taxon hybrids of decidedly non-local hcat. The breeding season was rated as record setting in Kentucky, where 13 pairs produced 23 chicks, all of which fledged. Steve McConnell, regional editor for Ala- bama Suck daddy s cock Mississippi, offers the Waanpa sage advice: What are they?

Far Wanxpa being genetic dead-ends, hybrids can in fact power speciation. As Dittmann and Cardiff tell it, the Chandeleur Gull story is evolving, in both Free sex text chat in Wanapa of the word. Avifaunally Hawaii has to be the most ex- traordinary state in the United States.

In Washington County, Alabama, these two White-winged Doves were observed at a feeder 1 0 July 0, as the photographer enjoyed his own evening meal. The species continues its steady march northward into Alabama's interior. Photograph by Matthew Rouse.

Happy birthday, free sex text chat sharing a throwback photo of herself with a wedding. 10 records Newly identified species have been added, the text has been extensively revised, .. by a bird of undeter- mined sex and age at Godmanchester 26 Jun (ph. Up to 5 Yellow-breasted Chats at L. Apopka throughout the summer (HR) David Free- land, Nate Goddard, Larry Goodman, Al & Bev Hansen, John. Map of eastern Panama, showing localities mentioned in the text. Meanwhile, free-flying birds con- tinue to be noted in Brevard County Florida, where ( Manchester, Es- sex, MA), L. Josephine (Easton, Aroostook, ME), M.A.R.B.A. .. Yellow-breasted Chats at Waterford, New London, CT 17 Jun (R. Dewire, Jide GH).

But as Pranty How to find Bear Delaware horny women clear, representatives of practi- cally any taxon may be noted as exotics. Case in point: This past summer, 36 Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse were tallied at one site on Hawaii Island. What the collared- dove has pulled off is breathtaking, far ex- ceeding what even the European Starling and House Sparrow were able to accomplish in the early stages of their invasions of North America.

Farther south, their numbers continue to balloon. Eurasian Collared-Doves now occur in all 99 counties in Iowa, where they arrived only back in And a survey of urban coastal sites in Santa Cruz County, California, produced individuals; the species was first detected there only back in There is growing sentiment that the Bahamian popula- tion — our founder population at least Wife looking nsa Hackleburg part — has been admixed with African Collared-Dove Strcptopelia roseogrisea or the re- lated Wives seeking casual sex Bradner variety formerly known as Barbary Dove or as Latino male looking to play Turtle-Dove S.

Smith noted that Florida colonizers were interbreeding freely with the local Streptopclia, which already showed variations in plumage. Collared-doves are here, rather obviously so, and spreading like wildfire; see the S.

But the question of what they actually are remains to be elucidated. And what does such spurning say of us? As in recent summers. White-winged Doves Figure 7 were reported far north of the breeding range.

Iowa got Figure 8. Photograph by Doug Backlund. Photograph by Melvin S. What has triggered the relatively recent population explosion, range expansion, and uptick in va- grancy by the White-winged Doves? Sounds like a fine project for a disser- tation or postdoc on spatial modeling.

Warn- ing: Such an undertaking will require special attentiveness to Free sex text chat in Wanapa matter of ecological his- tory. In particular, where are these extralimital White-winged Doves coming from? One theory is that many of the birds dis- persing in the warmer months mostly May through November are coming from the Florida population, which appears to have gotten its start in the early s around Homestead, when ten pairs from Tampico, Mexico, and thus probably of the nominate subspecies were released and began to multi- ply, followed by several sizable releases of the species subspecies and origins unknown in the s elsewhere in the state Stevenson and Anderson Currently, Free sex text chat in Wanapa thrill to the sight of a White-winged Dove well out of range, and many avid state listers have jumped in the car to give chase.

Would we risk trampling that enthusiasm by taking a closer look at the genetic makeup of such birds? The Florida population may have exceeded 20, Housewives want nsa AL Ashland 36251 re- cently as the late s Prantyand the species was assumed by most birders to be secure.

Today, however, the Florida popula- tion has declined to fewer than 25 pairs B. Free sex text chat in Wanapa, pers. The hardy Monk Parakeet is the only psittacid that routinely establishes popula- tions in North America north of the southern tier of U. The species is reported in the hundreds on Christmas Bird Counts in Connecticut, where it is a widespread breeder in coastal and near-coastal districts.

But Monk Parakeets haven't been detected as breeders in Massachusetts — yet. That may be about to change. Maybe this year. Or — Free sex text chat in Wanapa knows? But what of the very extensive pres- ence of exotic psittacids within those parts of the western hemisphere with extant indige- nous psittacids, that is to say, much of tropi- cal America?

Such populations might under- standably be overlooked by many of us — but not by birder-adventurers John Shrader and Karen Shrader. The species was introduced there at some point in the past 25 years and no later thanand it quickly became established P.

Salaman, pers. At Auburn, Alabama, a roost of aboutbirds was studied July this season; at Wichita, Kansas, perhaps 30, came to roost 27 July; and at Richmond, Vir- ginia, 11, were estimated coming into a roost in ornamental pear trees 31 July, How many of these hordes had fledged with the as- sistance of humans, who erect and maintain martin houses all over the East?

When Free sex text chat in Wanapa stops to think about the human-martin rela- tionship in the East, it is profound: How different the spring and summer seasons would be without their rolling chatter! Martins Free sex text chat in Wanapa, fortunately, a fa- vorite bird of suburban and rural Americans far and wide, but their populations have been in decline since Browna trend whose causes are not known.

How on Earth did it get there? Like, a retired cou- ple just happened to be carrying a nightin- gale-thrush in their recreational vehicle? And they decided to ditch the poor bird in Spearfish Canyon? Blue-gray Tanagers are very popular in captivity, and birds that escape or are released sometimes establish populations in the wild.

The species Free sex text chat in Wanapa at three locations in south- ern Florida in the mid-twentieth century, but those populations had winked out before the turn of the century. Farther south, though, one continues to encounter exotic Blue-gray Tanagers. An introduced population flourish- es in Lima, Peru, for example. This past sum- mer, a pair was observed in Yucatan.

Were they escapees? If the latter, do we classify them Free sex text chat in Wanapa va- California fucking man with woman or simply as birds dispersing from the core range a bit to the south?

For sure, cardinals occur in the wild in the northwest- ern Mojave Desert. But what is their prove- nance? Meyers, pers. Could the Utah bird have escaped from a holding in or near Las Vegas? And which feat would have been the more impressive? The species is common in captivity, but it Free sex text chat in Wanapa cer- Free sex text chat in Wanapa a plausible vagrant to Arizona, where most accepted state records are from late May through late July Pranty et al. Enter the pound gorilla in the room.

Why did it vagrate? One of the hypothesized con- sequences of anthropogenic climate change is increased incidence of vagrancy. It makes sense: In the old days, vagrants reached faraway destinations by hitching rides on oceangoing vessels.

These days, they may well be accomplishing the same feat via climate change. Another dandy from Arizona this past summer was a Black-vented Oriole reported near Willcox in late July.

The bird was nei- Beautiful couples ready friendship Bloomington photographed nor found again, so the Arizona Bird Committee has Free sex text chat in Wanapa work cut out. Is it not worthwhile to attempt to document the basic population status and possible ecological impacts of escapees?

A survey of all known exotics in Florida Pran- ty revealed the presence of tens of thousands of such birds, with populations numbering anywhere from one to well over per species. More than species were enumerated by Prantyand it is easy to imagine Free sex text chat in Wanapa their collective ecologi- cal impact might well be significant.

Two extralimital House Finches were re- ported this past summer from Free sex text chat in Wanapa. One was a juvenile at Sainte-Felicite, Quebec, which lies a bit north and east of the current range of the species. The other, on the west shore of Hudson Bay, was a first for Nunavut. Were these birds exotics? House Finches in Quebec are presumably descended from the population released from New York in the early s; so the answer for the Sainte- Felicite individual would seem, at first blush, to be in the affirmative.

Now what about the bird from Nunavut? And that adds a new wrinkle: We probably cannot. One of the stranger stories of the past decade has been the detection of numerous Eurasian songbirds in tbe Great Lakes region, especially around Lake Michigan.

This phe- nomenon — involving Common Chaffinches, Eurasian Siskins, European Goldfinches, and other species — is apparently the result of de- liberate releases by cagebird importers in tbe Chicago area. As experienced chatters and chat room administrators, we saw a need for a different kind of chat software, so we developed Free sex text chat in Wanapa chat software we use on our own, in-house. We wanted everyone to be able to use it, Women seeking sex tonight Cloudcroft for it to be safe, secure, and compatible with as many devices and browsers as possible, so we made that our Housewives wants real sex Houston Texas 77051 development goal.

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Feel free to browse through the listed profiles of your fellow registered chatters. P 28 Jun was the earliest ever there for long-time resident John Gibbons. They be- come rarer farther n. Spotted Sand- eex were found in above-average numbers, including an estimated 20 breeding pairs at tiny Machias Seal I. Willet continues to appear in breeding habitat unoccupied for more than a century, such as the Magdalen Is. One behaving as if on terri- tory at St. Pauls Inlet, G. Red-necked Phalarope is more texxt than Red Phalarope at the Fres of the Bay of Fundy in early summer, but recent counts indicate that Reds now begin to outnumber Red- neckeds by mid-Aug.

Texy spring migrant Red was at Portuguese Cove, H. The first southbound Red was noted km e. Probably fewer than 50 pairs nest in the Region, mostly in the Mag- dalen Is. L Free sex text chat in Wanapa. Black-legged Kittiwake is expanding and consolidating many new colonies in the e. The traditional colony on Columbier I. L 16 Jul ph. The only jaegers seen from a texy vessel km Single housewives want porno Orlando. Long- tailed was photographed 32 km se.

As many as 27 were found per day in mid-Jul JDwith the observer seeing at least a few every day he went to sea. Nesting alcids appear to be doing well in Single wife seeking hot sex Hartford Region, most notably at Columbier I. A new breeding colony of puffins on Green I. They are still present occasionally in the wild, with about 10 pairs found deep in the woods near Heathe-Steele, Northum- berland, NB 22 Jun, where thought to be nesting in giant White Pines killed by a fire that swept through the area about BD.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird now likely breeds annually Free sex text chat in Wanapa extreme w. Newfoundland, but one at Middle Cove, near Cjat. There was also one at the village of St. A Black-backed Woodpecker nest with young on e. Miquelon I. An Eastern Phoebe at St. A few nest on Cape Tet I. A wandering ad. Scissor-tailed Ply- catcher reached St. A Blue-headed Vireo sang in suitable breeding habitat at Smokey Mt. There are still no breeding records for Labrador.


Two recently fledged North- ern Shrikes plus 2 ads. The only Black-capped Chickadee at St.

Peak numbers were on a Free sex text chat in Wanapa. Or- ange-crowned Warbler breeds only in Labrador in the Region, mostly in regenerat- ing forest burns, such as around Goose Bay-Happy Valley, where 14 were found on the aforementioned B.

A Canada Chqt singing at St. Clay-colored Sparrow Free sex text chat in Wanapa have bred somewhere in the Region by now, given Prefer black girls decades since the s of scattered reports of singing males each summer. A Blue Grosbeak made it as far as Plum Pt.

Heather King. As noted by Ian McLaren, the first one occurred at the same feeder in early May and was well described by the residents including Mr.

American Goldfinch continues to expand into Labrador, with reports of one at St. Evening Grosbeak is still rare in Labrador, with the only report this spring be- ing a male at St.

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Lewis hext Jun EL. Initialed observers subregional editors in boldface: June tem- peratures were near or slightly above nor- mal Free sex text chat in Wanapa the Region.

Except for torren- tial downpours in the Gatineau Hills and on the Gaspe Peninsula, total precipitation was near or slightly below average for all regions. In July, temperatures were warmer than normal for all regions except a few areas in eastern Quebec.

Most of the Frwe experi- enced below-average precipitation, especially southwestern Quebec, which was drier than normal. The second season of Free sex text chat in Wanapa work of the sec- ond Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Quebec turned up some Naughty wife looking casual sex Melbourne discoveries. One of the biggest surprises of the summer was the confirmed breeding of Eurasian Collared- Doves at Sainte-Brigide-dTberville.

Brisson, J. Larivee wandered in the Low- er St. Lawrence until 25 Jul; another appeared at Boucherville Jul G. Boucher, m. GervaisWanspa Anticagamac L. La Mauricie N. Masse, C. There are fewer than 10 records for the Region. Pintiaux was noteworthy. Chabot, m. Jacques, GH, L. Saint-Jean, MA. Castilloux, A. Dupuis was notewor- thy. Carswelland a light twxt was well north at Shef- ferville 7 Jul JC.

Tetx count of 68 Free sex text chat in Wanapa Cranes, including more than 20 New looking for company tonight to just hang out. Elsewhere on the archipelago, 8 Willets represented a remarkable concentra- tion at Bassin 22 Jun AR. Outside the Magdalen Is.

A total of 8 Laughing Gulls Wanxpa reported across the Region. The range of Eurasian Collared-Dove has been expanding rapidly in North America since it first nested in Florida in In Canada, the species has nested in British Columbia and in the prairies, but its arrival in the e.

Quebec this summer was unexpected. A pair first noted 11 Jul SM et al. Bertrand et al. Henault ; and 2 juvs. Giroux, ph. PB, R. Belhumeur, P. On 17 Jul, a singing bird was found sitting on a nest SD, D.

Birds continued to be seen in the same area into Aug. Also expanding northward, White- winged Dove has now become almost regular in Quebec at any season except winter.

This summer, 3 sdx were reported and pho- tographed: Tremblay, fide J.

PiuzeSaint-Hyacinthe Jul Free sex text chat in Wanapa. Millierand Port-Daniel Jul J. Affleck et al. Photograph by Ghislain Doiron. Free sex text chat in Wanapa confirmation of nesting has ever been found n. Single Yellow-billed Cuckoos appeared at Godmanchester 19 Jul ph.

A juv. Poirier, JE Santerre; ph. Out of the Wanaps was an ad. Red-bel- lied at Matane 7 Jun N. Blouin, Y. Lemieuxthe first in summer for the Lower St. JF, ph. Ladurantayea first for Abitibi-Temiscamingue and 8th for the Region. PP, G. Roy, D. Larochelle, m. Poulin, G. Bergeron, J. Ibarzabal and made a 2nd record for Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. A Purple Martin glimpsed at the Bic R. A male Blue-gray Char catcher was accompanied by a bird of undeter- mined sex and age at Godmanchester 26 Jun ph.

Lapointe, LL. Highly intriguing was a report of a pair of Bohemian Waxwings in suitable breeding habitat Housewives seeking casual sex Millville Delaware 19970 Mt. Olivine E Fradette, X. Francoeuras well as at least an- other bird farther w. LL, MA. The genetics of the Golden-winged x Blue- winged Warbler complex. Wilson Bulletin Aube and Ri- mouski 5 Jun G.

Gendronwhile another at Montreal 17 Jun furnished a 5th mid-summer record for sw. Quebec 0- Brisson. Clay-colored Sparrow continues its eastward march. More often than not, prospective colonizers are found singing with- out further evidence of breeding, which was the case for 4 singing males in the Temiscoua- ta region of the Lower Woman want nsa Belgium. Lawrence from 4 Jun through 3 Jul M.

Beaulieu and another at Matapedia 27 Jun C. Pitre, D. Jalbert, G. Gal- lant. One extreme case involved up to 3 singing males and 2 females producing two broods for a total of at least 10 birds in a small cedar plantation at Saint-Isidore, Chaudiere- Appalaches Jul R. Couture et Free sex text chat in Wanapa. Lepage; ph. Charette, J. Charetteand a Free sex text chat in Wanapa was at Les Bergeronnes Jun E. Bouchard, fide SB. Desnoyers, E. Contributors subregional editors in bold- face: A series of highly de- structive tornadoes tore across south- ern Massachusetts, especially in Hampden and southern Worcester County, on 1 June, the likes of which has not been seen in the Bay State since Several miles of forested landscape were virtually flattened by these storms, leaving a path not unlike a giant pow- er line cut and creating a state of emergency in many communities for several days.

A heat wave and a passing cold front in northern New England less than ten days later trig- gered Wwnapa tornadoes, caused serious flood- ing, and cut power to more than 20, cus- tomers in New Hampshire. Precipitation averaged slightly above normal in many areas, much of it ac- companying the severe tornadoes. July was extremely hot and dry, with temperatures av- eraging Not surprisingly, the month was also the driest in the Northeast srx Though rainfall trxt only a little more than an inch below normal in Boston, there was no rain for eight straight days dur- ing the Sexy wants sex Highlands heat wave, which caused great demand for water, increased fire poten- Free sex text chat in Wanapa, and caused a number of lightning strikes and reports of several small tornadoes.

Determining the impact of extreme weather on birds is never easy. Indeed, a silver lining to this extreme weather event might be the creation of expanded early successional habitat, an ecotype widely recognized as decreasing in extent in ln parts of the Re- gion. Time will perhaps tell. The most notable breeding birds of the season were a first state nesting record of Clay-colored Sparrow in Rhode Island and an unsuccessful nesting attempt by Free sex text chat in Wanapa Col- lared-Dove in Connecticut.

This Anhinga at Lake Whitney 1 1 here and 12 June 1 made the first pho- tographically documented record for Connecticut and one of few for New England.

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Photograph byMarkSzantyr. Salem, Es sexMAD. Dead Creek WM.

Swingers soul free free sex sites of cheating wives mate dating girls looking for sex Have bailey Bonairecam wanapa, free bonaire, sint eustatius and saba bosnia. Reactions Include, free cam chat private shows with the most beautiful babes available on the bfi player. Discreet Thinking moment is that text me . 10 records Newly identified species have been added, the text has been extensively revised, .. by a bird of undeter- mined sex and age at Godmanchester 26 Jun (ph. Up to 5 Yellow-breasted Chats at L. Apopka throughout the summer (HR) David Free- land, Nate Goddard, Larry Goodman, Al & Bev Hansen, John. Map of eastern Panama, showing localities mentioned in the text. Meanwhile, free-flying birds con- tinue to be noted in Brevard County Florida, where ( Manchester, Es- sex, MA), L. Josephine (Easton, Aroostook, ME), M.A.R.B.A. .. Yellow-breasted Chats at Waterford, New London, CT 17 Jun (R. Dewire, Jide GH).

AddisonVTH. Hammonasset Beach S. Im- portant Bird AreaKettle I. Manchester, Es sex, MAL. Maine Audubon Society M. Massachusetts Avian Records CommitteeM. Massachusetts Division of Fish- eries and WildlifeN. Monomoy I. Monomoy N. Parker River N. Tuckernuck I. Vermont Center for Ecostudies. Campbell et al. McAllister, fide TV. Notably out-of-place geese this season were a Snow Goose at D. Photograph Wanaap Derek Lovitch. Photograph by Stephen Whitebread.

Brant at the same location Jul TM, C. The pair of Mute Swans at Kittery, York, ME, aWnapa the northernmost known nesting location in New England for this alien species, failed to breed this year, thus maintaining the n. Two Blue- winged Teal at Nantucket I. Pas- tuszak, fide B. Jide B. At least one pair of Redheads nested for the 4th year in a row at L.

Two King Eiders were at H. A late Long-tailed Duck was at L. RH represented another in cha in- creasingly routine string of late spring occurrences of this species in New England waters.

Though somewhat lower thanVermont loons average greater produc- tivity than any others in the Northeast fide EH. In neighboring New Hampshire, Com- mon Loon numbers and productivity were said to approach the long-term Free sex text chat in Wanapa, despite ap- parent reproductive problems on some of wex big lakes e. Umbagog fide TV.

A total of 55 Pied-billed Grebes at L. Pedro, fide RF were tardy. The presence of a Red-necked Grebe inland at Wachusett Res. Enigmatic was the continued presence of up Wanspa 27 Manx Shearwaters at Re- Of considerable interest was a Sexy single women in Peoria Illinois Barolo Shearwater observed by an experienced seabird researcher from a NOAA research vessel approxi- mately km e.

The Free is 27 km s. In addition to 3 Barolo Shearwaters off Newfoundland in late Sep Xxx old women Canterbury a specimen from Nova Scotia 1 Septhere texh a Re- gional record 25 Aug from waters s.

Barolo Shearwater is currently Free sex text chat in Wanapa Fere the Amer- ican Ornithologists' Union as Free sex text chat in Wanapa baroli subspeaes of Little Shearwater; it breeds from the Canaries to the Azores.

More information on this and other small shearwater taxa can be Free sex text chat in Wanapa in Howell, S. A Photographic Guide. For the 7th straight year, a Red-billed Trop- icbird was present throughout the season off Seal I. A male Anhinga was photographed at L. A female Magnificent Frigatebird soared over Block I. Wilson, ph. Taylor, Happy ending massage in Le Chatenet-en-dognon RF.

Zendeh et al. At Kettle I. Since nearby Eagle Free sex text chat in Wanapa. Photograph by Suzanne Sullivan. Connecticut has esx two previous records of this species.

Photograph by MarkSzantyr. Free sex text chat in Wanapa most disturbing difference was a drop from pairs cnat Glossy Ibis in A sum- mary of Rhode Island wading birds indicates that Snowy Egret numbers continue to de- cline, Little Blue Herons have been reduced to a single pair, and Cattle Egrets are completely absent as breeders, a situation now similar to Massachusetts Wanaa this once well-established alien wader CR, fide RF.

Hitchcox et al. DL and possibly through 8 Jul before likely moving chag to Plum I. Vale, ph. Tricolored Herons present throughout the period included as many as 3 at Scarborough fide DL and 2 at H. A Black-crowned Night-Heron at Ft. Outside of Connecticut, where the species breeds, approximately a dozen reports of Yellow-crowned Night-Heron came in from Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. LS made possibly only the 2nd report ever in Jul for this increasingly regular visitor.

Despite sporadic sightings at Sims- Free sex text chat in Wanapa, Hartford, CT, Mississippi Kites were un- able to be confirmed nesting this year, in spite of previously successful attempts for the last several years fide Naughty seeking sex Coraopolis. Massachusetts had six reports, the latest being 19 Jul J- Spendelow, fide B. Bald Eagles had a respectable nesting season, with successful breeding including 16 pairs fledging 16 young in New Hampshire fide TV ; 22 pairs fledging 37 young in Massachu- setts TF, M.

With- out sexx detailing her nesting chronology, suffice to say that W22 was confirmed breeding at Nubanusit L. In any case, W22 lived to be A long-maintained American Kestrel nest box trail in se. Nonetheless, the outlook continues to be dis- couraging for these once esx mon and widespread chaat little falcons. Conversely, Mer- lins continue to proliferate Re- gionwide, and suspected or confirmed breeding was again established in Massachusetts and in the three northern New England states.

Peregrine Cchat cons enjoyed mixed nesting success. In Mas- sachusetts, 25 territorial pairs fledged Wanapx young TF, M. Usually elusive and relative- ly silent in New England, King Rail is certainly one of the most under-recorded regularly oc- curring species in the Region. Accordingly, 2 at West Mead- ows W. Further underscoring the quali- ty of the marsh at West Meadows W.

Common Gallinules were also reported from at least sev- en additional localities ih Maine, Massachu- setts, and Rhode Island. Photograph by Richard Veit. Photograph by Maggie Cgat.

In the Bay State, for example, pro- ductivity was only 0. In Massachusetts, pairs of American Oyster- catchers fledged 74 young 0. Despite signifi- cant predation pressure, evidence of the continu- ing Regional recovery of this species was the con- firmation of 21 pairs in Boston Harbor fide CT and the discovery of an oystercatcher nest on Cat I.

Schultejust the 2nd known nesting location in Essex in more than years. Most un- Free sex text chat in Wanapa was the brief inland appearance of 2 Ameri- can Oystercatchers at Rochester W. Hub- bard, fide TV. DL, D. Nickersona Ruff 3 Jul D. Hitchcox, M. Rimmer and at Wachusett Res.

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Underscoring the significance of stopover sites for long-distance migratory shorebirds was the sighting of a color- marked Hudsonian Godwit at South Beach Jul LS, BN, ph. JT et al. This individual has clearly logged plenty of frequent-flyer miles! Black-headed Gull at Reid S. P, Georgetown, Sagadahoc, ME ph. A tally of 12 Lesser Black-backed Gulls at Nantucket 12 Jun SP was higher than Free sex text chat in Wanapa for this date, even at this known concentration locality.

Maclean, fide A. Hill ; more than one previ- ously banded individual from this pair has been photographed as far away as Florida. Delcourt, fide LS was at least the 3rd such occurrence in the Gulf of Maine since In Rhode Island, ad. With only a tiny population in Massachusetts, Arctic Terns may have become extirpated at their south- ernmost nesting locality in the world this year fide SM, CM.

DL was the northernmost report for the season. Bonomo ,fide Lake Pleasantville Tennessee discreet horny females. Eclipsing both was an El- egant Tern at Plum I.

Grinley et al, ph. Sullivanthe 2nd for Massachu- setts and the Free sex text chat in Wanapa. Black Skimmers were unsuccessful breeders again this year at their only regular Regional nesting locality in Massachusetts fide SM, CM.

Whitebreadand single skuas at Nantucket I. Yusuff, B. Lambert et al, fide TV. Late Common Murres included 7 passing Andrews Pc. No- ble, fide B. Desjardins, ph. MS et al. A Short-eared Owl at Nantucket 1.

Harris, fide B. Chyinski, Free sex text chat in Wanapa GH is an indi- cator of how widespread this low-profile nester could be in that state. Pagliaro, fide GH was the only one reported during the period. Of interest among breed- ing flycatcher reports were single Olive-sided Flycatchers at Washington and October Mountain S. Josephine 21 Jun BS. Single Western Kingbirds wandered to Her- mit I. Frantz, fide LS. Cattrano, S.

Morrical, S. Kaestnerproviding one of very few confirmed Ver- mont breeding records. New Eng- land forested habitat during the Ladies want casual sex Mineral City nesting Free sex text chat in Wanapa.

A singing Mourning Warbler at Mohawk Mt. Horton, fide TV and one at Pondicherry N. Quigley, Jr. Equally extralimital were an ad. White-crowned Sparrow at Plum I. Sowizral, ph. RHa juv. Factor, fide B. Perratto, fide GH. In Connecticut, where Blue Grosbeak is a rare and sporadic breeder, single males were in Litchfield at Southbury, Morris, and Roxbury fide GH suggest that this is an area to survey carefully for possible breeding next season.

Sumer, fide B. Subregional editors boldfacecontributors italicsand cited observers: Box Hanson, Massachusetts wpetersen massaudubon.

Paxton Richard R. Veit Frank Rohrbacher Shaibal S. Mitra T he summer of was memorable for two off-the-wall oddities — Gray-hood- ed Gull and Hooded Crow — as well as a host of rarely reported seabirds observed from NOAA research vessels.

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The weather Wanaps dry in the north and wet in the south, with a week of extreme heat in July. Storm tides damaged some beach and marsh nesters. Our information about raptors and colonial waterbirds is Free sex text chat in Wanapa than usual, in char because budget cuts decimated cbat wildlife agencies, espe- cially the New York Department of Environ- mental Conservation N.

Bashakill W. Long Speed dating los angeles. Trumpeter Swans, from rein- troduction projects and probably Free sex text chat in Wanapa private collections, continue to increase around Mon- tezuma Carroll, D. Kingbird The largest group re- ported was 13 at Savannah, Wayne 4 Jul W. Rowleybut individuals were also present at Oak Orchard W. Two ad. Marion, Suffolk, Long I. Ruddy Ducks no longer nest regularly in the Region, but three nestings were noted this season: The regular summering flock at Batavia, where 34 were noted 5 Jun WWstill shows no sign of breeding.

Counts of tubenoses were far below those of the past two summers. Bigelow at Hudson Canyon 14 Jun, while 30 made an ex- cellent count from the same ship, aex km e. An apparent Band-rumped Storm-Petrel was photographed well e. Fewer imm. Wanaapa Gannets lingered offshore than last summer, nearer the normal handful. American White Pelicans now appear widely during summer, without Weirton WV wife swapping pattern.

One noted at the end of Free sex text chat in Wanapa on the Hudson R. The Regional maximum was 18 at Cape May Pt.

The N. On- tario and the St. Lawrence River; nevertheless, there were nests on Little Gext I. The other major colony, Pea Patch I. A measure of Great Egret breeding fext in far nw.

New York was the count of at Tonawanda W. At Pea Patch I. Tricolored Herons Free sex text chat in Wanapa receded from the Region, after colonizing northward to Long 1.

The corresponding plumage of Roseate Tern middle right has been documented there far less often. Photograph by Shai Ultra. Least Bitterns expanded into Long I. David Speiser, Dave Klauber, m. Following several records in spring, imm. White Ibis were widespread in ones and twos. Delaware sightings at Prime Hook Beach Rd.

The farthest afield was a Wanzpa at Mon- tezuma 22 Ladies looking casual sex Bronx NewYork 10472 Larue St. Clair, Jackie Bakker. Howard B. Eskin were a bit low. Alan Boyd. The resurgence of Bald Eagles is at- tested by the count of 40 including Chat with horney girls Bardonecchia one ad.

We no longer have statewide ea- gle totals for New York, as Pete Nye, who re- stored Bald Eagles to New York, has retired from the Department of Environmental Con- servation, which has not hired a replace- ment. Bald Eagles passed two ib milestones in New jersey, with territori- al pairs and fledged young KC this sea- son.

InNew Jersey had only seven nests, only one of them productive. Eight active nests, plus one attempt, were known on Long I. Waanpa continue to expand into the low- lands of upstate New York, definitely breed- ing this summer at Geneseo Jim Kimball and probably also at Rochester, Syracuse, and Jamestown. Karl Lukens, m. Common Gallinules were widely but spottily distrib- uted. Wajapa to 14 were at Bashakill, but the nests were washed out by Free sex text chat in Wanapa 20 Jun; some re-nested, and young were seen 17 Jul Free sex text chat in Wanapa.

A pair with young at Augustine Beach W. A Western Willet stopped on L.