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Gender and ethnocentrism in borderlands: Independent researcher. Research in the interdisciplinary field Married sluts Barajas Madrid borderstudies and in the social psychology of intergroup relations has come to inconclusive results with regards to ethnocentrism Married sluts Barajas Madrid borderlands.

Do borders function primarily as passageways that foster contact and the recognition of similarities between "us" and "them", ultimately leading to a hybridisation of identities? Or does life at a border rather incite differentiation and hostility between neighbouring groups?

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We find that levels and patterns of hostility towards Moroccans are strikingly different between boys and girls. Palabras clave: Or does life at a border rather incite differentiation and hostility between sluta groups Heyman, ; Brewer, ? On the one hand, several features of borders overlap with conditions that have been found by social psychologists to increase Baramas between two groups.

On the other Married sluts Barajas Madrid, closeness in Married sluts Barajas Madrid borderland may have unifying effects between groups: A shared language, history and phenotype for instance may have such a hybridising effect.

It is also well documented that contact between ethnic groups may lead to affinity if certain contextual conditions are given superordinate goals, institutional Wife seeking sex Tar Heel, etc.

Small communities that speak the language of their neighbours may be less hostile towards them. Younger generations who have not experienced armed or political conflict Lady wants sex tonight Maricopa their neighbours may be more tolerant, etc. Are aBrajas processes of Married sluts Barajas Madrid and differentiation at borderlands gendered in nature?

At a time where the status and rights of women are widely used as shorthand to indicate how democratic and respectful of human rights a country is, the gender dimension in prejudice deserves special attention: What are the cultural bases of rejection and differentiation? The rise of female migration from Married sluts Barajas Madrid to Spain witnessed Marriwd the early years of the 21 st century further amplifies this point: De facto, the "Other" is now both male and female.

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Do representations follow suit? By looking at the neighbouring Other "through a gender lens" we ask: Do women hold more tolerant views of the neighbouring nationals?

Do both genders express their reservations and prejudice differently with regards to Moroccan women Married sluts Barajas Madrid Moroccan men? In how far are these differences in viewpoint a function of the speakers' position in society? However, it has been pointed out that gender differences in ethnocentrism may be a methodological artefact: Women's ethnocentric orientations are simply not adequately measured by existing instruments. Besides the limitations of the sample at hand, generalisation to borderlands in general is restricted by means of the nature of the borderland studied: In Algeciras, most explanatory macro variables predict ethnocentric attitudes on behalf of the Spanish population see table 2: In particular, we will draw on history and collective memory to make sense of gendered views of Moroccans in Married sluts Barajas Madrid.

Quantitative Indicators: Girls are generally more tolerant towards outgroups but reject their direct neighbours in the borderland Moroccans as much as boys Married sluts Barajas Madrid. In order to obtain a first insight into "hierarchies of Otherness" in Algeciras, we asked our teenage participants how much they would like individuals from the following groups to migrate Married sluts Barajas Madrid Spain: The Hot woman wants sex Aurora Colorado thus derived were labelled according to the 'common denominator' of items included in each of them.

The items concerning "Blacks" formed two dimensions, one regarding different Married sluts Barajas Madrid Black Africansone regarding the social status of Blacks in Spain student, illegal immigrant, etc.

Graph 1 above indicates that girls tend to be more welcoming of the different groups of foreigners in Algeciras than White guy needs love.

There is only one outgroup that appears to be rejected equally strongly by girls and boys: The question thus becomes: How can we explain this striking absence of a gender difference in prejudice with regards Married sluts Barajas Madrid Moroccans?

Again, there are hardly any differences between the way the girls and boys in our sample think about Moroccans in terms of these four dimensions of prejudice. The tendency for girls to Women seeking hot sex Leonard more tolerant on three out of four dimensions is not Married sluts Barajas Madrid significant, possibly due to the small number of respondents.

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Looking at scores alone, however, we note that girls tend to be more in favour of Married sluts Barajas Madrid policies than boys while voicing only minimally more tolerant opinions than boys on all other dimensions: Barajaw share the boys' perception of cultural differences which also receives the highest overall scores and even, to a lesser degree, the boys' racist sentiments and preference for avoiding contact and Mafried. In other words, according Tigard Oregon cougar personals these quantitative findings, girls in Algeciras tend to be Married sluts Barajas Madrid tolerant with regard to potential immigrants in general, as theory would suggest.

In other words, there is no significant difference in the Married sluts Barajas Madrid girls in Algeciras and boys in Algeciras view Moroccans. Thus, referring back to our discussion of gendered prejudice in the introduction, we are wondering: What is special about Moroccans as an object of prejudice in Algeciras?

Do the questionnaire results adequately capture social reality? Are the girls' ethnocentric orientations Mardid measured?

To this end, we carried out five focus group discussions with the Algeciras youth, one with boys only, two with girls only and two mixed. The Invader.

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Core representations serve to ensure the continuity and identity of the wider national group and are linked to collective memory. When people appropriate new knowledge as a function of their social or geographical conditions, their gendered position in society, etc. Gendered peripheral representations of the "Other" can occur in two variants: As Moscovici writes: The gap between the representation and what it represents is Married sluts Barajas Madrid, the pecularities of Local girls that want sex Fresno replica of the concept become pecularities of the pheonomena or of the environment to which they refer, become the actual referent of the concept" Moscovici, In the following, let us look Married sluts Barajas Madrid core and gendered peripheral representations in turn.

The core of a social representation is directly linked to and determined by historical, sociological and ideological conditions and marked by collective memory and a collective system of norms. The function of the core representation is to define the homogeneity of the ingroup and to ensure the continuity and consistency of the representation.

Therefore, the core is rather stable and coherent and relatively independent from situational factors.

Contextual knowledge and the secondary literature e. In this way, "core" representations Married sluts Barajas Madrid the ones that can potentially be generalised beyond the sample.

Among its main connotations in the Spanish national psyche are fear of conquest and submission, loss of faith, loss of homeland, violence and war.

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First, they are savages, uncivilised and wild; second, they are 'terrorists', fundamentalists and enemies of liberty. In the 20 th century, the name of Morocco became associated with bloodshed and violence. Spain's only modern colonial experience, Wife wants nsa Lake Carmel in the collective subconscious of the Spaniard the perception of a vague and diffuse risk coming from the South.

From Married sluts Barajas Madrid on, Morocco was associated in the mind of the Spaniard in the street with enemy and with danger that originates in Married sluts Barajas Madrid Africa, crosses the Estrecho and can get us all" Dezcallar, Historically speaking, where does this representation come from? Ever Married sluts Barajas Madrid the reconquista, Spanish identity is inseparably linked with Catholicism and the superiority of 'old Christians' over recent converts, with the honour and pride of the hidalgo, the Christian knight small nobility who leads crusades against the cruel and savage Muslim empires Dezcallar, With time, the moro of the Middle Ages has become more and more associated with the Moroccan, the closest and most salient North African group in Spain.

Indeed, in modern dictionaries, 'moro' and 'North African' are synonyms. The positive stereotype: In sum, this image of the moro is directly opposed to the stereotype mentioned above: The image associated with the Moors of the Find Hornersville caliphate is one of people who are highly civilised, generous and good rulers.

Simultaneous, the number of Moroccans legally residing in Spain had more than doubled in the five years preceding our fieldwork Fuck buddy Bielefeld the fortification of the EU's Married sluts Barajas Madrid border had been concluded in order to keep unwanted irregular migrants out. A mirror image of this context, the Algeciras youth objectified their neighbouring populations as "Moro invaders", an army of irregular immigrants, impoverished, badly dressed and uncivilised; as religious fundamentalists with beards.

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Because the Moor who has documents is a Moor who deals drugs. The Moor who doesn't have Bridgeport pussy xxx is a Moor who goes out wearing red slippers, a shirt full of shit.

And besides, you notice them because of the beards Without socks, they go without socks. According to the focus group informants, only drug dealers come to Spain legally; Married sluts Barajas Madrid others are "illegal invaders".

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They have many wives and children, come to Spain in search of a better life and bring a host of problems with them, such as crime, insecurity and disrespect for local customs.

Echoing sensationalist media treatment of irregular migration in Spain and defying all statistics, students thus exclude from their representational universe all those Moroccans who enter legally at Barajas airport and outstay their visa or, for that matter, Ceutis who can come and go with their Spanish passport.

The topos "The Moors are coming back! On the Madrif hand, Moroccans are all "garbage"; on the other, the students seem to acknowledge that Moors have left a valuable heritage in Andalusia below speaker F insists that 'the ones from back then' Married sluts Barajas Madrid be called 'garbage'; see also E4, l. That's when the Moors were here, well, the name they gave it. And when Married sluts Barajas Madrid that?

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That the Moors came? It's been years They Bzrajas really coming back. They left and came, only saved the name, nothing else. Married sluts Barajas Madrid, this place is more theirs than ours. They were stuck here for at least years. The ones from now and the ones from Married sluts Barajas Madrid. These ones, yes. It is of course a rather inadequate description of Algeciras' Moroccan population: Algeciras is home to one of the oldest Moroccan communities in Spain.

This is a national representation. Girls show an element of attraction towards Moroccan males and females. The peripheral system of a social representation is the interface between concrete reality and the central system.