Look, see, gno.

Introducing the GnoTruth BuddhaGang

GnoTruth is a community of (and for) meditators of all varieties that value the simple yet profound experience of direct understanding beyond words and thoughts.

This “direct experiential understanding” is “gnosis”.

Gnosis practices are present in many of the world’s spiritual traditions. There are many other words and phrases, other than “gnosis”, that point to this experience of deep understanding. We see no need to cling too tightly to any single word or phrase, not even “GnoTruth”. We don’t waste too much time creating and clinging to dogma or notions about orthodoxy. The Buddha’s hand is open, Yeshua’s arms are outstretched.

Look, see, gno.

Let’s beautify this Buddha-Realm, together! We can all participate in this glorious unfolding. Bringing true benefit to ourselves, we cannot help but to bring true benefit to others. Bringing true benefit to others, we cannot help but to bring true benefit to ourselves. This is one aspect of the teaching of ‘Not-Self’ (Anatman). Thank you for existing!

Take Refuge With Us.

The dharma doors are open and you are invited join us within the refuges of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.

Here are links that will take you to sections of our “BuddhaGang Refuge” page.

Join the Community on Facebook

Facebook has become the center of the Buddhagang’s activity. You can review our Facebook feed at the bottom of this page. While there are many articles here that you might find enlightening, the GnoTruth Buddhagang is more than a source of content– it is a community. This is just one of places you can learn more about us and keep up with what we are doing. So, please do visit our facebook page, join our group, and send us friend requests.

We need your support. You can help us in a variety of ways.


We always need help and you can help us out in a variety of ways. Sharing our content is helpful! If you enjoy our work here, or if you follow us on facebook (or any other social media platform), please share our content. And, if you feel that you’ve benefited from our activities, please consider visiting our donation page where you can contribute money via PayPal.

Dakpo Tashi Namgyal is a Mahamudra Meditation Master that has had a profound influence on Premadasa’s practice.

Questions? Comments? Send a note.

Do you have questions, comments, concern, praise or blame for us? Please feel free to find us on facebook, or message us using the form below.

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