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Los Angeles man looking to breed

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Dogs may be man's best friend, but the humans who created them through generations of Anglees have saddled them with an excess of Skinny guy seeking chubby girl DNA, according to a new study. For instance, the people who bred poodles to have black coats left many of these dogs with extra copies of a gene called KITLGwhich helps determine the pigmentation of skin and hair. First, they created what's called a population bottleneck by breeding a Los Angeles man looking to breed number of wild wolves.

These early fanciers picked their favorite animals and bred them, a process known as artificial selection. Inevitably, this involved a certain amount of inbreeding. Although inbreeding can cement beneficial traits in a population of dogs, it also locks in whatever troublesome genes the founders happened to have.

To make matters worse, the population lacks the genetic diversity it needs to counter the effects of those bad genes. Those genomes were compared Anfeles the genomes breeed Los Angeles man looking to breed wolves the ancestors of dogs25 village dogs which were domesticated from wolves but not channeled into breeds and one golden jackal a more distant relative of wolves and dogs.

The analysis revealed that compared Swingers in bellevue ne wolves in general, breed dogs had more DNA mutations that were harmful.

The researchers then took a closer look at a selection of genomes in their sample that had been sequenced in the most detail. The scientists also calculated that compared with wolves, breed dogs averaged about more mutations that posed some risk to their well-being.

That worked out to a 2. The findings aren't just relevant to dogs and the people who love them. They may help certain species that are finding themselves increasingly isolated as their habitat shrinks.

To keep these populations vital, conservationists should do what they can to make sure the animals maintain a decent-sized population, both in the wild and in captivity. Having a big enough gene pool is more important than preventing inbreeding, the scientists discovered.

Skip to content. Dogs of the 10 most popular breeds in the U.

Humans shaped the DNA of modern dogs in several ways along the road to domestication. Most Read. California In Mammoth, the snow is so deep residents must tunnel out.

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