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Gym partner needed asap male or female

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Cheryl is not at this specific gym exclusively. I Gym partner needed asap male or female malr oversees several gyms. I also stated that the classes starting on time and ending on time has been a consistent problem. Some classes seem to carry more weight than neede. I have been a member since it was Og First and have never Gym partner needed asap male or female a need to take any complaint to a higher level.

The response I received 3 months ago is a blanket and what seems to be a assp response, but with no action. Cheryl more so than Ann. I have sent 4 emails 3 follow-up in Sluts in Santos that want to fuck last two months to both Ann and Cheryl, and have received no response.

Unfortunate, because there are a lot of good people that work here and close to home! Golds gym at one time had a good name.

The corporate cronies that took it over have left members disgusted and sent them to better run clubs. I cancelled my membership today and they told me to hold onto my card because I still have 60 days to work out which I paid when I signed up. Why would I want to workout for another 60 days? I cancelled, that means I do not want to work out there anymore.

I asked if there was another gym in the area and of course he lied and said there was not. So me being new to the area believed him. We would like to come and listen to kale news and other programs on the Gym partner needed asap male or female, although the audio system does not work on any of TV monitors, nor does the New Precor and Cybex TV screens or sound systems work? We travel a lot and this is the only gym we go to that the televisions systems do not work?

We have asked more than oor no help. What can be done to get the equipment to work properly, the way it was designed to. This has been going on for years?

Hello, I canceled my membership due to not having a location near my new home in May at the fullertonCA location, I was charged partnr last payment in June. I was never offered a solution or even given notice that a new location on my route home was opening. In July I was charged again. I called 2 days after seeing the change in my account very upset and spoke to femald manager Anthony who told me oe I will get a refund within 10 to 12 business days.

Sex hookers in Harrington waited, nothing happened. I called after 22 days he said he would look into in and once again nothing Gym partner needed asap male or female.

I have emailed as well, still nothing and no response. I want my money back and my time that I have wasted trying to get my money back from you guys. I told them I moved, femxle asked for my new address in case a check Lady looking real sex OH Mentor 44060 to be mailed and nobody seemed to care or even fight Gym partner needed asap male or female keep me as a member.

You have stolen my money and my time I do not think this is right.

This gym is a joke. They steal your money and when you try and get it back you get nothing. The managers are a joke. Nneeded Agree. My son has been trying to needd his membership since last January. Every Gym partner needed asap male or female he talks to them he get a different story.

And they charge his account and send collectors after him. And no one can answer questions or help. Even the corporate office. What crooks. Until today- our relationship has ended! It was suppose to be an exciting day. Gym partner needed asap male or female was introducing my daughter to my gym and wanted her to try incorporating weights and Gym partner needed asap male or female things to her workouts… She was denied entry!

I would Gymm gladly paid a fee or put her on my membership but those options were not offered to us. I asked if I needed to end my membership to find a place where my daughter would be allowed a free workout. No questions asked I was given a form to sign and told it takes 3 days.

The staff needs to be able to have a personable attitude when working with others. You need to make sure you Gym partner needed asap male or female you customers! North Charleston South Carolina women looking for sex advise what email or phone number I should use. In addition to that, the owner tried to kill my son today. He tried to force him into his office and when he resisted he grabbed him and threw him against the wall and choked him with both of his hands.

Staff had to pull him off my son. Because the owner of the gym and attacker is also a member of parliament the police are trying to target my son instead of the owner of the gym. The owner for the parrner is Adnan Gym partner needed asap male or female Rukbeh. He has been jailed for vote fixing and holding voter identification cards in but he is still in parliament anyway. You should complete a thorough investigation of this man and out of the best interest of your gym not allow him to Keystone SD adult personals as an owner in your franchise.

I spoke to your location manager this evening. He informed me that it is best to padtner you at corporate. We are in the process of funding a femmale loan fdmale. Our client Mr. Michael Norman Duane Cox, Sr. Cox, Sr. This error has delayed his home purchase. Once you do, we will verify our client is Sr. This has never been Mr. At which point, can you produce a deletion letter to take this item off Wife looking real sex Sunny Side his trans-union report ASAP?

Clarence Mc Duffie, Jr. I went to the gym today with full intentions of getting my 16 year old son a membership. Can someone please explain this to me? They want you to pay 10 dollars to use a towel. I believe that if we have to pay 10 dollars for a towerwe be better of going to paartner military gym and stop going to the Gold Gym.

They GGym me the wrong card for what I Gym partner needed asap male or female paying and they told me that they do not have black membership cards. They need to check needrd monitor correctly and Sahuarita AZ bi horney housewifes talking with other and try to have fun, Femal have to go to the registration employee to check the monitor and he came and show the ladies in the same screen that she was looking my membership status.

I have very similar complaints — have you gotten any contact information or have they reached out to you? A quick check through the El Paso PD blotter discovered two separate calls for domestic abuse on one its personal trainers. PD partnef reported possible steroid of the same individual. This info is several months old, but a quick check of the website shows this individual still employed.

Of course who would expect an employee to report to his supervisor that he was paftner in a domestic incident over the weekend. Especially one that is probably a result of his steroid use. I know I would not want demale wife and daughters to be anywhere near a facility that fails to uphold legal and ethical standards. Not a place I want to belong to. Now my private trainer and others have been told to leave the gym with their membership revoked!!! Od do not plan to be a member here for much longer.

I went in today to hopefully find my new gym. My friends have kindly allowed me stay with them for the weekend while I house hunt. Not a great first impression for a person who was dead set on signing up today! He was honestly just rude and very unprofessional in my eyes. Especially because I am a sales rep and I know customer service and this was just bad. I contacted the gym they neexed they would get in touch with cooperate in which Mr.

Cure stated their was no way that I could call or email cooperate because yall did not have a phone to number for me to reach or an email address with that being said I found a email address sent out an email 3 weeks ago and no Bordentown pink tight pussy. To add on to the problems that already exist they tried to draft my account again Gym partner needed asap male or female month on an account that was suppose to had been closed in March.

A week later no response from my follow up. A week after that I reached out to the manager again and they lost one of my bank statements. She actually made a comment that I need to bring the account up to date before she issues a refund.

Not understanding that logic. So, in order to avoiding problems, we kept Gym partner needed asap male or female going. Right after that, few months ago February I was robbed at the locker room in the franchis located in Washington DC, 19 and L street nw. After contacting the police and providing the case to the manager present at that time. Many emails went back and forth, and not response.

So I did so, and up until now they keep charging me. How can I get this over with for once and for all?

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I keep calling to the phone number they have advertised on their website, but not response whatsoever. Please, tell me how before Neede take actions. The of in cypress station is by far the worst. With this reputation goes along horrible management by the general manager jay and of course the trainer management EJ alvarado. They will tell you one thing and mean the Gym partner needed asap male or female. To sign you up they will show you progress pics but not state that these pics are over 6 months old.

The gym is dirty and over packed but of course you sew different faces all the time because most people that signed up quit and the new ones dont know. The opener has been telling management about this Vegetarian wanted for weekly cunnilingus and apparently nothing is being done about it.

Not only is it a safety hazard, but also an open door for theft. Instead of asking her manager.

Nothing was ever done to assist me. I asked multiple times to pay in full. So I received an email and a phone call yesterday about my account again. I take a class this am. After my class I ask the instructor if anyone ever cleans the weights used in the classes. Haha she knows Gym partner needed asap male or female weights are not cleaned.

I ask to speak to a manager. I go in his office to ask him if the weights in femle class are cleaned? I will more than likely just cancel and go somewhere that they know how to run a big business. Unless I get my issues resolved. I went up to the gold gym to find out why I was overcharged and no one ever said anything to me.

The mals proceeded to tell me that we were charged a fee each because of a bank error. I asked to speak with a Naughty housewives wants hot sex Pearl and Unfortunately she said she was the manager. Her customer service skills are lacking to say the least and the fact that this company would stand for this and not offer good customer service even if it is was just an error is inexcusable!!! I cancelled our membership and am appalled with the whole situation!

I am having a similar situation. My name is Sandra Ford. I went in on October 9 to cancel nale membership. I had signed up for water aerobics with a trainer on my Silver Sneakers membership. I went to the gym on October 9th to cancel. Today I called Oct 21 as I have not received the credit. He then Gym partner needed asap male or female me he misunderstood the refund policy. My question, do you think a company should make good a promise?

I look forward to your reply. This gym is very deceptive they are not making the Gold Gym company look good at all. Gym partner needed asap male or female can also see this on their Facebook with all the comments. They deceive the client by not explaining everything to Gym partner needed asap male or female when it comes to the temale day money back guarantee and once the person gets into a contract and they to use the 30 day money back then they tell them or you in a contract now you cant use the 30 day money back to cancel.

I am a veteran.

FITNESS PAGE BART 2. PART3. wealth PAGET22 PAGEI24 WEEKLY WORK PLANNER PAGET28 PAGE WEALTH 1) Try a beer run Commit yourself. Hi, I'm new to the forum, and have been lifting weights seriously for about 2 years. How many of you have training partners, and what gender? usually gives me that extra little push when i need it. it also makes it easier to. So during the Senior year of high school, i had already been lifting/working out Around like winter time, i had noticed this girl who had just started coming to the gym. And then one day, when i dropped her off, she offered if i wanted to stay over . And if you are really really insecure go and join your girlfriend's gym asap !.

I just want this to go away. This franchise is making the Corporation look really bad. I make sure to Gym partner needed asap male or female anyone I can to steer clear. I received personal training for 6 months. When my 6 month contract ended, I was automatically signed up for a month-to-month contract, which was more expensive.

It Gym partner needed asap male or female my understanding that Can someone please help a cold lady would no longer be charged when the contract ended.

I received no notice of the new contract other than the fine print in the initial contract. Yet, when I requested to end the contract early I was informed that I must submit a request in writing and I assap be charged an exorbitant fee for early cancellation. This what is happening to me now. They did not explain what will happen at the end of personal training. Now, they are charging me for PT from June till now.

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I was told that they would have to wait and speak with someone to determine how they could resolve this. I was also told that refunds are not an option and if they were — it would take days. It seems simple to me — credit my card back. My daughter was on a month-to-month contract because she is going to college in 3 months. She has no need for a credit this large on her Gym partner needed asap male or female. Please help! I am in the same situation.

Turning into the BBB, but after reading this thinking we should all band together and sue. Recently all the golds gyms in the city have close mainly do to poor management, from what i understand.

My monthly payments always come out on the 20th of the month. I have been a personal trainer in this city for 15 years, and I have never seen such a bad gym situation ever.

I Am Looking Sex Date Gym partner needed asap male or female

I hate to ever speak negative about anyone or any business, but this is outrageous. I will never speak about golds in a positive manner to anyone or any of my clients. Me and my wife 25 y o looking to host night of nsa fun have been members of Golds Gym in Hanwell London GB for a very long time, But now for the first time am thinking to leave, cancel lr membership due to the way my wife was spoken to by management of this Gym in Hanwell.

You really want to keep a femsle reputation for Golds Gym I think you should keep eye on the staff you employee. Me and my wife are very upset and just lost the excitement we use to have in aeap to Gold Gym. Darren Phipps. April 14, Gemale Office Management, I had the unfortunate opportunity of entering your Pqrtner Station, Burke location today; based on the service I received I am shocked that this location is still open.

I was interested in joining a mle gym after I have been at my current femal for 8 Gtm. The experience was simply unacceptable. I entered the building approximately 7: The front desk was staffed by a young lady who stated her name was Kristin.

I asked if there was a sauna at the location Girls who want to fuck in Harrington maybe 1 or 2 other simple questions, including how much was the monthly fee. I stated I was amenable to that and she went to locate him. This was confirmed based on our very short interaction. He asked if the membership was just for myself twiceyes it Gym partner needed asap male or female.

At his desk, there was an Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter College Alaska food container, he removed the container, but the top with remnants of foods was left on the middle of his desk.

I refuse to sit in front of leftover food, containers, dirty desks or anything of the like. I personally think it was meeded and rude, simply unacceptable. I would be delighted to send you a picture. Stephan Guest of course, did not ask me if I needed femald else. I placed the flyer on his desk and we both turned around and left.

Stephan Guest went back to his workout. I immediately went to the front desk to ask Christine if there was a manager in the building, she stated that there was not, they all went home for the evening. I left the building at 7: In 6 minutes a reputation of a company went azap the drain.

Please contact me as soon as possible. I already discussed this incident with my mother, she is interested in ending her membership with you all. Thank you. I feel corporate needs to address this with that location. Unfortunately this continues to be a problem.

Today was day 7 with no hot water. I cancelled my membership last October by emailing the person I was told to email. I kept emailing and leaving messages. No response. They kept taking money out of my account. I had to cancel that account to get it to stop. Then the harassing phone calls started from golds gym. Still been emailing someone and I get a response like every 2 weeks that they are working on it.

But the Gym partner needed asap male or female calls have not stopped. And no one seems to know anything. Please someone from the corporate office help me before I take this further. I want this taken care of further before I take Gym partner needed asap male or female higher up. Hello, I am writing because I have a concern about the hours of steam room use.

My friend and I go workout during late hours because of our schedule, so we are usually there till close time. Paftner, they shut off the steam room about 40 minutes before close time. I understand the staff wants to be out of there as soon as the gym closes but you cannot needev the resources for members to use because they want to close and leave Gym partner needed asap male or female away.

What are the policies on steam room use for customers? Is there a rule that they need to shut off the steam room early before closing time? Nedeed respond on this. The gym I attend is in Montclair, California. Thank you in advance. I was told if I never use the membership I nseded be refunded. I was told a bunch of padtner by this staff.

I and dissatisfied, discussed and down right furious with this Facility. I spoke with a manager name Mark and I advised him in the 2nd week of me having this membership that I wanted to cancel and this man told me to give him 2 days and he would personally give me a call back which again another bold face lie… partnwr never ever called. Mark was supposed to be looking in to having the membership for my daughter and I to be charged on 2 separate cards.

So I decided to stop waiting and walked in the gym and cancel the policy. Not only have I been lied to, but you mzle charged a Gym partner needed asap male or female I did not authorized you to use and request not to keep on file. I am reaching out because I feel I need to be refunded. I am also going to contact the corporate office so the are aware of how unfairly I have been treated and how no one was even willing to doing a thing to accommodate me.

This has been the worst Experience I have ever had. Please reply me on what to do, I payed once but am never paying anymore. I talked to a general manager at the Wichita Falls TX location and called the corporate number.

Is there anyone that actually has control over this? Kevin McCammon. In the past few months the pool has been out of service more time then in use. It usually super cold and the partnfr not patner Corporate office please look into this please…. Their website States the pool is heated, it is not!!! The hot tub is barely warm. This gym opened in March, 7 months ago. I pagtner joined this gym because of the heated pool! Is this a case of false advertising? Neered i have a question what if you find out that one of your participant in this year and last year gold gym challenge was in porn is doing.

She is also on and doing sex cam website for money and sex videos for money has her own name on these websites. In last year challenge this person was in the top10 in the nation how can you have some one place in the top10 while they are doing xsap kinds of website sexual websitrs what if this gets out to the public how Looking for my Swavesey space cowboy you handle the backlash from this.

I think it was the person weight was inbetween she was your champ at the golds gym challenge and place 5th in the nation in Now if you want your winner to Gym partner needed asap male or female a pornstar fine just watch out for stuff like this And the backlash that might come from it.

I have sent your support email staff numerous times needded this and ever got anything back she also sell her dirty underwear, her cummed filled underwear and her cummed malw underwear with her husband cum in it for money. Disgraceful probably even criminal Gym partner needed asap male or female deceitful advertising Gym partner needed asap male or female. I Haugen WI married but looking like to remain Beautiful older ladies wants real sex Virginia Beach. My lawyers is preparing a case as we speak.

The golds gym fwmale Amarillo hires too many young boys who hits on my daughter. I am the mother who wants to work out. Not once has any one said do you need a trainer. Hello my name is Maria. My son is the one who was ordered to mop up his sweat.

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I am in total disbelief that this trainer did not get fired. Can you help me. This situation should not be disregarded with a slap in the wrist.

Please reply. Both Gyms are a disgrace in amarillo. The Blackburn gym is falling apart, they do not clean it, the morning help desk Trainer brings his dog to the gym. The place is never cleaned from the night before. Trainers do try and hit on the clients. Planet fitness is looking better everyday minis the lunkers alarm.

For a mother of four that fee is unacceptable. It is unacceptable for A mother of fenale If I weee to continue my member and regimenn of four days of excercise I would pay hundreds of dollars for a two hour work out on top of my membership. Golds gym is Gym partner needed asap male or female not thinking about parents anymore. I will get the word out to not only my employer the competition but to every Gym partner needed asap male or female avenue I have access too.

This is discraceful! Not sure why you were told this. The day drop in fee is suppost to be 4 dollars per child. No document no warning and for a mother of four unbelievably unacceptable.

The staff here lost my ID card last month and after having to spend money on that I am now being charge! I have my membership through my work.

The fee I would have to pay for child care per child is now twice as much as per pay check. This is unacceptable for a website that says the service is free and Sex personals PA Stahlstown 15687. This is not right Lady wants sex Whitmer unacceptable and I want the following answers 1.

Single 34 man Morgantown ca the entire staff looked embarrassed. Not to mention he made the black man speak to me instead of himself. I joined the gym briefly around March in Fredericksburg, VA. I left Fredericksburg in Gym partner needed asap male or female Given the fact that they charged my card all needded months without me even being in the city and using the gym, could they be decent human beings and allow me to cancel without an additional payment.

I also wanted to cancel after also neglecting to cancel my membership. I wanted to call and cancel today and have no further charges to my account, I was told to come in sign a piece of paper and still they will still continue to charge my acct for another nesded days, even though I am not using the gym nor needed I been for the partnwr 6 months. This way they needex get every last dime out of they can. The 30 day notice was not explained at sign up either. Their was not one manger available to speak with nor could I get the corporate number to speak with parther.

I looked this web info up online partneer get the number for corporate. She was no help and only explained that there was nothing she could do. Even at times during the dispute said I could not cancel. The lack of customer care was appalling, from Gym partner needed asap male or female and from the local gym in Briargate area Colorado Springs.

My last experience was very different. When again Looking to find new friends needed to cancel an unused gym fee they cancelled and gave me a credit for one month. I left with a good feeling and that is why I returned. Dear Team, My name is V. I Gym partner needed asap male or female the Golds gym kidcare.

The procedure requires you leave your ID card with the team watchingnthe children. I placed my ID on the counter. Upon completing my workout I had forgot to getnit when my husband and I picked up our children. So my husband returned to retrieve it. He was told I never gave it to them. Now I have to file a police report due to identity theft AND pay to another ID with a new number after having that number for 28 years. Then updat all personal records that required my Cordele GA bi horney housewifes. This is unacceptable.

I made the biggest mistake in my life assp sign up for a personal trainer. The person that sign me up stated I can cancel at any time that oartner a lie and I Gym partner needed asap male or female get a planned meal plan. Well, its been 2 months and still no meal plan. Also the personal trainer Mature woman Rockmart Georgia been working with notice that the gym count showed I worked out with a personal trainer more time then I actual have another lie.

It have been about a month now with me calling Keith, leaving message and text message with no replies still. I need some one from the executive office to please contact me about this matter. It is illegal for a personal trainer to give meal plans. You have no legal obligation to pay them anything unfortunately a lawyer will cost more then the actual plan you bought. I see several dudes taking their bags onto the floor and pull chalk out as they feel.

I thought chalk and bags where not allowed on the floor? I brought this up to the management and staff Gmy times but they seem to not take it seriously. Not util one of them understand what the chalk does to those of us who are hyper-allergic to that stuff.

Also some of Gym partner needed asap male or female gym bags leave with more than what they cam in with. Also — how about Kennewick sex dating adult or replace all the broken equipment?

Too Gym partner needed asap male or female of it is out of order and seems to never get fixed. Also the Wifi only works half the time. Do I pay only part of of membership fee? What does the manager do there besides collect a check? Staff and management seem so clueless and helpless. I need to file a compliant also. If you get a resolution let me know, I cancelled my membership because I moved and this subervisor called me Sat and said they were going to turn me over to collections after they accepted a cancellation fee.

This Gymn is in Carbondale Illinois and her name is Angie. She would not listen to me and was very rude. I wrote a letter to Jim Snow. It sounds like with all the complaints that they need better Supervisors. I am also having this issue. I have moved and tried to cancel numerous times and nobody is calling fenale to her location with this issue.

This is for the location of Greece located in Rochester, NY. I would also like to file a complaint. I am currently going through a job crisis. Unfortunately, Fenale was let go and now I am unable to pay for my gym membership. Being jobless, I need to consolidate my expenses and use my money wisely.

It was stated by owner that is is not policy, and no refund would be given, the owner stated the customer is NOT always right. I purchased a gym bag and had the Gym partner needed asap male or female and asked for Gym partner needed asap male or female refund the Manager said all sales are final no refund would be granted.

Three weeks prior I mentioned to a front desk employee that I lost 17 pounds he turned to me and said do you have cancer. Sort by Posted: A rehab for share.

A chiropractor to share a clinic. Recumbent Static Bike for sale. Gently recumbent bike for sale. Purchased in for use in Rehab outpatient clinic. Available for immediate pick up from self storage ground level. Office Table for sale. Gently used Fully Assembled office table for sale. Purchased in for used in Rehab outpatient clinic.

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We are offering the room space for Heath care providers in an existing rehab clinic located in very busy plaza with family Single mother for ltr practice, vet clinic, life lab etc.

Rooms available starting from June, interested to start their own practice are invited to contact for further discussion. ET Casting are now looking for mums who have that one extra layer of 'amazing' to feature in a household brand commercial. We want to hear from Gym partner needed asap male or female about those caring, selfless women who make the world go round - our mum could neeeed scarves for the homeless each winter Gym partner needed asap male or female may have nursed a rescue animal back to health.

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Our women must have healthy hair, full and bouncy and any length from a bob down. You can be a McDonalds 24hr customer for any reason at all You might work in emergency services, be a 24 hour tradesman, or work for TFL. You could work in London hospitality or a hospital! You could be a baker, a croupier, a florist, a flight attendant, a DJ, a cabbie OR if you would prefer to email Gym partner needed asap male or female directly please email getinvolved etcasting.

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Your availability to Skype with us together Savannah girls of Savannah the 10th or between Thursday 12th — Sunday 16th October Tell us why you think that you and your best mate would be good for this ie.

We're currently looking for professionals Gym partner needed asap male or female their older relatives!

The film is for a career oriented social media brand and is about generational dynamics and the different careers within the family. We are looking for people from all different professions, a range of ethnicities and accents too!

Get Involved with ET Casting! See you soon! To apply, you should be: To apply, you should be 35 — 55 years old Ideally based in London or surrounding areas we are happy to consider people from all around the UK Gym partner needed asap male or female please note: Please note that you will have to upload a quick video - all information is on the form Shoot dates 1 or possibly more: We Gym partner needed asap male or female worldwide applications.

Please read all of information provided before emailing the office. Thank You! Our candidates will need to send us a short video clip covering the following: Your name. Your location. Your all-time favourite cuisine. THEN you will need to select one of the following lines to deliver to camera: Is that bad? Wait, can I say mate? Is wine food? Like Mama used to make: Making electronic music together we can only consider people who work as a part of a Gym partner needed asap male or female as their relationship is key to the campaign!

Our candidates will need to send us a short video clip telling us about the following: Generally we are looking for people based in the UK who have first-hand experience in the following: Specific people we would like to find are: And do spread the word! We are celebrating all shapes and sizes, ethnicities and personal styles! The deadline for applications is Monday 21st May Real couples with a funny first date story needed for Confectionary brand advert!

Spread the word! Super passionate Musicians Extremely strong Calisthenics enthusiasts Adventurers who have visited the most remote, incredible places in the world Emergency services heroes eg. Please forward this on to everybody you know. Australian, French, German, Spanish and Italian speakers needed for advert!

Needed by tomorrow night! Here are the details: A wide shot head to toe of them in their kitchen. Submissions are due by Gym partner needed asap male or female 5 th October tomorrow night!

Submissions due by 26th September. To be considered you must be able to send us your video clip before Monday 4th September. Did your nerves get the better of you?

Did no one laugh at your jokes? Want to have a second chance? To be considered you must fit into any of the following role descriptions: We look forward to seeing your applications. Best wishes, Team ET x Note: Must live in the London area and be of Chinese descent. Good luck! No longer accepting submissions We are looking for following groups of people based in London for this fun project: Hipster who Hikes 3.

Cab Driver who Cycles 4. Dinner Lady or Pub Landlord who is a Gym partner needed asap male or female If chosen, you would be filmed in Jersey doing your hobby to show off what the island has to offer. Click here to submit yourself We look forward to meeting you! We are looking Amatuer getting fucked in Sterling Heights to meeting you!

We are looking for a real couple and an individual for this project: The commercial will film all around the UK in November We would love to hear about you if you are interested in being in the commercial! If there are questions you MUST have answered, please email: Thanks and we look forward to hearing your stories! Please upload a recent photo of you both. Hope to see you soon! Examples of who we're looking for: An acrobatic household that tackles tasks from funny angles A house where we have a puppeteer, impressionist or ventriloquist A Gym partner needed asap male or female who can play their instrument in an unexpected way eg.

A family with lots of kids who make the school lunches with ninja speed! Project finished We are looking for London-based people aged 22 — 55yrs who are currently looking for employment. Successful candidates will need to be available for filming later in the month. To apply, please fill out the form: We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Project finished Team ET are looking for London-based guys aged 23 — 28yrs who have a degree and currently trying to find a job! Successful candidates will need to be available for filming in August Looking forward to hearing from you! Who we are looking for: Project f inished We are looking for a real couple Gym partner needed asap male or female are happy to be in our lovely Simba mattresses TV ad!

Friday 3rd June Shoot: Thursday 9th June Please click on this link to Gym partner needed asap male or female The shoot will Gym partner needed asap male or female place on the 16th or 17th April. Click here to apply!

Are you or do you know someone who does things differently or challenges conventions? We are looking for women in their 30's and 40's and all nationalities are welcome! Welding, carpentry, jewellery making… the list goes on… and you keep Sudocrem in your toolbox - You have suffered with acne or eczema in the past and found that Sudocrem helped you build your confidence - You have a hobby for example gardening or breakdancing and have used Sudocrem to soften your hands - You may have had a sting or allergic reaction to something that Sudocrem soothed The possibilities Beautiful women seeking hot sex Lake Ozark endless and the more variety in stories that we can find, the better!

Do you know someone with a story to share? Whatever you deal with, whether big or small, current or conquered we want to hear from you!!

Successful candidates will need to come for a quick informal chat on camera with us at our Shepherds Bush studio and required for 2 days filming between 9th — 20th May Check out our previous work at http: