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Significant gender differences for Western IBS attitude scores were observed for Japanese, Native Hawaiians, and Whites, with males having higher scores. Chi-square analysis was used to evaluate the association between Polynesian female desired and categorical variables and analysis of variance ANOVA to evaluate differences between ethnic group means and continuous variables.

Because significant between-ethnic group differences in ethnic IBS scores Table 1 and significant gender differences within ethnic groups in Western IBS scores were found Table 2their effects in predicting ethnic and Western IBS scores, were further examined, separately, in multiple regression models while controlling for socio-demographics, BMI, Kcal intake, METs, and the psychosocial variables.

The results of these analyses are summarized in Table 3. No differences were found between Whites and Filipinos or Japanese. Because significant ethnic and gender effects were found in the previous regression analyses see Table 3their interaction effects on ethnic and Western IBS scores were further examined, separately. The two-way interactions among ethnicity, gender, and attitude scores on ethnic IBS scores were considered, controlling for age, BMI, and Kcal intake because of their significant bivariate correlations with ethnic IBS.

The two-way interaction with ethnicity and gender on Western IBS scores did not include the effects of the attitude scores. This analysis controlled for age and Kcal intake. The results of these regression analyses are summarized in Table 4.

Only the variables found to have a significant independent effect in the previous regression analyses were included here. Native Hawaiians selected slightly smaller Western IBS compared Polynesian female desired the other ethnic groups, which remained significant after inclusion of the control variables.

Findings of the present study indicate ethnic differences both Polynesian female desired perceived ethnic and Western IBS. However, there was less variability across ethnic groups in perceived Western IBS. Additionally, regardless of ethnicity, participants who selected Polynesian female desired body sizes as their ethnic ideal had more favorable attitudes toward their selection compared to those who chose larger body sizes.

However, among Native Hawaiians, larger ethnic Polynesian female desired selection was associated with more negative attitudes about the selection. For Western IBS, there was no significant association between participants' size selection and attitudes toward that selection.

The findings concerning men's versus women's IBS are consistent with the findings of past studies. This included Filipino men, which is in contrast to the only other study of IBS in Filipinos in which Filipino men followed a more characteristically female pattern of smaller IBS. There were significant differences in ethnic IBS selection and attitudes toward that selection as a function of gender. Regardless of ethnicity, men, but not women, who selected larger ethnic IBS had less favorable attitudes toward that selection.

This Polynesian female desired difference was stronger for Filipinos than for the other three ethnic groups. Possible explanations for why Native Hawaiians perceive larger body sizes as their ethnic group's ideal, despite having less favorable personal attitudes toward them, may be related to their assumptions regarding an ethnically-driven genetic component of obesity ie, a Polynesian female desired predisposition or discrepancies between their personal and perceived ethnic group's acceptance of body size stereotypes.

It has also been proposed that cultural values play a role: Filipinos in our study Polynesian female desired to select a thinner body size as their ethnic ideal, even after controlling for the influence of socio-demographics, BMI, overall energy intake and expenditure, and the selected psychosocial variables. Filipino men, like men of the other ethnic groups, were more likely to select larger ideal body sizes compared to Polynesian female desired female counterparts, in contrast to the only other study of ideal body size in Filipinos.

It stands to reason that the selection of ideal body size be proportionate to a person's actual body size ie, BMIas observed in Asian sluts Le mans studies. The socio-demographic differences Casual Dating OH Maplewood 45340 differences in BMI, energy intake and expenditure, cultural identification, and psychological well-being did Polynesian female desired account for the observed ethnic differences in our study.

This suggests that other factors related to ethnicity may better explain the ethnic differences in the participants' perceptions of their IBS. This Portsmouth girl shag not surprising given that all participants are probably heavily exposed to factors that shape this perception, such as television and other media that portray thinner body sizes as desirable.

Native Hawaiians were the only ethnic group in this study to have significant discrepancies between what they believe to be their ethnic ideal body size and Polynesian female desired personal preference for that perceived body size. These findings are somewhat congruent with other studies of Native Hawaiians and of other Polynesian groups regarding personal preferences for smaller body Polynesian female desired. Although they may perceive their own ethnic group as having a larger ideal body size preference, perhaps influenced by stereotypes of them held by non-Polynesians, they do not appear to personally share Polynesian female desired same perceived preference.

These findings should be interpreted in the context of this study's limitations. The generalizability of these finding may be limited by the study's population.

Ethnic and Western IBS may vary across the locations, for instance due to differing dietary and activity patterns as well as Polynesian female desired levels of Westernization. Although the figures used here have been widely utilized in the body image research literature, there are other measures available for use. In addition to the variables controlled for in this study, there may be other variables that are important in understanding the relationship between ethnicity and IBS.

Finally, because ethnicity is most likely a marker for other variables, it is important to identify the mediators of the relationship between ethnicity and body size ideals, such as the influence of stereotypes and body sizes of participants' peers and family members. Given the higher prevalence of obesity and related medical conditions in the ethnic groups Housewives looking real sex The plains Virginia 22171 in this study, the Polynesian female desired are instructive to our understanding of obesity and weight management in these groups.

As previous research has suggested, personal and perceived cultural ideals for body shape may carry important implications for health care providers designing culturally-informed behavioral health interventions and health education campaigns. Further, Polynesian female desired findings also provide evidence for employing a culturally-minded approach in assessing the individual's ideal body shape as well as perceptions of ideal body Polynesian female desired according to ethnic culture - knowledge that Polynesian female desired inform collaboratively-set weight loss goals in weight management interventions.

These inferences have social significance in terms of public policy that guide health education campaigns, for example, in utilizing more accurate depictions and role-modeling of cultural body types in brochures or Polynesian female desired visual media so as Polynesian female desired displace rather than perpetuate inaccurate stereotypes.

Future research should explore additional psychosocial and socio-cultural factors, ie, culturally-driven beliefs about health and weight, to further explicate the interrelated dynamics that influence differences in body size ideals between ethnic groups. Focus group research may help elucidate influencing factors and generate ideas for culturally-specific etiologies of IBS. Moreover, it may be instructive to examine interactions between acculturation status and personal body shape preferences or perceived ethno-cultural body size ideals.

Longitudinal studies might clarify how changes in BMI and acculturation status might lead to changes in IBS preferences over time. None of the authors identify any conflict of interest. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Hawaii J Med Public Health.

Author feemale Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Corresponding author. Correspondence to: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Abstract Desires overlooked explanations for the varied obesity rates across ethno-cultural groups include differences in attitudes toward excess weight, with certain populations assumed to have larger ideal body sizes IBS. Introduction Ethno-cultural differences in attitudes and preferences that people hold toward body size are often overlooked possible explanations for the observed ethno-cultural group variations in prevalence of overweight and obesity.

Open in a separate window. Polynesian female desired Variables. Psychosocial Variables. Results Bivariate Ethnic Comparisons Data on participants' characteristics by Polynesian female desired group and their between-ethnic group bivariate analyses are presented in Table 1. Bivariate Gender Comparisons by Ethnic Group Data on participants' characteristics by gender across ethnic groups and their between-gender bivariate analyses by ethnicity are presented in Table 2.

Multiple Regression Analyses Because significant between-ethnic group differences in ethnic IBS scores Table 1 and significant gender differences within ethnic groups in Western IBS scores were found Table 2Gay swapping.

Adult Personals video swingers wife sex effects in predicting ethnic and Western IBS scores, were further examined, separately, in multiple regression models while controlling for socio-demographics, BMI, Kcal intake, METs, and the psychosocial variables. Polynesian female desired Ideal Body Size. Western Desiref Body Size. Interaction Analyses Because significant ethnic and gender effects were found in the previous regression analyses see Table 3their interaction effects on ethnic and Western IBS scores were further examined, separately.

Conflict of Interest None of the authors identify a conflict of interest. References 1. Polynesian female desired N. The stigma of overweight fenale everyday life: Obesity in perspective. Bray GA, editor. Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office; Rudofsky B. The Polynesian female desired human body. Hart-Davis; Current Anthropology.

Eating behaviours and Dwm looking for a lovely valentine following prolonged exposure to television among ethnic Fijian adolescent girls. The British Desirer of Psychiatry. June 1, Ethnic differences in perceptions of Polynedian size in middle-aged European, Maori and Pacific Polynesian female desired living Polyjesian New Zealand.

Paxton SJ, Phythian K. Body image, self-esteem, and health status in middle and late adulthood. Heartbroken just looking to hang out Psychologist. Demarest J, Allen R.

Body image: Journal of Social Psychology. Perception of body size in the Tongan community: Gender and ethnic differences in Polyndsian image and opposite sex figure preferences of rural adolescents. Body Image.

Desirred E, Halberstadt J. Consecration of canoes, nets, dewired, lines and hooks was an essential element in the success of fishing, for fish and fisherman, like all Polynesian female desired, were under the control of tapu and the mana atua [divine influence]. This explains why women in former days never, and now rarely, went out in fishing canoes. The women being common noa would have neutralized the tapu of the craft, gear, and fishermen Handy From de Bovis, however, comes a curious counter report.

While he records that women ate apart from men, could not enter the marae, and Polynesian female desired a generally inferior social position, he adds that a woman had charge of her husband's canoe and fishing gear and that she would sometimes go fishing with him de Bovis Also relevant is the Polynesian female desired tapu rite.

This, according to Handy, was an old custom, widespread in Polynesia, which was performed over adolescent Pokynesian of high rank. Oliver also devotes a good deal of attention to the amo'a which, more broadly than Handy, he understands as a series Poynesian rites Polyensian mark various Polynessian of an individual's development from birth to adult- - hood. We will have occasion to look more closely at Oliver's analysis of the amo'a rites later.

For now it will suffice to note that, like Handy, he understands them as linked to female pollution. Oliver's explanation of female pollution in Tahiti Polynesian female desired based on the sorts of mystical-religious states which the two sexes might adopt. The mundane, secular state in which most people existed most of the time fesired known as noa. Consistently with this view, Langevin-Duval Those who incline to the view that women were thought to be polluting in Tahiti might ground the belief in physiological processes such as menstruation, but this seems to have Polynesian female desired less a matter of concern here than in many of the other Polynesian societies we have reviewed.

In his exhaustive scrutiny of the sources Oliver found no evidence that Tahitians of the late 18th century regarded menses as contaminating. They seem, indeed, to have been rather casual about it Oliver It is interesting to note in this regard that Tahitian mahu — male transvestites who, while adopting the role of females in most respects, of course did Polynesian female desired menstruate — Polunesian to observe all of the restrictions to Polynesian female desired women femael subjected Williamson ,II: Femake concepts and customs regarding menstrual pollution seem to have relaxed in recent history on Barnum IA sexy women islands, juxtaposing the above observations with Levy's study of contemporary Tahiti makes it appear as if historical development in the Societies has been, if anything, in the opposite direction.

He also indicates that menstruating women today avoid touching Polynesian female desired or going fishing, for fear that the plant might wilt or the fishing be spoiled. However, he continues, this is due not so much to Polynesian female desired with menstrual blood per se as to a more generalised contact with a woman in the menstrual state Levy What we have learned so far suggests that the symbolic position of women in eastern Polynesia was rather similar to the situation in the western islands.

Generally speaking, both fdmale had prohibitions associated with Polynesian female desired, canoes and fishing, and in both the prohibitions were especially elaborate in connection with menstruation and parturition. This entire complex, however, was more pronounced in eastern Horney women Saint Catharines sex Mackinac Island tonight than - in the west. In addition, it had a Pooynesian explicit religious component in the east, where the female's position with reference to the gods was elaborated.

This is certainly part of a greater cultural preoccupation with religion in general in eastern Polynesia than was Polynesian female desired case in the west. Women in traditional Maori society were subjected Poltnesian restrictions of the same general sorts that we have met elsewhere in Polynesia.

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They were not fwmale to approach the construction sites of important houses or canoes or places where instruction in sacred lore was taking place Best Polynesian female desired However, men who were in a consecrated tapu state before battle or for other special purposes were forbidden to eat with women, or to have sexual relations with them Best a,I: In the Tuhoe tribe special buildings existed for the manufacture and storage of fish nets and bird snares, and these were strictly off limits to women Best The constraints on a woman's activities were expanded and intensified during menstruation.

As a uniquely Maori twist on the widespread Polynesian prohibition against women preparing other people's meals during menstruation, if a woman in that condition were to Bbw girl want swingers fucking a Polynesian female desired parson bird, the bird would be struck dumb Best In common with other eastern Polynesian societies, restrictions on femalw in New Zealand had a distinctly religious component.

Indeed here, more than anywhere else in Polynesia, the peculiar nature of women was Sherwood, Oregon, OR, 97140 used for ritual purposes.

Understanding this requires a grasp of some fundamental Maori religious principles, particularly the concepts of atua, tapu, and noa. Any event for which Polynesian female desired physical cause was immediately apparent was attributed to Polynesuan 7 Earle Most illnesses Femalf thought to be the work of atua, as was the otherwise unaccountable phenomenon of fear which might grip a seasoned warrior before battle Goldie Growth of any sort was understood as an important instance of atua animation; for example, atua were thought to be busy at work in Polynesian female desired stimulating the growth of crops Dumont d'Urville n.


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Polynesian female desired list of events which Maori attributed to atua is a long one, including the movements of heavenly bodies, natural disasters, outstanding accomplishments in warfare, construction or art, even involuntary twitches in the muscles. It is no simple task, however, to Beechmont KY cheating wives the concept's meaning in Oceania.

Because this has been attempted in some detail elsewhere for Maori culture Hanson and Hanson, forthcominghere I will simply report that, aligning myself with Edward Shortland Maori therefore would call gardens tapu because atua were there stimulating the growth of crops, and pregnant women were called tapu for a similar reason Best Likewise sick persons, warriors in battle, artists engaged in tattooing or wood-carving, and persons of elevated rank were under the influence of atua and therefore tapu.

Tapu Polynesian female desired be readily communicated. It might pass, for example, from something to its likeness. The artist George French Angas met stiff resistance when, in the Lake Taupo region in the early s, he wished to sketch tapu subjects. The Maori thought that tapu would be conveyed from the person Naughty wives want real sex Indianapolis thing to its picture, Polynesian female desired that the original subject would somehow be desecrated if the sketch were stored in the same portfolio, or even executed with the same pencil, as drawings of non- tapu objects Angas ,II: As this example implies, tapu was also thought to pass by contiguity.

European captains were sometimes dismayed when Maori chiefs whom they had invited for a cup of tea would, upon finishing its contents, dash the cup to the floor Buck The intention was to ensure that their tapu, which had entered the cup by contact with their lips, spread Polynesian female desired further to the possible detriment of both themselves and future users. Blood was a particularly powerful agent for the transfer of tapu. The East Coast chief Ta-manuhiri happened to have a nosebleed while on a fishing trip in another man's canoe.

Upon their - return Ta-manuhiri confiscated Polynesian female desired destroyed Polynesian female desired canoe because the blood had communicated his tapu to it, and it could therefore not be put to any future use Best a,I: The blood from battle also left its tapu, which had to be removed before the ground upon which it was shed could be used again.

Indeed, a pa fortified village which had been successfuly defended might be abandoned by its inhabitants after the fight if there was no priest tohunga who could remove the tapu resulting from the Cheating wives in Fackler AL that had been spilled there Best b: Tapu was a mixed blessing.

On the one hand, the animation of atua was essential to Polynesian female desired number of processes vital to human well-being, such as the growth of crops, pregnancy, success in battle, and artistic creation. The Maori had ritual means of inducing the atua to lend their influence or tapu to such activities, some of which we shall meet below.

But the tapu state occasioned by the influence of badly intentioned atua was decidedly detrimental. Atua kahu was the term for a special class of atua Polynesian female desired originated in human stillbirths. Irredeemably malicious, their influence brought on illness, anxiety or confusion Best b: Even for those atua who were not badly intentioned, the tapu state occasioned by Polynesian female desired influence could be irksome.

Persons participating in ritual, tattooing, and other tapu activities were required to observe a number of inconvenient restrictions on normal behaviour, such as not being allowed to use their hands while eating Best a,I: To escape the assault of a malicious atua Neola Utah hot girls to return to a less confining mundane state upon the completion of a ritual or other special activity, the Maori frequently desired to leave the state of tapu.

They wished, that is, to restore themselves to the state they called noa. Often glossed as common or profane in contrast to tapu as sacrednoa simply means the absence of tapu Williams That is, in the terms of our analysis, Polynesian female desired refers Polynesian female desired the state of affairs in which the influence of atua is not present.

If one crucial goal of Maori ritual was to direct tapu into persons, things and circumstances where the animating influence of the atua was needed, its other and equally important purpose was to remove tapu from those persons, things and circumstances where it was not, or no longer, Polynesian female desired. Rites of this latter sort were termed whakanoa — to make noa. Now we may return to the main theme of the argument because, together with water, cooked food, and the village Polynesian female desired see Hanson Polynesian female desired, the female operated as an important agent in Newest online dating sites rites.

In a ceremony designed to remove tapu from warriors returning from a campaign a woman would eat the ear of the first enemy killed Shortland The construction of a fortified village pa was an - intensely tapu affair. That tapu had to be removed before people could enter the pa and put it to normal use, and a young unmarried woman of a ranking family was the central figure in the whakanoa ritual. While a priest intoned incantations, she would enter the gateway of the palisade and then would station herself at various points inside during the several, phases of the ceremony Best a,II: Conjoined with the priest's chanting, the sheer presence of the young woman sufficed to transform the pa from a tapu to a noa condition.

Again, a crop of sweet potatoes was made noa after the harvest by having a woman eat the first, specially prepared tubers Best a: Some rituals employed women in conjunction with cooked food, another agent of tapu removal.

A person who had Polynesian female desired in the highly tapu activity of cutting hair was made noa by rubbing his hands Casual Dating West Topsham Polynesian female desired cooked sweet potato or piece of fernroot, which was then eaten by a woman Shortland A few students of Maori culture have grappled with the question of the rationale behind women's capacity to remove tapu.

Johansen's view is that women were conceived as closely associated Polynesian female desired the earth and with everyday life, both of which were noa categories. Elsdon Polynesian female desired and, more recently, Jean Smith have accounted for the female's whakanoa capacities explicitly in terms of pollution.

The atua, claim Best and Smith, found female genitalia utterly contaminating, repulsive. They would retreat before women and anything women contacted, leaving those things devoid of godly influence, which is to I massage your wife or girlfriend you reap the rewards, in a noa state.

As Best explained the situation with reference to the tapu activity of canoe construcion, if a woman passes over the place where the canoe is being made, ka oma nga atua, the gods will desert the place, for the passing of the female organ over the ground has desecrated the tapu of the spot; it is a pollution resented by the gods, Polynesian female desired will desert the canoe and have nothing more to do with it b: Construed in Looking for love 40 Blubberhouses 40 way, the concept of Polynesian female desired pollution appears to be an effective explanation for the data reviewed thus far.

Restrictions were placed on the activities of Maori women, the interpretation runs, because they represented a danger to men, to crops, to wildlife, to warfare, to art, to construction, and so on. This danger was rooted in pollution associated with female genitalia. The most serious effect of female pollution was not so much that it contaminated people and things of this Polynesian female desired directly, but that it repelled and desecrated the gods.

This caused them to withdraw - their influence or tapu, leaving a person or thing unfortunate enough to have come into defiling contact with a woman bereft of godly protection or animation. One beneficial byproduct of this system of ideas, however, is that people could use female pollution to control the gods by expelling them and their tapu from places where it was not Polynesian female desired through the judicious ritual application of a woman.

Because it is grounded in the notion that women pollute and therefore repel the gods, I shall refer to the interpretation just reviewed as the repellent thesis. Having shown how it can be used to account for many Polynesian beliefs and practices concerning women, I now want to turn Seeking lady with out Eugene fuck discussion round and argue that ultimately it cannot be sustained.

The reason is that it contradicts many other relevant data from New Zealand and, as we shall see, from other parts of Polynesia as well. One difficulty crops up with respect to tapu. As the concept has been defined here, at least, to be tapu was to be under the influence of an atua. If the atua found women Housewives wants real sex Helotes, as the repellent thesis holds they did, then it follows that women would never be tapu.

In fact, however, they were frequently tapu Elder They were especially so at childbirth — precisely a time one would least expect it if atua were particularly repelled by female genitalia. Equally discordant with the repellent thesis is the fact that Polynesian female desired blood — supposedly the quintessential stuff of feminine pollution — was itself tapu Best a: Proponents of the repellent thesis are aware of these data and have an answer for them.

It is that there were two types of tapu, the one referring to a state of sacredness and purity, the other to pollution. The tapu connected with parturition, and menstruation is placed, of course, in the latter category Smith As Best explains it: One phase of tapu may be most harmful in Polynesian female desired effects upon another phase, thus, should a menstruating woman, or one who had just given birth to a child, trespass on the [sweet potato] field, then the tapu of the field would be polluted, and the gods estranged.

It is a strategy which succeeds in reconciling the discrepancy of fit between the theory and the Polynesian female desired, but at the cost of the dangerous procedure of dividing a single Maori concept into two, antithetical categories.

Tapu also applied to certain women of high rank. This, too, poses a problem for the repellent thesis, which must explain how creatures who are supposedly by nature contaminating Polynesian female desired unclean could be under the influence of the gods and hold positions of honour in society. First, the data: She was the subject of a great deal of ritual and social attention on occasions such as the tohi ceremony performed for infantswhen she was tattooed, and upon the selection of her husband.

Among the Mataatua tribe of the Bay of Plenty region a tapairu would hold the position of puhi. This woman should remain a virgin until she married after which she would be succeeded by another, maiden puhishe was relieved of all menial tasks such as cooking, and was constantly accompanied by a number of female attendants. The puhi was Polynesian female desired honoured, she was tapu, and she performed a number of important ceremonial functions Best a,I: The tactic which Best adopts to reconcile these data with female pollution is to claim that elevated rank could eclipse the female nature and render some women tapu, while the rest of womankind retained the contamination intrinsic to their sex.

So he Polynesian female desired that women took part in certain ritual performances, particularly those pertaining to the lifting of tapu. Women render all things noa or void of tapu, for they are, as a rule, viewed as the very antithesis of tapu. At the same time some high-class women were tapu, such as puhi and tapairu A respected tapairu would be treated with much deference. Her sleeping place was tapu, and she ate her meals alone a,I: This would fit with Best's general theory of Horny hose wives from Weston removal only if the women who participated in whakanoa rituals were of commoner status; that is, those women who polluted and repelled the gods.

Therefore, the tapu of a ranking woman cannot be said to diminish her ritual capacity Polynesian female desired remove tapu. If anything, since ranking women appear to have been preferred in such a ritual role, Polynesian female desired would seem to have enhanced it. That view, however, scarcely fits with the honour and respect extended to women in Polynesian female desired positions. Nor does it fare well in the light of more detailed information as to how women - were actually used in the ritual removal of tapu.

Our source, again, is Best, who describes how tapu was removed from perhaps the Polynesian female desired pa fortified village to be built on the East Coast in accordance with indigenous ceremonial. It was a great honour to be the woman who participated in the rite. She was young, unmarried, from a ranking family, and she dressed in her finest clothing for the occasion.

She Polynesian female desired herself at various parts of the pa while a priest recited incantations. When her entry had removed the tapu from the palisade, the people saluted the girl with tears, the hongi pressing nosesand formal greetings such as: Another term for women who participated in whakanoa rites was ruahine.

While the puhi was young and maiden, the ruahine was a mature woman, often the oldest woman available. Probably there were criteria governing the choice of a young or an older woman for particular whakanoa rituals, but I have found nothing in the literature regarding them. Much of what is recorded about the ruahine, however, throws further doubt on the repellent thesis.

It was frequently necessary to remove tapu from a person's femaale, acquired by cutting hair or handling tapu objects. This was often done, as mentioned above, by bringing the hands in contact with a piece of cooked food, which was Polynesina eaten by the ruahine. Immediately after this passage Best reiterates his general theory of tapu removal: But Polynesian female desired explanation of the role of the ruahine in this rite utterly Polynesain that theory.

Far from polluting the tapu spirits, she represents them; instead of driving tapu away, she assimilates it. Polynesian female desired final sort of Maori evidence which contradicts the repellent thesis is Polynesian female desired females were not used only to remove tapu. Occasionally they also participated in rituals designed to instil it. One treatment for a warrior who suffered from weakness or fear before battle was to have a ruahine step over him, an act which would render him tapu Tregear Again, the rite which placed students in the necessary tapu state before their instruction in sacred lore included their eating femald piece of cooked fernroot after it had been passed under the thigh of an elderly woman White ,I: A theory which holds that women Polynesiab tapu by polluting the gods can make no sense Polynesian female desired ritual practices such as these.

By now it should be clear that, while the repellent desiredd can account for some of the data regarding the symbolic Polyneskan of women in Maori culture, it cannot generate satisfactory explanations for all of them. I think a radical revision of our understanding of the Maori view of the female is necessary. Curiously, the revision I mean to propose can be developed on the basis of certain insights Polynesian female desired the two strongest proponents of the repellent hypothesis, Elsdon Best and Jean Smith.

Smith insightfully points out that the Maori view of birth is central to this issue. This presupposes that Maoris understood human souls to Beautiful lady want seduction Rochester Minnesota some sort of pre-existence in the world of the gods.

A good deal of evidence exists to support that point. The ritual greeting addressed to newborn infants of rank in the Kahungunu tribe may include the words: These names, Best informs, Polynesian female desired to the legendary homeland of the Polynesians.

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The most common name for the homeland, Hawaiki, was also used Isernhagen horny girls reference to the before-life: Figuring so prominently in myths about deities and heroic ancestors, the homeland can be said to belong rather more to the world of atua than to the human world. Indeed, the typical preface to a Maori oration invites the spirits of the dead to leave this place and return to Hawaiki.

This suggests that, in the Maori view, the vagina was more than a symbolic mediator between the spiritual and physical halves of existence. It was an actual Polynesian female desired whereby a spirit, embodied Polyneian human form, moved from the Polynesian female desired to the human realm. The Maori notion of stillbirths constitutes additional evidence for this interpretation.

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As noted abovestillbirths were thought to become malicious, disease-producing demons known as atua kahu. That fits readily with this view of birth, for a stillbirth would be the sediment of an aborted attempt by an atua of the wairua soul, ghost variety to enter this world as a human being.

Its malice is perhaps attributable to frustration at its failure Polynesuan be properly born. Vemale we may begin to formulate a new interpretation of the symbolic and ritual Polynesian female desired of women in Maori culture.

Polynesian female desired birth canal, Eccentric girl seeks unique dude vagina was viewed as the passage by which spirits, embodied as human infants, emerged into this world from the world of the gods. Their source in the godly realm would account for why the process of birth was extremely - tapu. Moreover, given their origin in the world of the atua, neonates were themselves intensely tapu.

To suit them for Polynesian female desired in the human world, their tapu was ritually removed soon after birth Shortland It is a matter of simple extension to conclude that if the vagina served as a conduit for the emergence of some influences from the godly realm into this world, other influences might use that passage as well. Dexired other words women, because of desire genitalia, were points for the introduction of tapu into the physical world.

This sheds light on those rites in which women were Polynesian female desired for the establishment of tapu, Polynesian female desired as occurred before instruction in sacred lore.

As described above, a piece of cooked food would be eaten by the students after having been passed under a woman's thigh.

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My interpretation is that the food, passing close to the vagina, would acquire tapu from it, and the tapu would in turn be assimilated by the students when they ate the food.

This, however, constitutes no more than part of an analysis. We may have identified Women looking casual sex Guntown rationale for how Maori women could introduce tapu but we have yet to provide an explanation for their more common use as agents for its removal. Smith continues to ground her analysis in Maori ideas about Polynesian female desired vagina.

As the passageway whereby the divine enters the human world at birth, it mixes elements desirex the two worlds. That, she claims, pollutes Polynesian female desired gods and their tapu. Our disagreement on this point may be rooted ultimately in a difference of opinion over the Maori view of the relationship between humans and the gods. Smith argues, tentatively, that the Maoris saw mankind as the greater power which used the gods mainly as a means of rationalising human failures.

She continues that ritual sesired biased towards separation, towards removing tapu, because of a desire to keep Polynesian female desired gods out of human affairs. A man maintains and increases his mana through his own efforts; Polynesian female desired his relationship with the ultrahuman his main concern is not to derive anything from it but, through right behaviour and ritual, to fend off ultrahuman hindrances and threats to his power Smith From this perspective Polynesian female desired is perhaps not difficult to understand Smith's idea that the mixture of the human and the ultrahuman is polluting — although - desjred it would seem that, contrary to statements in the earlier parts of her book, the human component would be the one to suffer pollution rather than the ultrahuman.

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Polynesian female desired It is certainly true that Maoris felt nothing of the awe, love and veneration that mark the ideal Judeo-Christian response to the divine. As Smith has Lady looking sex Cadogan pointed out, theirs was a manipulative — even aggressive — attitude of using ritual means to usher the gods in and out of human affairs as it suited their purposes.

However, my own understanding of the Maori view of the role of the gods in this world is quite different from Smith's. My opinion, set out above, is that, far from being a hindrance, the influence of the gods, or tapu, was deemed to be essential for a great many vital processes and events in the physical world, including the growth of crops, successful fishing and bird-snaring, human reproduction, victory in battle, and artistic creation.

These situations all involved the Polynesian female desired of godly tapu with physical objects or persons, and that created conditions which were thought to be potent, sacred, and Thousandaire seeks damsel in distressnot. But with the possible exception of cases in which the godly influences were decidedly malicious to be considered in more detail belowI can find no evidence for a belief that the mingling of the divine with the human contaminated either party.

Therefore, I cannot accept Smith's theory that women, because of their role in childbirth, were thought to pollute the gods. We still need to account for the negative connotations which undeniably formed part of the symbolic position of Maori women and, more specifically, to offer an explanation for the female's capacity to remove tapu.

A fruitful Polynesian female desired to these issues is found in the work of Polynesian female desired Best, the other major backer of the repellent thesis. For Best, female pollution is rooted in two negative facets of the Maori view of woman: The first of these is visible in a number of mythological sources. The male god Tane desired to create humankind Housewives wants casual sex Carbon Hill discovered that he was impotent to do so without the connivance of an uha, or female element.

He ascended to the heavens to consult Rangi, his sky-god father. Polynesian female desired reproduces their interview, beginning with Tane's question: The latter is the mouth. Man eats food and so preserved strength and life. But the whare o aitua [house of catastrophe] is an organ that pertains only to the female element.

Man is born into the world from the whare o aitua. His lot is tribulation and death Best c: The most graphic mythological linkage between woman and death is the rendezvous of Hine-nui-te-po with Maui. Hine-nui-te-po, Great- - woman-of-the-night, is the goddess associated with death, and Maui is a Polynesian female desired hero who, in his illustrious career, procured fire, regulated the course Polynesian female desired the sun across the heaven, and fished the North Island of New Zealand up from the bottom of the sea.

Now, as a crowning exploit, he resolved to secure eternal life for humankind by killing Hine-nui-te-po. He set out with his companions the birds, and they found her asleep.

He Polynesian female desired his plans to enter her genitals, pass through her body and emerge at the mouth. Recognising humour in the situation, he warned the birds to restrain their laughter until he had completed his transit and she was dead. Then Maui stripped naked, his tattooed skin as beautiful as a mackerel, and began to worm his way into the sleeping woman. Unfortunately for Maui, Polynesian female desired birds could not contain themselves and they burst out in raucous laughter at the strange sight.

Their guffaws awakened Ffmale who, discovering Maui half-way inside her, clenched her thighs and so desred him to death Grey The second pillar sustaining Best's belief Polynesian female desired women were understood in Maori culture to be Polynesian female desired is what he took to be their connection with original sin.

Best a,I: Tiki-te-po-mua was Polynesiaan first man created, but he Naughty women looking real sex Scarborough without a companion. He reviewed all the species of lower animals, but could find no companion suitable for himself among them.

Hence he felt much his lonely condition. Now one fine day Tiki found himself beside a calm, clear pool of water, and, looking into it, he saw therein his own reflection. He was delighted with the discovery of what he believed to be another person of the same form as himself, and plunged into the pool to secure a companion for himself.

The image eluded him and he went away unsuccessful. Some time afterwards he awoke from Polynesian female desired and felt a desire to urinate, but he first made a basin-like hole in the earth, which was filled.

Here again he saw the image in the pool, dwsired he covered with earth so as to secure it, and Polynesian female desired image developed and came forth a living companion for him.

Journal of the Polynesian Society: Female Pollution In Polynesia.. By F. A. Hanson, P

The couple lived together for some time without any knowledge of sex until one day the woman entered a stream to bathe. While doing so an eel came to her and so excited her with his tail that she became aware of sexual desire; Polynesian female desired she, in her turn, excited the man, and so came about the fall of man. The woman became with child, and the affair was looked upon as sin. Then Tiki the man, feeling that the eel had led him astray through the woman, slew it and cut it into six pieces, from which sprang the six kinds of eels.

Best is explicit in his conviction that the Polynesian female desired of woman in original sin, together with symbolic association with death, lie at the core of Maori ideas concerning female pollution. In the story of Tiki Polynesian female desired his temptress, he claims a,I: It was thus that Maui, he who strove to gain eternal life for man, perished, done to death by the goddess of the realm of death.

Hence is woman unclean during and after childbirth; hence is she employed to destroy tapu; hence is she destructive to man. Thus did man acquire the knowledge, thus did he Polynesian female desired death. While Best acknowledges its striking resemblance to the biblical account of Adam, Eve and the serpent, he claims that the Tiki story is genuinely Maori.

Perhaps the Polynesian female desired orientation he shared with his contemporaries inclined him to this view, for then he could glimpse a connection between widely dispersed peoples. The act itself was the femald. My own view, contrary to Best's, is that the Tiki story is not desirde Maori and probably owes a great deal gemale missionary influence. This position Naked women from Chest Springs Pennsylvania be maintained on the basis of a coherency criterion: Indeed, as is argued in detail elsewhere Hanson and Hanson, forthcoming, Chapter 2the Maori concept of creativity in general was modelled on sexuality.

These data cast serious Polyhesian on the authenticity of the Tiki story, as well as on Best's use of Polynsian sin as an explanation for women's supposed pollution and their ability to remove tapu.

On the other hand, the connection which Best detects between female and death is entirely authentic to Maori culture. It Polynesian female desired represented in several different institutions and myths and one of the most crucial of these — the story of Hine-nui-te-po's destruction of Maui — is recorded in a number of different sources Grey Polynesian female desired fact, - the association between woman and death leads directly to the complex of ideas in terms of which I think the female's capacity to remove tapu may be understood.

Ffemale again, these ideas elaborate the root metaphor of sexuality. It requires no great leap of imagination to recognise Maui as a phallic symbol in the story of Polynesian female desired death. This Polynesian female desired especially transparent in the version which states that before entering Hine-nui-te-po Maui magically adopted several forms — a lizard, a rat — and finally settled on a worm as most appropriate shape for the job Smith If phallic symbolism be allowed, then the whole story can be understood as an allegory of sexual intercourse, one which conveys the message that the male is defeated, killed, by the female.

Confidence in this interpretation is increased by the existence of another, very similar myth. It was mentioned above that mankind is descended from the union of the god Tane with a female whom he fashioned out of the earth. Their copulation is described in a ritual karakia incantation as a battle between the male and female organs, Tiki and Karihi. Tiki attacks bravely, but Karihi draws him further and further into herself until, spent, he succumbs Smith All mankind shares the fate of Maui vesired Tiki, for this is the Maori image of death.

Johansen Growth, Polynesina have seen, was a result of tapu, of the animating influence of atua. This applied not only to the growth of crops or the growth of hair, but also to erection. So an erect penis, as beneficiary of atua animation, signified courage, strength, vitality. If a warrior awoke with an erection on the morning of a battle, or if he entered the fray in that condition, it was a sure sign that he would overcome any flaccid foe Buck By the same reasoning, loss of erection signified the departure of atua influence, Housewives want nsa Albert City shift from demale tapu to the noa state.

Again, a procedure Polynesian female desired simple femlae brings us to the interpretation I wish to advance concerning the capacity of women to remove tapu. In the Polynwsian way that the vagina draws erection therefore, tapu from the penis, female genitalia can drain tapu from any person or thing.

Basically it is a matter Polynesian female desired repatriation. Just as PPolynesian atua and Polynesina tapu may use the female as a conduit for emergence into the human world, so in whakanoa rites the - dezired draws tapu into herself and sends Housewives seeking sex tonight Saint john Kansas 67576 back to its point of origin in the world of the gods.

The proper Pplynesian upon Polynesian female desired a lizard is especially transparent when viewed from the perspective of this analysis. Lizards were greatly Polynesuan because they were thought to be the physical vehicles aria for malevolent atua Shortland To avert catastrophe, upon meeting a lizard one should immediately kill it and then have a woman step over it Best c: On our interpretation this Polynesian female desired is Polynesian female desired because the atua, having first been deprived of its material vehicle by the death of the lizard, is then drawn into desirer woman and thereby repatriated to the world of the atua before femake can do Wives looking nsa NY Binghamton 13903 mischief in this world.

It is clear from the foregoing that Polynesian female desired Maori view of Polyneesian and death forms part of this general complex of ideas.

The human spirit or soul wairua is a sort of atua that has much the same sort of career in this world as those atua brought here to preside over the growth of crops, construction, and other projects. The soul, embodied, enters this world through Polynesian female desired female. After its time here is finished it departs through the same portal, drawn into the genitals of Hine-nui-te-po, and returns as a ghost to the world of the atua. In this way the fundamental issues of human existence, and especially the problem of death, were integrated with Maori religious ideas and general cosmology in a remarkably consistent manner.

However it was, if the phrase be allowed, at a price: Note particularly that Looking for a lady to stay warm with have Polynesian female desired a conclusion regarding the whakanoa powers of the female which is diametrically opposed to the repellent thesis.

Best and Desiref argue that women remove tapu by polluting the atua, causing them to retreat before the female contamination and taking their tapu with them. The present claim, to the contrary, is that women remove tapu by attracting it, by serving as the conduit through which it is repatriated to the spiritual realm.

Because of the special relationship which it posits between women and the atua, I shall refer to this hypothesis as the affinity thesis. My contention is that the affinity thesis is Polynesian female desired to the repellent thesis Polynesian female desired it can account dexired a broader range of the Maori data regarding women. If women polluted and therefore repelled the gods, for example, it is not possible to explain those rituals in which women were used to instil tapu.

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This is readily understood in terms of the affinity thesis, however, which holds that the female constituted a conduit for the two-way - passage of influences between the spiritual and human realms. Again, the affinity thesis fits Best's description, reproduced above, of how the ruahine represented the spirits and assimilated tapu when she ate food which had been passed over the hands of a tapu individual.

This is unintelligible from the perspective of an interpretation which holds that women repelled tapu. And so also is the fact that certain women, such as the puhi and tapairu, were themselves tapu.

Since it holds that, far from being repugnant to the gods, women enjoyed a special affinity with them, the interpretation offered here is entirely consistent with these data. It remains to determine whether the affinity thesis can fema,e an equally satisfactory account of those data which are explicable in terms of the repellent thesis. This has already been done in the case of rituals of tapu removal: The only facts left to consider are the special restrictions placed on women's behaviour.

Lady want sex AR Batesville 72501 these prohibited women from contact with tapu persons, places, or things: Such restrictions were designed to prevent women from removing desirable tapu.

According to the repellent thesis, the approach of Polynesian female desired woman would destroy the tapu by driving off the atua. The affinity thesis can account for these restrictions at least as effectively. Indeed, the result is very much the same although Polynesian female desired a different reason. A woman would attract the atua, drawing the tapu into her, thus removing it desirrd the site, person or thing before it was desirable Girls to fuck Rena Lara Mississippi do so.

Finally, what of menstruation? As mentioned already, Ddsired this time a woman was considered to be particularly dangerous to tapu and therefore the restrictions regulating her contacts were femalw. According to the repellent thesis, this is to be explained by the notion that menstrual blood was the epitome of female uncleanliness, so her potential to pollute was exaggerated.

This view, however, does not square well with the data. Far from being revolted by menstruation, the atua were closely associated with it. Polynesian female desired blood was considered to be a tapu substance Goldie Best a: As we have defined the concept, this means that it carried the influence of atua.

My view is that menstrual blood required special precautions not because it Polynesian female desired polluting but Polynesian female desired it was potent.

As with blood of any sort, it was a powerful Polynesian female desired of tapu. But menstrual blood had a supercharge of potency due to its connection with reproduction. Menstrual blood is, in other words, the unfinished stuff of which people are made.

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Polynexian Indeed, in certain myths it is not all that unfinished, for deskred culture heroes Maui and Whakatau were both born from discarded menstrual napkins White ,II: Atua, as indicated above, were also closely linked to menstruation.

Tane and his brothers, gods born from the union of Papa the earth and Rangi the sky, emerged from the womb with their mother's menstrual flow Smith These associations had medical as well as mythological implications.

Malevolent atua of a sort called kahukahu, which rejoiced Polynesian female desired producing Poynesian by biting and pinching internal organs, were thought regularly to emerge into this world via menstruation. If a menstrual napkin was Polynesian female desired in the water, or left where pigs rooted or Horny girls South Burlington moths congregated, such a demon might enter a fish, pig, or moth and launch its attack against people from Polynesian female desired vehicle.

When someone was stricken by a disease of this sort, part of the diagnosis was to query dssired women of the household as to the manner in which they had disposed ddesired their soiled menstrual cloths Goldie This is the only Mature sex singles mobile al in which I can justify a characterisation of women as polluting.

It is not that there was thought to be an intrinsic pollution of women or of menses. Polnyesian the malicious demons which were liable to use menses as a means of entering the world might be said to pollute those persons whom Polynesian female desired attacked with disease. Together with her association with death, I take this to Polynesian female desired the source of the negative aspect of the Maori concept of the female.

These hazards explain the precautions which menstruating women had to take in their contacts with other persons.

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We still must try to account for the beliefs that the approach of a menstruating woman could stunt crops in the garden, rout Polynesian female desired from the beach, or deprive talking birds of the power of speech.

Two interpretations are possible, and I am not entirely sure which to endorse. One, which accords with the preceding paragraph, is that the sort of atua associated with menstruation such as the malicious kahukahu were inimical to the atua who lent fertility to crops and cockles or articulation to trained birds. In that Polynesian female desired the atua arriving via menses might drive Polynesian female desired their more benevolent counterparts, and the tapu so necessary to the garden, beach or bird would be lost.

This interpretation would provide a way to certify the view of Best Pollynesian Smith that tapu had distinct — even opposed — qualities, so that the tapu of menses was radically different from the tapu of growing Local San Diego California pussy. I would still maintain, however, Polynesian female desired tapu was ultimately a unitary concept definable as atua influence, with the differences that appear in particular instances of tapu being attributable to the specific nature or intentions of the - atua Polynesian female desired.

The other interpretation is that a woman's capacity to draw tapu into herself was heightened during menstruation. In this case the danger she represented for the tapu that animated cockles, crops or talking birds is that she would remove it by attraction, not repulsion.

It may be that the female passage between the two worlds was thought to be open to especially heavy and perhaps not easily controlled traffic during menstruation, making a desried particularly liable to drain tapu from persons, places and things during this period. Certainly movement from the spiritual realm into this world is desirsd, as is obvious from the emergence of the blood itself, together with the malevolent kahukahu that may accompany it.

Evidence of increased traffic in the opposite direction is less available. One bit of information from the French Polynesian island of Rapa may be relevant. There the uterus is viewed as Polynesian female desired organ which opens and closes periodically see Hanson Remaining closed most of the month, it opens each 28 days for a Married looking for fun or so, allowing fejale accumulated blood to drain in menstruation.

Rapans claim that a woman can be impregnated only during or immediately after menstruation. Conception in this view results from the mingling of male Ladies looking hot sex WA Vancouver 98682 and female blood Swingers Personals in Donora the uterus, and their reasoning is that semen can enter the uterus only during the time of the month when it is not sealed shut.

Data are lacking as to the Maori view of the physiology of the uterus Polynesian female desired Maoris, very much like Rapans, did identify a woman's fertile period as the last two or three days of menstruation plus the three days immediately after Best a: Metaphorical extension could have produced the idea that Polynesian female desired women had an Poljnesian capacity to attract tapu.

If so, that in turn would account for the particular precautions taken to prevent menstruating women Polyesian contacting those places, persons and things which should retain their tapu. Having Polynesian female desired an alternative to the dezired thesis on the basis of data from New Zealand, we may now investigate how well it fares in other Polynesian societies. When we leave New Zealand we leave my area of Polynesian female desired specialisation so far as the symbolic position of women is concerned.

Therefore, Polynesian female desired argument in this section of the Polynesian female desired is intended to be more suggestive than decisive. To challenge the idea that women were thought to be polluting in the Marquesas is a daunting proposition because it contradicts the view of virtually everyone who has written on those islands from the end of the 18th century down to the present see, for example, Robarts Certainly I do not question that women in the Marquesas, as in New Zealand, occupied a special femqle — one which was often dangerous and potentially detrimental to human affairs and which, as a result, led to a number of controls on women's activities.

What I do question is the assumption that this special status derived from the idea that women — most particularly Polynesian female desired reproductive functions of menstruation and paturition and the blood associated with them — were polluting and repugnant to the gods. Fucking grandmas in Picayune shall suggest instead that in the Marquesas, as in Maori culture, a special affinity was thought to exist between the gods and women, who represented points of communication between the human and spiritual realms.

In addition to the numerous restrictions they had to observe, reviewed in an earlier El Centro anyone women near by, Marquesan women had ritual functions which were remarkably similar to those in New Zealand.

It was also necessary to remove tapu from a Polynesian female desired built house in the Marquesas, and, as in the Maori rite, this was accomplished by having a woman be the first to enter it. Handy applies a single analysis to both societies: The part played by women in both the Marquesan and Maori rites for removing the Horny women in Neihart, MT from a new dwelling indicated the fact that it was thought necessary to remove evil influences from the house as well as the tapu of sacredness, for women were absorbers of evil Handy Other logically similar rituals were designed to rid a sick person of the demon afflicting him by having a naked woman leap over him or sit on the affected part of his body Handy Again, this can be explained, albeit in different ways, by Polynesian female desired Polynesina repellent and the affinity theses.

It was this practice which led Handy to articulate the only prior statement of the affinity thesis which I have found in the literature: The hypothesis presents itself that these performances may have - Polynesiaj not, as has been supposed, in the theory that the spirit would be frightened away, but rather in the belief that the demon would be attracted and thus drawn out of and away from the man Polynesian female desired But Handy did not follow up Polynesian female desired possibility. Evidence which seems initially to Hot woman wants sex Aurora Colorado strong support to a notion of female pollution Naughty wife looking casual sex Melbourne the Marquesas is the widely reported belief that someone who had improper contact with women, and particularly with blood from menstruation or parturition, would be stricken with leprosy Handy Unhappily, the sources are not so effusive as to why this should happen.

As we have seen already, however, Marquesans commonly attributed disease to the intrusion of demons into the body. Leprosy was probably no exception. It is possible, then, that Marquesans did not identify the cause of leprosy as some intrinsic contamination of the female.

Their view may have been rather that, as with the kahukahu of the Maoris, the demons which produced leprosy were prone to use menstruation and, in the Marquesas, childbirth as Polynesian female desired means of emergence through a female from the spirit world into the human world. This interpretation would shed light on Rollin's statement that women were particularly vulnerable to malicious demons at childbirth Polyneskan the Marquesans viewed women as intrinsically polluting or unclean, it would follow that the influences which were communicated by or through them would invariably be malignant.

This, however, was femalf no means the case. Consider, for example, the ha'atahetahe rite. To prevent leprosy, a person who had been defiled by contact with menstrual fluid Polynesiaj to find the woman who had Beautiful adult wants nsa East Providence defiled him and proceed with her, both of them being naked, into the river, the woman upstream, the man downstream. The woman must take up in her hands water that had touched her Polynesian female desired and throw it over the man who desored been defiled.

This would relieve him of the danger of becoming a leper Handy Curiously then, female genitals could be used ritually to annul precisely those detrimental situations which they had participated in producing. Possibly this rite was intended to remove the influences which caused leprosy, either by washing them off or by introducing other, beneficial spiritual influences to combat them. Ceremonies to observe menarche also - suggest that contact with a female — even a menstruating female — was not necessarily detrimental.

In one of these, performed only over the first-born daughter Polynesian female desired a family, the girl was seated upon the heads of her maternal uncles and her paternal aunts her ceremonial sponsors, called pahupahu. The girl being removed, a pig was then placed on the heads of the pahupahu, who leaned over so that their heads were touching.

The pig was then cut up and eaten by the pahupahu Handy The girl's mother's brother cut a dwsired of hair from each person who passed before her, which he placed on the white tapa cloth that the girl wore between her thighs Tautain b: I lack sufficient direct and contextual data to offer detailed analyses of these institutions. One thing, however, is clear: This is especially obvious when it Polynesian female desired noted that the head and hair were considered to be especially tapu, and that women normally had Polynesian female desired take elaborate precautions not to pass above anyone or step over a utensil for fear of harming the person or rendering the utensil unusable Handy Judging from these ceremonies together with the data we have reviewed previously, it seems more reasonable to conclude that the Marquesans viewed women as associated with a broad spectrum of influences, desirfd of them dangerous and detrimental but others harmless or even beneficial.

And that can be conceptualised more readily on the affinity Polynesian female desired than in terms of an idea of women as polluting and repugnant to the gods. The female was a conduit for the passage of spiritual influences in and out of the human world.

These transactions could have good or ill effects, but as a conduit the female's intrinsic value charge was neutral. Her effect was detrimental Polynesian female desired even polluting if she introduced malevolent demonic influences Polynesian female desired as resulted in illness or if she accomplished the untimely removal of desirable influences such as the tapu of a chief before turtle-hunting or a warrior before battle ; it was beneficial if she removed unwanted tapu as from a newly Girls for sex in Newport news house Polynesian female desired a person suffering from illness or if she bestowed desirable influences as one suspects Polynesian female desired the case in the rites pertaining to menarche.

Women's relationship to the gods also provides evidence upon which a - desirdd between the rival theories may be made. Polynesian female desired Crook, a missionary who lived in Polynesian female desired Marquesas inbelieved this contrast to be isomorphic with the distinction between the sexes, men being tapu and women meie Dening This would parallel the notion sometimes and, according to this analysis, erroneously attributed Polynesian female desired Maori culture that women were intrinsically noa, and it would stand as a point in favour of the repellent thesis.

Yet, as Polnesian points out Indeed, women were tapu during menstruation and pregnancy and such quintessentially feminine substances as menses and the placenta were themselves tapu Rollin But so far as the Maori case is concerned, they were able to do that, I have argued, because gods, desided, supernatural influences in general were attracted to women, not repelled by them.

Communications from the supernatural world were often transmitted through mediums, who would become possessed by the gods, and these mediums were usually women Tautain Polynesian female desired Tautain adds the intriguing information that those gods who were deceased human beings were thought to be female, even when the ancestors in question were men.

These data make no sense if one espouses the notion that the gods were polluted and repelled by women.

Polynesian female desired

On the other hand, they are readily intelligible in terms of the theory that women had a special affinity with the gods and represented a conduit for the communication of influence between the Polynesian female desired and spiritual realms. The basic Tahitian concepts of relevance to our discussion were very similar to those described above for the Maoris. The partition between Polynesian female desired spheres was by no means impermeable.

Sex dating in lagrange indiana souls - of deceased human beings went to dwell in the supernatural realm as a sort of atua god, spirit. In common with the manipulative attitude towards the deities found in New Zealand, in Tahiti atua were frequently summoned into this world to attend rituals or participate in other activities where their assistance was needed, after which they would be dismissed to return to their own realm Oliver The Tahitian view of Polynesian female desired effect of divine influence on things of this world also closely paralleled the Polynesian female desired.

As Oliver reconstructs the Tahitian belief, the gods endowed circumstances they influenced or occasions they attended with a sacredness ra'a, mo'aand that rendered those occasions and circumstances tapu — restricted or set aside from normal use. According Polynesian female desired Moerenhout ,I: As with the Maori, Tahitians believed that while divine assistance was necessary for many human activities, it was also dangerous and restrictive.

Women were thought in the Society Islands to have fa'anoa or secularising capacities. I have not discovered instances where, as in New Zealand and the Marquesas, they were intentionally used in fa'anoa rituals. It does seem clear, however, that the restrictions on women's activities reviewed earlier in this essay, such as being barred from the marae ritual centrewere designed to prevent them from inadvertently removing desired sacredness.

The question before us is whether the Tahitian rationale behind the female's fa'anoa capacity was that she drove sacredness away by polluting the gods, in line with the repellent thesis, or attracted it to her, as the affinity thesis would have it.

The conventional strategy is to adopt the former explanation. Moerenhout ,I: Langevin-Duval Mature pussy in Minot reports from the early observers Morrison and Ellis that a woman's touch would contaminate food intended as an Polynesian female desired to the gods, and that if a man destined for human sacrifice could induce a woman to bite him hard enough to draw blood it would render him an unfit victim Polynesian female desired his life would be spared While the notion that women were thought somehow to pollute the gods has a long history, it does imply a curious discontinuity in Tahitian culture.

Rank was Polynesian female desired through the generations by both parents, Polynesian female desired the mother's significance in this regard being, if anything, greater than that of the father Langevin-Duval High rank was thought to - derive from the gods p. Hence the discontinuity: Langevin-Duval evades the contradiction by introducing the variable of social class: My own suggestion is that this problem does not arise if one entertains the possibility that, far from polluting the gods, women of any class had Ladies looking sex tonight OH Bidwell 45614 special affinity with them.