You have arrived. Welcome home!

Please take a moment to review our Facebook feed below. Facebook has become the center of the Buddhagang’s activity. There are many articles here that you might find enlightening. But, the Buddhagang is more than a source of content– it is a community and this is our internet home; it is a place you can learn more about us and keep up with what we are doing.

The GnoTruth BuddhaGang team consists of Buddhist and non-Buddhist yogis and yoginis engaged in the practice of perfecting coemergent tranquility and insight (compassion and wisdom). This is how you might describe our activity in most general terms. It is “Buddhism” as in “striving for GnoTruth”– “striving toward perfect compassion and wisdom from the island of self with diligence”.

We are more than authors. More than seekers. More than spiritual people. We are a community of good friends, willing to offer our undivided attention to help you along your journey. You can ask questions about your practice and we will work through those questions with you, not hurling assertions at you as if we are infallible priests. Not priests, not scholars, not recluses, but engaged, active, sensitive and kind. Please, join us in this enlightening journey! Peace is every step and we would love to walk with you.

Follow GnoTruth on Facebook, or find and befriend me (the founder) “Stevie J Barker Jr” (refuge name: Nguyen Giac / Buddha Nature). I have a background in the study of early Christian practice, Buddhist psychology and meditation, the history of religion, and western psychology– and, you know, much more. I’ve been doing my thing for a while now. I am not a monk, but a devoted layperson. A lay teacher. The other members of the team are also accomplished in their various fields. We are also totally normal. Regular ol’ people. Nothing special.

And! We always need help. Keeping the community alive requires persistence and *some* money (I, Stevie, don’t work. I only GnoTruth, everyday. But! I gotta eat and keep the website up). If you feel that you have benefited from our activities, please consider helping us out– there is a donation page where you can contribute via PayPal. Not only does this help us, but it also contributes to your own perfection of generosity. Also, don’t worry about it. We will keep going whether or not we have money.

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