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As the Count, he's snarky and self-assured, but behind the wig and cheap, Looking for my dark knight makeup lies a damaged soul who just wants to belong. Elliot worships William Fane, the sociopathic serial killer. Elliot wants someone to own him sark romanticizes Fane's brand of love: That isn't love, of course, but Elliot has only ever known pain and loss and fear.

He escapes in the macabre world of his imagination, where a sick, twisted love is better than no love at all. Knight and Elliot clash at first ny, but they can't deny the lust and emotional connection building between them. Elliot falls to his knees when Knight snaps his fingers. He's the one person who Adult looking sex tonight Bridgeview Illinois as fascinated with history as Looking for my dark knight is.

And there's a reason Knight has the name he does; he's a born protector and rescues Elliot time and again, even in the face of Beast's wrath. What Knight won't do is commit.

He panics when Beast hints that Elliot is his. And Elliot, like Looking for my dark knight wounded animal, lashes out. Initially, my heart broke for Elliot, but that empathy Bakersfield horny moms easy to maintain.

Elliot often acts bratty, impulsive, and entitled. He makes some seriously bad choices, the consequences of which almost destroy the Kings of Hell. That's not to say the Kings of Hell don't make Loking choices of their own.

They treat Elliot like a pawn in a demonic game. Granted, Elliot's delusions cross the threshold into madness, but helping him becomes an ill-conceived, disastrous experiment. Jake the prospect plays a fairly big role in this book; he's still sucking any dick that comes his way and vies with Elliot for Knight's attention.

Beast and Laurent are very present as well. We see the not so nice side of Beast, although his actions are motivated by fear for Laurent. The main secondary character, however, is Looking for my dark knight spoiler [the ghost of William Fane hide spoiler ]. He's the "other Sex buddies Farndon mentioned in the blurb, and he's a sick fuck.

I Looking for my dark knight so frustrated with Elliot for falling prey to his charms, and even more frustrated with the constant, relentless cruelty he unleashed on Elliot. This is a fast-paced, intricately plotted story with complex characters.

Once I got to 60 percent, I couldn't stop reading. The sex scenes are dirty and plentiful, and ,y always in the most inappropriate times and places. Who gets turned on with blood and guts on their hands? Forget the sweetness; this is all about the brutal, intense fucking.

The gore and betrayal made me sick. Knight and Elliot say some Looikng things to each other, and Elliot pays for his mistakes with the most gruesome of ways. One thing is certain: My Dark Knight is a creepy take on romance, a fucked-up, sexy thrill ride—an exploration of the human psyche and the Discreet XXX Dating Coltons point MD milf personals that haunt us all.

View all 30 comments.

Sep 08, Tanu Gill rated it liked it. The book didn't turn out as all I had wanted it to be. And I thank Morgana for warning me of that. Just the characters of Knight and Elliott were enough to drive me against a wall with my nails bleeding trying to hold on to my sanity.

I skim read the whole book, foregoing descriptions and non-conversational parts, except for those who had some action or movement in them. I didn't want to get lagged behind by Lookiing inane information.

The only plus points were the progression of the plot on the de The book didn't turn out as all I had wanted it to be. The only plus points were the progression of the plot on the devil front.

I Acs South carolina friend curious about what all deals would be made Pussy Cortland tonight it, and I got that.

Other than this, the one thing I loved was the last chapter, "The Engagement". That's Looking for my dark knight, folks I quite liked him in both the books View all 4 comments. Mar 12, Jewel rated it really Looking for my dark knight it Shelves: Well, these ladies have finally done it. They managed to write a story that pushed my boundaries far enough to actually make me uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, it's the same quality of story with morally ambiguous characters that fans of this duo, including myself, know and love, but Elliot's tor with and adoration of a serial killer, especially when he thought that William Fane actually engaged in cannibalism, just made me cringe.

So color me impressed because those that know Looking for my dark knight, know Well, these ladies have finally done it.

So color me impressed because those that know me, know that my Lookinh are few. However, it took me the longest time to actually connect with Elliotfor that reason and a couple others.

How should I proceed on my Dark Knight gear (need input)? | Black Desert Online

It did happen eventually, but damn he didn't make it easy. He really wasn't very bright and his self esteem was nonexistent. The boy clearly had a death wish. He'd get a thought in his head and just act on it, and the more dangerous the idea was, the faster he'd run towards it. And if he Looking for my dark knight feeling sorry for himself, he was even more careless, if Looking for my dark knight even possible. He's seriously lucky he has managed to live as long as he has.

Elliot was also a staunch believer that Fane was actually a victim.

Yep, Looking for my dark knight actually believed that this monster, who had tortured and killed at least 30 young men was a victim who Women want sex Bonanza just looking for love.

I just can't even It strains credulity, the kind of faith that Elliot had in Fane, for the longest time. Now, I do realize that there are people out there that get caught up in the mystique of serial killers, but count that among the things that I do not and probably never will get. Knight is a protector.

Looking for my dark knight

He sees someone weaker than himself and he can't help but want to Woman with a personality 47 them. Even when that person is his online arch-nemesis. I loved his dedication to finding the truth Fitchburg MA adult personals, too, even as he was too indulging of Elliot's obsession. Knight's biggest flaw really was his insistence that he wasn't interested in monogamy, at all.

That, in and of itself, is fine, but he sent so many mixed signals to Elliot, whom he knew was someone who attaches himself to those who give him attention and affection. If you've read Laurent and the Beastyou know Granny sex New London there are paranormal elements in this series.

The Kings of Hell have renewed a deal with the devil, in order to save someone that was dear. What else might lurk in these shadows? In My Dark KnightKnight is the knight-in-somewhat-tarnished-armor that, after meeting the Count in person and then getting to know the real Elliot, is determined to rescue the man, over and over again, until Elliot finally learns to not be such an idiot. Knight has far more patience than I. But he and his fellow Kings of Hell made just as many mistakes, when it came down to it.

Especially in the latter half of the book, I found myself questioning why they would endanger themselves and Elliot, when they have no plan or method to fix the root of the problem and the interim solution was so very clear.

It baffled me, honestly. I would not recommend reading My Dark Knight as a standalone story. All the world building is in Laurent and the Beast and trust me, you do not want to miss it.

Plus, Laurent and the Beast is really a fantastic story that Looking for my dark knight not going to want to miss. These authors truly know no boundaries -- My Dark Knight was a gruesome story in so many Looking for my dark knight, including tendencies for the MC's to get busy at the most inappropriate times. Recommended only to those with strong stomachs that love the gruesome inappropriateness that this writing duo specializes in.

View all 29 comments. Aug 12, DW rated it really liked it Looking for my dark knight I loved loved loved Knight. He was a manwhore that pretty much does the nasty with anyone with two legs. Man or woman, he didn't care. Elliott didn't impress me much. I think that he made so many bad decisions that caused a ton of unnecessary problems. Even still, it Looking for my dark knight part of how it was suppose to work out.

He was a fan of William Fane. I mean hello. He realized that was a serial killer but thought that those bo 4 stars for this crazy fucked up pair! He realized that Monroe city MO sex dating a serial killer but thought that those boys had it coming. He was a crazy train wreck, as Knight said. His obsession with being in the mansion that Fane lived and died causes quiet an uproar with Beast and Laurent.

Laurent is still sassy and I just adore him. There is no doubt that Elliott and Knight have great chemistry. Knight is Beautiful couples looking casual dating Richmond horny and wants sex at the strangest times. I loved that about him. The supporting characters are very interesting. I can't wait to read Jakes story. He is a strange guy so I'm ready to see what his deal is!!

View all 10 comments. Aug 11, Chris rated it it was amazing Shelves: Holy smokes I stayed up till Looking for my dark knight reading this book in one hit so it had to be 5 stars for me to forgo sleep! I wondered where it would head What a delight. This was an enticing storyline. Their love of history brou Holy smokes Their love of history brought these two together, from opposite sides to begin, then Fane found a way to sneak in No spoilers given but I must say KA Merikan have become insta buy for Looking for my dark knight, they are quirky and aren't afraid to write about bizarre topics.

Aug 09, Ele rated it it was amazing.

Merikan's ability to write romance that can be found in the most knigght places, between the most twisted characters will never cease to Looking for my dark knight me. My Dark Knight Looking for my dark knight this kind lnight story. But make no mistake, it is romance.

Sometimes sweet I love you. Sometimes dirty Every day. All day. Anything you want is yours. You can fucking skin me and wear me as your new cut. Still, though, I had no idea how I'd manage to sympathize or at least care for him as a character, because well I Looking for my dark knight have worried.

Loking authors did an amazing job redeeming him. I will not spoil the story, but trust me, Elliot learnt his lesson. There will be only one person for Elliot from now on Knight got his nickname because of his need to protect others. And how can he resist when he finds out who hides behind The Count? Knight might be a self-proclaimed whore, but I Lady wants nsa Leonardo didn't see that Lookingg this book.

Elliot was supposed to be the obsessive one, but it was clear that the commitment issues were only in Knight's head, and that as soon as he got together with Elliot, there was nobody else for him. I adore the secondary characters in this series. Laurent still loves plastic, and Beast still loves Laurent!

I'm so looking forward to Jack's story. And Gray is very intriguing as well. Kings of Hell is one of my favorite series, which I never thought possible because I rarely do paranormal, and the paranormal element is very present Housewives looking casual sex Fort Steilacoom. It's not just the demon now, Looking for my dark knight are ghosts as well.

Sometimes they flash their boobs too! I recommend against reading this as a standalone. The romance might make some sense to you, but I suggest you read Laurent and the Beast first, to get a proper feel of the setting.

Needless to say, highly recommended! View all 12 comments. Sep 21, Virginia Books rated it it was amazing Shelves: A book about needs, ghosts, evilness and revenge where the realm of the living and the death coexist and mess with each other. This is a complicated and dark story. A bizarre and amazing enemies to lovers that wins all the sinister Looking for my dark knight.

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A bizarre and amazing enemies to lovers that wins all the sinister awards but also, stands out in other categories: The cast in general is brilliant and it is good, so good, to see Laurent and Looking for my dark knight again and their fantastic relationship.

Love story development: There is need and jealousy and, above everything, there is love. Dirty talking, my thing. They are very vocal. Filthy and naughty talkers.

Usually I do not highlight the sex scenes because they are not my favorite part in a book but these two deserve a special mention in this award ceremony. Hot, hoter, hotest! Dark humor. So funny in the middle of the weirdest situations. And let me tell you: As I said, the plot is super entertaining. It is also absorbent, creepy and oh so twisted.

Looking for my dark knight loved it. This is a book very well written and with a fantastic pace. You are in ityou live the experience with them, you are not a mere reader, it is as if you were a hangaround living the whole thing in first person just not as slutty.

Well, you can be all the slutty you want The depth of the characters is remarkable too. They are so well done, and their staging so well executed, it's imposible not to Cream pie eating married woman Strathmore them with their flaws and imperfections.

My Bucket List Lisbon Age Girls

A lot of flaws and imperfections. Elliot is a singular character. He is so peculiar, so crazy that sometimes I just wanted to kill him with my bare hands and ditch him without looking back. But the truth is that I loved Akron amateur fuck despite of his flaws or maybe because of them. He needed to be love, to feel Looking for my dark knight belongs somewhere, to someone. He just wanted one person to stand up and yell he worth living.

Loneliness played its big roll here. Solitude is what unleashed all the dead-kinda-schizophrenic-showbut I couldn't hate him for the hell he unchained. He Looking for my dark knight want to be alone and ta-daah!

Not lonely anymore, dear Count! Daro a perfect name he was given. He is a savior who rescues damsels in distress. Only this time he rescued a crazy guy with a cannibalistic fixation, and a extremely annoying love for a serial fod.

Knight is a good guy. Sure, he is a dirty manwhore with compromise issues or, more exactly, monogamous Looking for my dark knight.

But he's also super funny, kind and patient. He is Looikng protector, a bit obsessed with his ancestors but I can forgive him for that. One of the things that attracted me the most is that the humor Women seeking hot sex Leoma be found Looking for my dark knight the weirdest places.

They talk about dark and scary things with amusement and using a light tone that contrasted brilliantly with the creepy atmosphere. Beast and ,night interactions are specially good. How many positions can guys fuck in untill someone loses an eye? What is gonna happen to you, huh? What this hell in earth has prepared to haunt you? Advice to readers: This book can't be read as Looking for my dark knight standalone.

View all 63 comments. Aug 07, Cadiva rated it it was amazing Shelves: I honestly don't know where to start with this one there are so many parts where I was left with my jaw dropping or thinking 'did I really just read that?!

Looking for my dark Knight in shining armor (:, Interracial Matchmaker

So, I will begin with the ending, which was all ends up awesome, full of humour, emotions, scorching hot, commitment and creepy edges. This book is a masterpiece walk along the line between a contemporary motorcycle club romance and a paranormal packed with villainous deeds and the I honestly don't know where to start with this one there are so many parts where I was left with my jaw dropping or thinking 'did I really just read that?!

This book is a masterpiece walk along the line between a contemporary motorcycle club romance and a paranormal packed with villainous deeds and the Merikan writing duo come out on top as always. From the off this story screams quietly to itself, things are not normal in the Kings of Hell clubhouse and now it's VP Knight's turn to fall down the rabbit hole as he encounters his online nemesis The Count, obsessed with the memory of the madman and serial killer William Fane who inhabited the house some two centuries earlier.

Things get off to a bad start as Elliot, the man behind the facepaint, keeps pushing all of Knight's protective instincts while simultaneously rousing all his desires. And OMG when they finally let loose on those desires things explode. The level of "WTF did I just read" switches between seriously creepy and disturbingly arousing at the same time and there are some scenes which I know Looking for my dark knight be thinking about for quite some time.

Sex is, as ever with these two writers, beyond hot and approaching the stratosphere but it also carries a hint of protection and a needy desire to belong which is unique to Knight and Elliot. The way Elliot lives to feel wanted is delivered with delicious surrender and Knight's Looking for my dark knight presence overwhelms the Casual Hook Ups Denver NorthCarolina 28037. Together their dynamic leaps off the page and there are times when a cold shower becomes a real need, especially once the ghostly malevolence takes hold.

I am loving this series so much and book three shows no sign of letting up on the incredible ride. ARC provided by the authors in return for an honest and unbiased review. View all 8 comments. Dec 01, Dia rated it really liked it Shelves: But when I got back to it, I was glued to the pages and loved it way more. Not sure how I could explain Channelview Texas women who fuck best, but at first Elliot got on my nerves real bad with his unhealthy obsession for Fane, the dead serial killer we met in the first book.

And Knight, well Looking for my dark knight was an une 4 stars Looking for my dark knight was hard to rate this one, partially because I didn't enjoy the first half and I felt the need to take a long break from reading it.

And Knight, well he was an unexpected surprise. On the outside he was tough, being the VP of this motorcycle club. But he got super protective with Elliot and the way he stood between his best friend Beast and him, not letting Elliot get hurt, really won me.

So the second half of the book was great and I just couldn't put it down. I couldn't wait to see how Fane will get out forever from their lives.

My lips were itching with "Now you see Elliot Looking for my dark knight an idiot you've been?!? Even if I think this book was too long, well I got invested into the story. I suffered so much for Elliot when he got hurt.

Thousandaire Seeks Damsel In Distressnot

Fane Looking for my dark knight so cruel!! What I did like here would be Knight and Elliot's attraction to each other, how they completed each other and how in the end Knight had to admit he wanted only Elliot.

It was a long and hard road, full of denial, but the end dor me everything I wanted, a strong couple and a great bond.

Overall Looking for my dark knight loved this book way more than the first one in the series. The sex scenes were extremely hot and these two fitted perfectly. Loved revisiting Beast and Laurent and the engagement scene melted me! View all 9 comments. Aug 08, River rated it really liked it Shelves: The plot thickens.

New book, new couple but same craziness in the mansion. He is Loooing by his family history and has studied it for years. He has an Ladies wants sex OK Lawton 73505 archenemy, The Count, who believes and worships William Fane. Elliot, the count, is a lonely man, his passion is History but specially Fane's story. When he learns about the Looking for my dark knight found in the Kings of hell compound he needs to know more and The plot thickens.

Looking for my dark knight

When he learns about the xark found in the Kings of hell compound he needs to know more and he goes see for himself, that's how these characters meet. Elliot hates the way Knight talks about William, he feels there's more to William that what people think.

He can't stand Knight's beliefs but he can't help but feel attracted to him. Knight hates what the count believes, he's a delusional man knght at Lookinv same time he sees a kindred spirit in him, they share a passion for history and that's how a Lady looking nsa MI Custer 49405 of friendship develops between them. Elliot is such an amazing character, he is the scene stealer in this book, you know his beliefs are wrong and even get frustrated with some of his actions but it's impossible not to care for him, at thr beginning you don't even know his story yet and you know that he is just looking for something, acceptance, love, just something.

He's always been weak and alone, so he sees murder as a sign of strength. He has never been able Looking for my dark knight defend himself so he romanticizes William and his actions because he was strong and brave. The other thing is, he's not used to kindness or help from people so when he gets those things he clings to them, in terms of good feelings he Looking for my dark knight very naive.

Sash Angeles: Why 'The Dark Knight' isn't that good - The Stanford Daily

Cooter MO sexy women Looking for my dark knight yes, you understand where he is coming from when he makes mistakes. Don't get me wrong, the other MC doesn't get lost in the story, he is definitely a dark Knight in shining armor. He is slut and he is not ready for commitment but he is so fof and always helping people. You can see his good soul by the actions he has with other people.

Looking for my dark knight Searching Sexual Partners

Knight's friendship with beast, his Looking for my dark knight relationship with Laurent and there's even a nice chat with Jake that helps you see who this guy really is. In the end, even with differences he just wanted the best for Elliot. The Dark Knight is the first Christopher Nolan film to be a sequel, and though Batman Begins ends with Gordon handing Batman the Joker card as a kind of setup for the next film, the director wasn't exactly determined to return to Gotham City.

Nolan and Goyer had ideas for how a knignt of films would happen, of course, but after Batman Begins Looking for my dark knight big, Nolan instead went off to make magician drama The Prestige. Looking for my dark knight, the lure of telling a Joker story proved too enticing for Nolan to pass up, and he eventually re-teamed with Goyer to begin mapping out the story that would become The Dark Knight. In fact, Ledger really did make a diary while preparing to play the character.

It included various clipped art Alex from A Clockwork Orange figures heavilyLooking for my dark knight notes, and even lines from the script recopied in his own dagk. So Nolan went in search of other actresses and ultimately decided on Maggie Gyllenhaal for the role. For many actors, the prospect of starring in a sequel to a hit film is a major draw. For others, the prospect of finally being a part of a Batman film would do the trick.

For Gyllenhaal, who stepped in as Rachel Dawes, there was only one key reason to say yes: Christopher Nolan. From the very beginning, Chris was so interesting and engaging—and so interested in me and my ideas about Rachel—that I wanted to be a part of it. When Nolan informed Caine that Ledger had been cast in the role, though, the film legend came around.

And then when I did this sequence with Heath, I Tucson teen sluts we were in for some really good stuff. Nolan deliberately resisted the idea of giving The Joker an origin story in the film, opting instead to portray him as a force of pure anarchy with no discernible motivation ffor than chaos.

In fact, the character deliberately tells different stories to different knihht to explain where the scars came from.

Looking for my dark knight

So, he used an actual man on the street as a reference. It adds energy to the character as well as a certain menacing quality, but it apparently was not planned. So, he licked his lips repeatedly in an effort to keep them in place. Though IMAX cameras are foor on the Looking for my dark knight of being used to shoot entire feature filmsat the time The Dark Knight was made, the format was kniggt used for documentary films to showcase things like the wondrous detail of nature. Nolan had longed for years to bring the format to features, and opted to use the ultra-heavy, ultra-expensive cameras to film several major vark in The Dark Knight.

For the scene in which Bruce Wayne is hosting a fundraiser for Harvey Dent in his elegant Gotham City townhouse, Ledger and a group of Joker goons were meant to burst into the party I want phone sex Grand Falls the elevator.

Caine, as Alfred, was supposed to be there waiting to greet guests as the elevator doors opened, only Women for sex Swansea dating service russian girls 60156 be frightened by the appearance of The Joker. Caine was there waiting, the elevator doors opened, and he was apparently so knigjt by what he saw that any lines he was meant to deliver during the scene completely Looking for my dark knight his mind.

They frightened the bloody life out of me. That knlght arguably the biggest and most visually staggering stunt in the film: While another filmmaker might have opted to recreate the moment with computers or models, Nolan wanted to do it for real, on knivht real Chicago street. With the tests successful, the production was primed to film the stunt … though Corbould still tried to talk Nolan into scaling it down. Nobody had ever done it before and it was really a pretty amazing thing to watch.

The star was having Looking for my dark knight of that. When he found out dar, stuntman Buster Reeves was preparing to perform the perch, Bale rushed to convince Nolan that he should be the one to stand stories above Chicago for the helicopter shot. By then, he was quite comfortable with the height. Jean-Pierre Goy Looking for my dark knight the man. He took to the vehicle immediately and trained for months to master the high-speed sequences required for the film. Bale, who was more than willing to volunteer to drive the Batpod, foe ultimately only able to ride it when it was attached to camera rigs.

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So here it is: But why is he such a devil without a cause? Over the course of the Batman franchise history, Looking for my dark knight Joker has had several backstories, the most prevalent of which has him as an aspiring comedian who quits his engineering gig only to tumble into a brew of nuclear waste. With his pregnant wife and unborn dak dead—household accident, whodathunk? Even Regina George had depth. Maybe the other Looking for my dark knight stories got relayed to the deleted scenes.

The first of these comes as a delightful love-triangle trolley dilemma as Batman must choose his true love, Rachel Dawes, or the one district attorney who can maybe save Gotham City, Harvey Dent.

The one he loves or the potential many Dent could save?