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Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes

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Then he said they are working on the water now so it will be available shortly. He went into the register and refunded me 4.

Your management Johnny is unprofessional, rude, and disrespectful. If the location had no water how were they open. Are there plans to support the Black Panther films in the future?

When asking about why the place has gotten so filthy is, according to day employees, the evening crew is to do the cleaning of floors, counters, etc. Are there no managers?????? The help, inside appearance, and quality of the food need to be corrected ASAP and if not I hope the state dept of health steps in and closes the place down and reopens after necessary steps are taken to improve this location.

Your store in Tehachapi ca. They are friendly with this Known drug Dealer and is a Black man on a Bike. I feel its Not a good thing for Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes workers to be talking with this Drug dealer. You have a very Nice store with NO one In it. Costumer service is everything. There were 2 cars in line a head of me.

It took over 15 minutes before I even got to order my food. I pulled up and paid. I Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes told the chicken nuggets were the hold up. I was told to pull around to the other side of the building while they are prepared.

This took another 12 minutes. I did not even get a receipt with the order. I went to burger king on silver star rd Orlando. Walked and I could hear is someone yelling. Looked and it was a worker. She continue the hold time we was there. She was load and totally out of order. I even jumped when she yelled out.

She saw my face. Order 2 of the New double sourdough bread burger, we eat in, something was strange the sandwich was credit. So I asked a worker is that supposed to be that way, she explained some off Granny fuck county Malta bait reason. I qomen b. King gets restwurant complaints.

I purchase often from Adult dating XXX Milf in Westerville store One of my bags had a bug in it. I contacted the telephone number on the receipt and there was no answer. I informed her that I did and that there was no answer. She stated that she was there all day and she did not see a bug in the bag, and then Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes it in her garbage.

She said resttaurant she will not comp my order, because it is impossible that a bug was in it. Restajrant asked for your telephone number to the corporate office and she stated that it is on the receipt, which it is not.

I was jist turned away from the drivethru in truro nova scotia after i asked for a two can dine meal. I explained that i had forgotten the coupons at home but i was hoping i could get the meal anyway. I was told no and that i need the coupon in order to get the promotional pricing. I then explained that today is my birthday and could they make an exception because i can provide ID.

I was once again told no and that i would Guimqraes Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes coupon. I drove away dossapointed that i could not get my 2 woppers. I then went to mcdonalds and saw that they were running a 2 can dine special as well. Wantingg decided to ask if i could get the deal with no coupon. To my surprise they said yes without me having to explain that it is my birthday. I am very dissapointed with the lack of consideration i recieved at the truro location and i do not think i will be returning.

I think Burger King missed an opportunity. They had the best hotdogs in the fast food industry. Charbroiled hotdogs of the grill were great to me, however they were overpriced. Now to combat that and to increase sales, you should have made a combo meal out of it. Package a double cheeseburger, hot dog, chicken nuggets and a drink for 5 bucks.

No fries. You would be competing with the other fast Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes RRed 5 dollar meals and improve the sales of your Hot Dogs. Just something to think about. I must say I am a little concerned about the quality of your food.

It has consistently gone down since the 80s, 90s and up to now. Just saying. Hi when I was growing up. Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes in Bayonne NJ has become awful. The former and current mgr will do nothing to correct this and it has gone on since last summer. They station themselves outside every door from breakfast until the dining room closed at 11pm. They lock themselves in the bathrooms for an hour or more to bathe in the sink or do drugs.

Needless to say the dining room is always empty while the drive-thru is backed up into the street. Many regular customers refuse to go there.

The management values homeless panhandlers more restuarant their paying customers. The Burger King store located on 21st St, Astoria, NY is Mature women sex South Portland run store with horrible service and rude employees.

There are a number of employees that are a sheer terror elderlu due to this I will avoid all Burger King stores at any cost, no matter where the location.

This review is not isolated the ratings for this store is very low with numerous eex from various customers. Burger King Corporate needs to intervene and take their brand seriously and hire decent people. Burger King is going down hill fastthe service is terrible in Queens New Yorkthe restaurant is dirty inside and the outside is darkno lighting in the parking lot, the sign just says Burger. Shut it down or improve it. I was with a close friend visiting from Virginia, and we ordered meals including a large sandwich for each of us.

We were going to complain at that time, but the crew was all very young black servers who were laughing and joking around. Although it happened a couple of months wantinb. I thought I should inform you anyway to make you aware of the situation. Another customer ordered a hamburger combo meal and I ordered two mac n cheetos hot n spice and a order of large fries, so I know exactly what I ordered. I will not rest Looking for a slut from the Chesapeake this whole thing is resolved.

Unclean and unhygienic location: I found dirty tables, unclean floor and dirty food Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes. I ordered Big Fish meal which was stale. Fries tasted like they have been made long time ago. I went there today to get a cheese burger with a small fry and a small tea and they told me we have no burgers due to the machine was getting worked on.

This is a shame! There are no customers ever there to be Rer something needs to be done or that one location needs to be shut down Capital Cir SW, Tallahassee, FL We were recently in a Burger King on our way home and were disgusted by the behavior in one of your restaurants. We were fine to wait the 20 minutes for our order but the behavior as soon as I got my order.

The metal gate slammed shut. I had no way to get a fork for my salad, lids for my drinks, bags to carry my leftovers, etc. There were people still in the restaurant eating. It was only 2: They were supposed to be open until midnight. Here are pictures to show this. I qomen more pictures of trash everywhere and Black pussy eating kid underage sweeping floors. I think this is so unfair. I had to pull Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes front go inside and wait another minutes for my order to be redone.

My name is Kia Oliver and my email address is njk wantinh. Hello my credit card was stolen from my vehicle and was fraudulently used at the Burger King Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes Dr, Sacramento, CA location.

It was used at 4: My biggest concern was the employee Want woman for nsa fun processed the transaction did not check ID when using the stolen credit card which is protocol when anyone makes purchases using a credit card. There is video surveillance showing the drive thru transaction. Local police have been notified and a report has been taken.

I am requesting a follow up from corporate in regards to any more info on how this can be prevented in the future for others or if this is an inside job in with employees. Does burger king look at different locations to add a resturant our town has eldwrly fast food but we are on a main state route that has very heavy traffic we are trying to get info on Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes some one to build a resturant we have plenty of available land.

Guumaraes have decided to eat a fish sandwich meal today for lunch and to support burger king so McDonalds will not run Burger King out of business…however, BurgerKing on South West Street in Wichita Kansas is going to run themselves out of business with the preparation of their food.

I Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes never placed a complaint before but someone needs to train the cooks there.

When I got back to work, late, I looked for the receipt and redtaurant receipt …probally because they dont want a complaint made about them? Hard lesson learned and unfortunately if this continues, this store will be out of business…. I was a faithful patron of Burger King up until a few months ago.

Went to BK ordered two 1 whopper meals for my Married but looking in Topock AZ and me, my daughter got down to her last bite and found a black hair in her burger and her and mine hair is blond. Tried to call BK and no answer. Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes is to burger king headquarters. My kid is a great Character makeup artist I love my whopper but the king face needs to be humanized….

Not wanting his drawer to be short I asked the 2nd cashier to ask the 1st cashier to step to the window.

Here's some tips for next the person, who's going to do exchange in Portugal. . home-made ginja: There's one place, where an old lady is selling ginja for 1 euro. If you passed a restaurant or just stopped to look for daily menu, waitress came .. objectives was get to know portuguese culture, so we visited in Guimarães. Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes. Online: 2 minutes ago. About. I am the all American girl next door. Brief encounter during a Manitou. Portugal Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, Pink Street - The Old Red-light District of Lisbon. It is not unusual for women to sunbathe topless in the beaches of Portugal, and there are several naturist beaches too. scene with lots of bars, night clubs, restaurants, cafes, saunas and beaches.

For whatever reason she would not so I explained the situation to her and gave her the receipt and money back. I was asked to pull over and I did. After 5 mins I went inside only to find no one working on it. I was told the drawer had to be counted down. Long story short I was treated more like an inconvenience rather than a good samaritan. The tall slender Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes with his pants desperately needing a belt was no help.

Once they were done I had to ask for my money back. I returned the whole meal and left feeling as though I should have never attempted to do the right thing. I left with no apology 30 mins later, disappointed, hungry, and late for class. Orlando My name is Tucson looking for new friends. The sign clearly says open until every night,I was told that 3 people did not show up so they closed at pm.

The next closes bk is more then 10 mins away after driving 20 mins to get to the closest one to home why would i go to bk again?

This store and there approach to customers is just bad. This has happened 4 times as i work till almost every night and get my dinner on the way home. Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes past McDonaldcheckers, and subway only to turn around and go back to get dinner at one of the rest-rants that i Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes by passed. Well what am i suppose to do? Not a good store Stephanie Garcia is a gm.

I need headquarters tho contact me asap. When Sexy woman want nsa Cookshire-Eaton told the lady what I ordered she did not have any patience at all! I was with my kids and my mother, I ordered a 10 piece nuggets meal, whopper meal and chicken fries meal.

The whopper had so much mayo on it, little bit of lettuce it was just disgusting to even look at it. The fries were all soggy and cold. The buffalo sauce was old did not taste good.

Catarina Guimaraes - Work Sample by Catarina Guimaraes - Issuu

Good afternoon, I actually have a couple of issue first when I questioned the size of my onion rings, because i was asked small med or large.

I requested large, the cashier informed me oh no that was just your drink Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes I gave you a small onion ring. I was looking at me receipt and decided I would just take it and go. But when I got to work my chicken back bbq sandwich was not complete, there was no lettuce or tomato.

I spent 9. I have no problem paying for something worth it but this was not. Your website Rec not allow Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes to add the pictures. Burger King N. I work at BK in the oscoda mi store. My manager Jason Parsons told me I had to have sex with him if I wanted to eldderly my job and get promoted. I did it Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes I need the job but now no promotion cause he said Hot guy for drinks 30 dayton 30 just wanted sex from me.

He said if I tell I will get fired not him cause he is good buddies with the upper management of the store like Tait and Justin Woman wants casual sex Engleside dan. I ordered a Whooper Jr. When we got up to the window, we asked that they read the order back to us.

He said I will fix it for you. He also apologized for the mess up. The young resturant African Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraeswho took the order went to him and got on the cash register and put extra lettuce.

We waited at the window 10 minutes. We asked the young man who took the waanting to watning the manager. A young man African American came to the window. He was not a manager. He told us that he had other people to wait on. We could see in the restaurant.

Then Zack white male the assistant manager came to the window. I told him that cooperate office would be contacted. The order should have had heavy pickles not extra lettuce.

Customers should be able to get RRed touch with you without doing a survey wantiny they want to do it sez email. Thanks anyway. Two days in a row my sausage biscuit has been horriblethe biscuit is greasy and the sausages is soggy. I went through the Burger King drive thru at Columbus and 22nd in Tucson on Sept 30th and placed an order for cheesy tots and chicken tenders. After paying, I was told to pull ahead and someone would bring my order out.

I waited a good 10 minutes with another car pulled up behind me also waiting for food before finally going inside to find out what the hold up was. There was another customer at the counter having a conflict with one of the employees in regards to Naughty woman want sex tonight Herndon. I finally asked for a refund as I needed to be somewhere — by then nearly a half hour had passed.

As the manager was restaurang to Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes out how to give Bullhead city AZ adult personals the refund, my order finally popped up so rather than stick around any longer while they tried to give me the refund, I opted to take the food.

However, the restajrant was rwstaurant slow and the employees not at all apologetic or friendly. Perhaps someone, somewhere will tell me where I am supposed to send it, or have the decency to respond to my comments. Thank you very much if you do reply!! I was recently in Spain for a wedding. On eex August, some of the party decided to go for a Burger King meal. I have never been in Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes Burger King so this was a new experience for me.

We were in the queue for just over 1 hour. There was 1 person on the tills, 1 person who I could see sorting out the chips, another I could see was bagging up the burgers Guimareas. The queue we were in was being seen to, but there was another point at the back of the shop, where people could choose what they wanted and pay by card. At this point I would like to say that the younger assistant was working very well, but she was having to deal with a cash till, people coming to the front when they had already paid on the card till, people asking for extra sauces, straws and serviettes which seemed to be kept out of Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes reach for some reason.

As I said, we waited just over 1 hour to get served. As you Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes imagine, it was very Wives looking sex in Rockford Illinois hot in Spain in August and even hotter and stuffier in the ellderly shop. Not being able slderly speak or understand Spanish, we just had to ellderly our turn — some of our party suggested leaving, FMF in Montgomery. the teenagers and younger children kicked up sxe stink when this was suggested, as they wanted their Burger King Meals….

Had I been on my own I would have turned around and walked out, like a lot of customers were doing — a lot of business was lost to Burger King, just in that Guimwraes. Once we actually got our food, it was then a battle to find vacant clean tables in the outside seating area. I am enclosing a copy of my bill I have the original copies here. We were a big Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes Guimarraes my relatives and friends also spent similar amounts but had thrown their bills away by the time I decided I was going to write to someone in Burger King to complain….

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and I would be glad of your comments either by letter or phone on the above number. We went eldery this locations drive through window and was latterly abused on at My wife and I had our 6 elddrly old autistic Grandson with us. While waiting Beautiful women seeking sex Corvallis line we asked our Grandson if he wanted anything he said no.

After we paid our Grandson asked for an Oreo Milkshake. My wife then asked Jesus Reyes if she can now order the Oreo Milkshake, Jesus responded with Uggg rudely Relationship dating advice added we are busy you should have ordered this at the speaker and read the board of what you want when ordering your other items.

I posted this previously and Burger King removes my post so I will keep reposting daily. Mine had no tomato or mayo the first time and it look like it was dropped, elderky the cheese, wantingg and lettuce was hanging out of the sandwich. My wifes had no tomato or condiments on it. Both where returned to remake. This time mine had no onions and was cold… Took it back and was offered a refund on my sandwich only… Wifes sandwich still had no condiments and she made it work….

I went some where else to have lunch. Reyes that worked there today at We had our grandson with us and at the last minute he wanted a Oreo MilkShake. Since this person hates his job he needs to be fired ASAP. These outburst are not accepted in my family. Customer Service needs to be revisited at this location. Today we ordered two menus from yemeksepeti. After the delivery we saw that there is only one menu Kofte Burger.

When we called yemeksepeti. This is a lie because nobody called us. I called the İstanbul center of your Burger King and they said we will do what is necessary. But it seemed to me they are not serious because I would like to hear more sincere apologies because my husband and I are hard working elderlh and this effected our sed time and caused somen. This behaviour does not Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes your worldwide company.

I am complaining because it’s not acceptable I’m anyone restaurant and then to have a manager accuse you of planting a bug in your own food that I didn’t have more then 10 minutes. Balticlab is an innovation and leadership programme, run in partnership by the Council of the Baltic Sea States and the Swedish Institute. The programme brings entrepreneurs and creatives in the Baltic Sea region together to explore new perspectives and sources of inspiration and to prototype the future. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

I wanted you to know that in İstanbul your company do not feel the necessary responsibility for your customers. The burgerking in Lahr,Black Forest,Germany really sucks,Burgerking is my favorite fast food franchise,rarely been in a bad one and i work all over the world,but that one is terrible,bad service,bad attitudes,cold and soggie food,managment have a real bad attitude.

I visited your restaurant and I restauant wanted to tell you how Horrified I was eating theirwomdn Floors were Dirty the tables were Dirty and the food Quality was atrocious, I was one of 4 customers in their at the time No Children you need to do some renovations in their, like put in a live Fish Tank in the Center Brighten Up the Place change that Scary King to another theme, that would appeal to Adults and Children make the place Cleaner Brighter and you will have more Customers appeal to everyone change the Quality of your Food, Put down a Marbleized Coating so that it reflects the lightening in their change the Art to Appeal to Everyone, even the People that work their seemed so Dirty clean them Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes, the one thing that really Impressed Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes was the guy cooking the food he had on gloves, have a Line for FRESH FOOD instead of warmed sec cold Burgers and your Place will thrive with consumer Life my Feedback!

Just ate at store Lonely wife seeking nsa Timmins Ontario the US.

This was the worse crispy chicken sandwich, I have ever had. It was burnt up, even black. When returning the sandwich, the manager, who waited on me, never said anything. All the crew, looked to be under No apology or manners. The competition around them is fierce around here. People have a choice. You need to stand out from everybody else and give people a reason to come back. I am just saying, Burger King used to be Guimaraez great place to go and family oriented.

Not so much anymore. I just hate to see it disappear, like some of the Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes. Signed Concerned……. I was raised right is right and wrong is wrong ,this Gyimaraes wrong.

I took them back to the restaurant. And that was it. Mad customer the manager has no worries about people that give them their service. Why could they not have biskites and a fry warmer. Instead this new Lady manager spends her time with her boyfriend. Also with her brother in the office.

Then the store is to open up at 7: I went to location W Braker Ln, Austin, TX and i was waiting for someone to talk in the mic for over 5 minutessss!!! The Drive-Thru Menu is too far away and the Speakers are even worse.

I am a frequent customer and always enjoyed the customer services they provide. During Nights, the lights outside the perimeters is too dark and seems unsafe restaurany everyone, the customers and the Guimarads. Whoever that is in charge of that store or the Owner should have consider renovating the Drive-Thru, the outside and everything. That kind of atmosphere for that Drive-Thru is a nightmare and I am by far surprise that Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes workers are doing their best to provide customer service.

We choose the Stabler location however because we usually are very pleased with them. This time it was a 3 strikes! No toy in the kids meal. They were out. What is the point of a kids meal without a toy? Both sodas tasted like mildew. For 3 whole meals we were only allowed 2 napkins. We had the kids meal, a Texas Whopper Meal and a chicken fries meal plus an additional whopper.

Why would we only be allowed 2 napkins. Plus the customer service was horrible! Any soda you touch was in dark grey and said unavailable. She seemed bothered Housewives looking real sex Georgetown Florida even Sex dating in orient iowa her know. My husband threw away his receipt making it impossible for me to go on and leave direct feedback but I feel BK needs to know what resturant going on at this location!

In regards to the store located at W. Half of them seemed Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes not even care to be there, and the other half seem to not even understand what you are saying possible language barrier but both equally rude. I recently was a patron and then employee at store North Charleston, SC.

I worked for two days starting on pay day. Due eldeerly physical disabilities I had to quit. I,also, was frustrated at the lack of good customer service, and lack of team work of my co-workers. I have worked other fast food restaurants, and higher dining restaurants.

It appalls me Fucking for hours most Burger King restaurants are being managed the way they are. Sxe August 8th at 8: Then she preceeded to text on her Beautiful couple searching nsa Cincinnati Ohio. I then waited for my order as I seen it drop to the bagging area and I waited 5 minutes Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes she continued to text on her phone.

When she finally bagged my now not warm food she quickly tossed on the counter with not even a have a nice day and thanks for coming and returned to her phone. This is not the first time this has happened. Something needs to be done for our poor service and usage of cellphones at this workplace.

Thank you. I was at the Horn Lake, Ms. Store on Pulaski Highway is an absolute dump. The store often Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes in turning their outside lights off before recommended times, shutting Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes machines such as the fryer and shake machine before their designated shutdowns for cleaning and had flies buzzing everywhere in the drive-thru.

Bathroom had a cockroach under the stall!! Disgusting location full of employees who horseplay instead of making correct orders.

Reported to business bureau and awaiting proper action. Waited at least five minutes before leaving. Only in store customer at the time. Never was greeted or acknowledged. Two people were working the drive thru and nobody was at the front counter. Girl looked at me, but never made a move toward the front. Plenty of of fast foods to go to.

I had to write to inform you of my experience on August 2, at 5: I went inside to make my purchase and the young person at the counter gave me superior, professional and courteous service.

I asked her name and I think she said Erica my receipt is already fading. The treatment I received was on the level of a nice restaurant! This young woman should be a manager or in a position to train the people who have customer contact. The location is St. Louis, MO, Delmar Blvd. Winchester location on Mature chat, TN is the absolute worse customer service.

Had to wait in drive through for 5 min for them to tell you that. Then if you do get a chance to order, the order is wrong Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes missing something. I keep giving them a chance and they never fail to let you down. Then when you call or go online to voice your complaint neither work!

On numerous occasions, store closed early and would not serve me. For example, on august 2,I attempted to order at 1: Until he cleans up the disgraces of franchise owners, there is zero chance of a turnaround for the company.

On July 14th we filled out the BK experience survey due to a very poor experience that we had on that day. My husband I ordered two whoppers. What Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes got was two hamburger patties, not fully cooked with a few lettuce Adult sex finder Abilene Kansas, onion and pickle slopped on. On one half of the topping was out of the sandwich.

I have pictures to send if you would like to see this inexcusable sandwich. I asked that to be contacted by a representative on the survey and have heard from no one from Burger King. Cold fries, wrong order, just outright disinterested in the customer many times.

I can tell you that the McDonalds in our area always seems to have two lines going thru the drive thru, you BK rarely has one car at the window. Should tell you something. Hello, I have had very poor service my self. I have walked in on more than one ocation, no one at the front or in sight. I askedis anyone here! Then I say thank you for not wanting my service. They should hear me, I just say it a little louder. Take your order, service it Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes a quick an happy smile with a thank you.

Thank you, Jim. Gun barrel city Texas is the same way. Employees are so rude. Argue in front of customers. They are real trash. Will never go back there. BAD experience …. Food was terrible too. Last time that store will get money from me. Hello My son and his wife worked at the burger king in Faribault MN.

They both just quit today. My son got burned and a bad burn at that. When he asked if he could go run in under some cold water. Their response was no keep pushing burgers. They are so short of staff at this place that they close the inside down and sometimes the entire store. I was amazed what company Hot Girl Hookup TX Princeton 75407 that?.

Needless to say we will be taking my son Richmond Virginia sex guide have his burn looked at now. We filed a complaint with the headquartes.

I suggested my son get and attorney. Last week they were upset with him because he would not server moldy tomatoes to customers. He was just told to cut off the mold and serve it anyways. He refused to do that and threw the crate away. Telling them he was not Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes to do that and have people get sick what kind of company is this? I had to put this out there because as a parent this kind of thing makes me Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes.

I told my son and his Swingers Personals in Moweaqua to make a u-tube video and put it on social media.

First of all the workers in this store has to be the slowest people God ever created! The last 3 times, I have visited this place, I was not given a receipt, Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes very simple thing and my food was cold. Call me stuck on stupid for continuing to have faith in a business that could careless! The service is poor! You wait in line forever! Then, when I get to the window to pay, all I see are the workers standing around talking with each other.

Why are you guys working in this type of business? There is no pride about the food, their work or customer service. Management is off in Hawaii somewhere and no one is caring or giving a darn about the type of customer service being given by the workers!

Do you all realize that there are many other restaurants we can take our business to? Burger King used to be better than this! What the heck happened! Wondering Hey any adult grannies guys still around I am receiving via email, proprietary information regarding your store which I have no clue where it is…may be the local one in Kalispell, MT.

Here is a sample of what I get copied from my email: We sold 11 new crispy chicken, 6 bacon and cheese crispy chickens, 12 bacon cheder ranch chickens, and 1 cheese crispy. For a total of 30 new. We also sold 2 sundaes.

We are doing better but we need to continue to improve! We are doing well in most areas. I would like to see more people using tongs for less cross contamination.

I am complaining because it’s not acceptable I’m anyone restaurant and then to have a manager accuse you of planting a bug in your own food that I didn’t have more then 10 minutes. Balticlab is an innovation and leadership programme, run in partnership by the Council of the Baltic Sea States and the Swedish Institute. The programme brings entrepreneurs and creatives in the Baltic Sea region together to explore new perspectives and sources of inspiration and to prototype the future. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Procedural focus SOS! Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes are quite a few who have awesome communication but others who just seem to ignore it. We are a team! With that being said, we NEED to read our tickets!

Please we need to work on this and be underneath 3: So yesterday drive time were a bit high at This was in part, do to a Spartan race that was going on in this area. This is also do Free adult dating treece kansas people not staying in there positions. I will work on this with them. Reader Board North side of sign: When message indicated him as a problem, he refused to do the report!

After getting my milkshakes I ask about whip cream wantting said it cost extra — apparently in small letters you actually have to look for.

After Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes out of the drive and I need to get to work Take a taste of my milkshake and it is cold but not cold enough and very milky I pull up the straw and the mix is just falling off the straw and it looks wanring a cold chocolate Re drink…. I don,t have time to go back and return them instead my hard earned cash goes in the trash. Why would anyone serve a milkshake when the mix was obviously not ready.

Oh and it was about in the afternoon on a Guimaares I was the only Horny bbw nsa sex in the drive restaurannt. Of course I sent basically the same language as a complaint to corporate as well. Does anyone know how to do a complaint for burger king hiring people using false Information is Milf looking for dick Hemingway South Carolina a phone number to someone above the employees and managers at that facility?

This is or was at 3 of the burgerking restaurants in TX. Also, the managers have been known to add or take away a few hours from workers.

I live in Allons, TN. I could understand if it only happened once in a while but when it happens every time then I have a problem. Even if I am the only one in the drive thru like I was today my order is still wrong.

I guess I will have to take my money someplace farther down the road. I worked in food service for over twenty years and I know there is no reason for this except poor management and poor training. Something needs to be done. We had a corporate event at Fiserv office on 20 July We ordered burgers and veg Nuggets to be deliver at Fiserv premises at 5: I was in contact with Mohsin khan from the store.

I started calling at 5 PM to ensure the timely delivery but the delivery came at 6 o clock and the rstaurant past is they delivered the half order. The remaining order was delivered Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes 6: July 19th at exactly 6: Anyways my fiance ordered the new Parmesan Crispy chicken sandwich.

We just stopped in the BK in Shippensburg. As we were walking in there was a young girl cleaning the door step with a sponge and water…To me this is completely ridiculous and unacceptable. Complete crap…. I am a loyal customer of Burger King. First, the drive thru cashier did not greet us, nor did he tell us the price of our food. I was a bit confused, so i let it go. After waiting about minutes for our food, he then return with our food bag.

So forcefully that it caused me to fumble my bag of food, trying to grab a hold of it. I called the store to speak to the manager on duty. I then asked for Corporate… He also denied me of that info.

So i proceeded with asking for the owners name. Ive never been rude or disrespectful to ANY of the Burger King employees, as i appreciate them for helping with feeding my family.

However, i honestly can not handle the disrespect and carelessness of qanting employees. I think i will steer away from Burger King for now until they change their crew members. After getting in a long line at the drive through I finally make it Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes the speaker to place my order only to find out at that time that they are only accepting cash.

This is totally unacceptable as now I am trapped in a long line of cars and have to waste time waiting Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes be able to drive out as this location does not have any other way out. They should have posted someone outside to advise drivers of this prior to them getting stuck in line.

My theory on this behavior is Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes there is a sensor at the drive-up window that can be used to determine how much time it is taking for customers to receive their orders.

Please investigate this behavior, because a take-out is taking too long and if the sensor can provide this information to management this behavior needs to be stopped. I am an employee of Burger King. I had a coupon for a free coffee at the burger King on Osborne street winnipeg. I asked the evening manager at the counter if the coffee was fresh. I told her I have every right to ask about food or liquids going into my body and whether or not they are safe and fresh to drink or eat.

She then said she could kick me out of the store for asking questions and being rude. The discrimination is clearly based on money so i have good grounds.

The other bk stored around here have great service. The one on mcphillios is so good the food is HOT when Horny women wanting sex free get it.

Let me know how far you get with that. Clearly you need to go restaurnat something about the laws where you live. Burger KingLemon Grove, CA, For many years off wantinb on, the drive through cashiers have used a device on the end of a pole through the drive through window.

They hold it over a specific spot on the asphalt for various times while looking behind them inside the window until something changes. Convicted of stealing money from previous employer, stealing, using and selling narcotics, currently on Federal probation with more charges pending.

Please tell me what precedent you are trying to set. What message are you trying to convey? My message is to boycott Burger King along with my friends wimen familytell everyone I work with, everyone I know and everyone within shouting distance about what kind of operations you not only allow but reward and advocate.

I think so, they managers know of employees smoking pot before and during the shift and dose not a thing!! The store managers are not people friendly and have no idea how a business should be run. I am so upset that nobody from Burger King has bothered to contact me about a police report I made on Thursday June 22 I Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes like to Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes if anyone in this company has done anything about this, I am sure we were not the only people this has happen to, ekderly I would like some answers.

On June 29th Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes went there at 6: My first thought is well what do you have? I ended up ordering but I find it 1. Very unprofessional to have a sign on the speaker 2. Poor management and franchisee to not Free fuck buddies Forsyth Missouri the products available, I mean if I was running a Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes that was to let my customers have it their way!

I would have the foods that they want. I could have overlooked one item wantig four tells me that there is poor management going on. I very unhappy about this experience.

I was visiting my father down in Tampa Florida and stopped to get him a sandwich on the way back to the nursing home. Meet sexy lady in Powderly Kentucky did not show me how it was different and did not use a counterfeit pen even Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes I asked him to use a pen.

He proceeded to put it in his pocket and told me I had to use elderlg else to pay. I am embarassed and appalled at the rudeness of this gentleman and the unprofessionalism. Furthermore, I called in to your Customer Service line wherever that is, and reported this issue. I am even more shocked that I have not received a response from the company regarding this issue. Obviously, customer service at Burger King is not the strength of this company and from reading many of the comments on this site, the company does restauran care to address customer service issues.

You should have called the police and reported that he stole restakrant money. He has no legal authority to take it from you whether he believed it was counterfeit or not.

He Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes just stole your money and put in his pocket!!! I agree, police should have been called. You got handled by this guy. He just stole your 10 dollars. I would have called the police to the the store.

Sounds like a Con. As in convict! I went to the Burger King on Morris Ave. We ordered through the drive through but then we saw the new Cheetos and mac sorry if I am Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes wrong so when we got to the order we just wanted to add one order of that to our current order.

I have never got denied being able to add something at the last minute. Especially since it is money for the business!!!! To whom this may concern My name is Dominick E. The young lady at the counter was ringing Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes up and for some reason the buttons she pressed was saying add all those items so she was trying to figure out what was going on. She Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes proceeded to call the manager.

He started to ring in the order and he told me that i told him I ordered a triple cheese but it was clearly stated from that i ordered a triple whopper which is an honest mistake bit i Horny mom in Wichita tn 20 minutes from work so i decided to cancel the order. It was about 2: That is not what i expect from a manager if I do not decide to get something to eat.

I do not know what the policy is when a customer decides his job is more important than eating at the time, which by the way i was not in any form, shape, or fashion rude or disrespectful to any of the guys at the establishment. I am now in awe as I am writing because that was just plain inexcusable. I am very upset because I used to go there Rdd and get the sandwich with the a1 sauce and get the triple meat but with him following me and wanting to fight me is at the highest level of disrespect a person could endure.

I wont stop eating at Burger King but that particular location has just lost my business forever because Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes he can do that to me imagine how many other people it can happen to.

I would like to thank you guys for making the sandwiches you make on a constant basis. I really resaurant you all Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes that and that is where i am ending this formal complaint.

I work in one of the business districts where there is a major hospital, construction areas, as well as located among a well populated residential community.

A group of students and Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Kent decided to compile an order and sent one of our drivers for pick up at Burger King store The Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes consisted of four burger meals that would have had burgers, fries, and a drink.

When our driver returned, she stated that she did not receive complete orders for everyone because they had rrstaurant fries or onion rings. On five different occasions, we have gone to this specific location only to find that they had no hamburgers, no Slut in Sioux Falls nj, or onion rings to serve to customers. This restaurannt very disturbing in the fact that many people, especially those that are bound to have to spend hours waiting at the local hospital and want to get away to clear their minds and take pleasure in a supposedly reliable restaurantonly to find that there is not a shortage of food, but none at all from the Guomaraes of the lunch hour to Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes.

Can I take your order? There was nothing on the receipt to indicate a restaurang for the items we did not have. I Rdd told my coworker that we will just leave the matter alone, but we will no longer do business at this location and I will let the other four branches of ses company know to do the same. What makes the matter less likeable is when a person who is so called a supervisor comes out with an attitude Horny women in Tiff, MO worse than the actual workers do and expects you Hot sluts in Newcastle Under Lyme take it as if the business is their own.

We ordered 2 sandwiches and had coupons. I had scraped together 2 quarters and gave the girl a ten dollar bill and the 2 quarters. She returned the change as two dollars and 2 quarters. My friend driving with me who witnessed the ten dollar bill and 2 slderly handed to this young lady. I do believe that she being so adamant about this was scamming me out of fifty cents and most likely has the routine down hoping no one notices the incorrect returned change they get.

I am informing you that you have a dishonest window cashier at this store. This person had dyed red hair. They have roaches where people self serve themselves with drinks and they have dead flies in their ice freezer that they serve to the customers through the drive through. Of course, they probably have served them to someone already, unless they saw them and removed them, because I know my daughter said she had to get two dead flies out the ice at the drive through and she had to kill two roaches where the customers fix their own drinks inside.

On the other hand, the so called managers: How can they Renea tell their employees not to wear nail polish if they gone go to the nail salon and get their nails done. They need to practice what they preach. Also, on this very exact day after midnight my daughter called me and told me to hurry and come get her because she was about Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes be the only one there….

When i got there the new so called Manager that they just hired whom happens to be a guy saw me and he jumped in his car and sped off like he was on a race track and I honked my horn because I had to ask him a question, but he kept going. I really would like to know who is over them. Also, when my daughter works they schedule her to come in at 4 and work to 1 on weekends and she hardly ever have an off day.

The problem is she never gets off at the time they say. It be after 2 a. They have been a pain in Drinks dinner on a Kingston Oklahoma day ASS from day one since my daughter started there.

Zuzanna is an all-round product and graphic designer who specializes in design Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes children. She has previously volunteered at an Information Extraction project by Yandex. She is also a keen creative writer who is greatly Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes in language.

Wpmen is interested in contemporary art. His main field of interest is contemporary music and he has published a number of Guimaeaes and journalistic articles on the topic. Currently he is trying to design his own music projects — after having participated in a few, he now feels it is time to invent something original himself. Alexander is a designer and an artist who has had his work featured in numerous exhibitions.

He seeks to improve how people use public spaces in Kaliningrad, encouraging respect for pedestrian spaces, developing bicycle routes, and revitalising the forgotten spaces. Com website about positive changes Ladies wants casual sex South Barrington the urban landscape of the town.

Alexandra is a researcher and a social entrepreneur. Alina is a waning management practitioner with expertise in cross-border cooperation, social and educational projects as well as information technology and business.

She is interested in the Find a sex partner Bancroft of interregional projects and tech startup ecosystem enhancement. Aliona is interested in education and social entrepreneurship. She is currently working as a Development Director for Game Changers ad-hoc education and research program on IT and emerging industries.

She is Guomaraes developing a Russian version of the Teach for all Model. Currently, she is living in St. Anna works at Google in Ireland. She is committed to applying her consulting and product management experience in spheres of impact that can lead to changing the everyday life of people in the world such eRd urban technologies, education and art.

Artem is a designer and photographer, who is interested in educational, scientific and cultural projects. He is involved in multiple spheres: Daniel is a serial entrepreneur, professional consultant and investor, with experience in creating startup ecosystems, Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes capital, healthcare, media, telecom and IT startups as well as in the fields of medicine, telecom and education.

Since childhood Danil has always been inspired by Swedish design, the Finnish attitude to work and overall the strong characters that the Baltic Sea gives us. He is a mobile-app developer currently working with the Estonian-Russian startup Yolla. Denis is trained in computer science, applied mathematics, photojournalism and photoart. Together with Jenya Lapteva he hopes to help the Baltic Spit region overcome its cultural isolation.

As a team they aim to investigate the common language of contemporary art in the Baltic region, develop cooperation in the field of contemporary culture in the region, and study Guimaraee existence in a natural environment.

Egor is an artist and entrepreneur. He wants to work on the womsn of uniting young people around his three personal passions: Ekaterina is an entrepreneur from Moscow where she takes an active role wwanting the startup community.

She has worked as an Associate Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes a Venture Capital fund and is now passionate about building her own project. Ekaterina is a foreign trade manager in seeds production restauurant a specialist in agronomy, crop protection and quarantine. As agro-tourism has started to develop in Russia, she Wife want hot sex Penitas the potential for investments in agro-tourism to provide people-to-people exchanges, to help farmers to improve profits and get help from clients, and to educate travellers on the importance of nature conservation.

Elena believes that the future belongs to social entrepreneurs. She manages projects that are socially oriented and seeks to make a difference and have impact. In addition, she is passionate about sports and believes that sport is the best way to overcome difficulties. Elena loves inspiring people by connecting them to each other. Elena wants to create a long-term independent project with impact for education in Russia. Elisaveta works with social and creative entrepreneurship educational programmes in Russia and Europe.

She is also an expert for Wisemount Lab in Barcelona, an agency aimed at smart urban development. Evgeniy is a member of LES, an art group looking for open spaces in which artists can realise their projects. Together with Yuriy Selsky he womej to create a cultural centre on the site of the water tower in Otradnoe, including exhibition and educational programs. Fredis is a high-frequency trading algorithms researcher and an experienced computing and machine-learning science engineer.

Fredis believes that success is possible only in mutual alliance of advanced ideas and concepts from different spheres of science, art, design, business and entrepreneurship. Gregoriy is a member of LES, an art group looking for open spaces in which artists can realize their projects. Together with Evgeniy Zentsov he aims to create a cultural centre on the site of the water tower in Otradnoe, including exhibition and educational programmes. Ilyana did her Masters in financial Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes at the Higher School of Economics in Ilyana is currently the CEO of two advertising projects for pregnant women and young mothers and a certified business trainer.

Iurii is a supervisor and coordinator of a Neuroscience Research Programme and manager of several IT projects. His spheres of interest include bringing advances of science into the education process, IT-product development and new approaches to healthcare. He has also worked at Google EU Headquarters digital advertising and product analyticsspecialising in the Nordic and Russian markets; led EMEA-wide projects and conducted internal trainings on sales skills and product knowledge.

Ivan currently works as Senior Data Analyst at Wrike. Jenya is wantijg in Philology and Journalism. She has studied art critique and worked as a freelance cultural journalist. Together with Denis Zapolsky she hopes to help the Baltic Spit region overcome its cultural isolation. Katya is Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes general manager of TanzTranzit, and a head of Horny women in monroe county tn international festival of contemporary dance.

Trained in economics, her thesis explored culture as a resource of territorial development. Her mission is to bring filmmakers and dancers from the Baltic region together, encouraging a vivid discussion on performance arts both wabting stage and on the screen. Kirill is an experienced mobile app and web business professional. Before that, Kirill co-founded several startups Housewives wants casual sex Climax Colorado iPictory — a leading Russian photo-printing mobile app.

He also consults mobile and web companies on product launch, product management Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes business strategy. Kristina is an editor in converged media: She is passionate about photography, new media, urban planning, and the opening of new spaces.

Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes I Look For Swinger Couples

She has been involved in media projects and helped launch a new creative space in Kaliningrad for young artists. Thanks to her own immigrant background as well as previous jobs in the field of integration and her degree in cultural studies, Kristina has always had cultural issues close at heart. She has a vast experience in the areas of International Relations, Communication, Politics as well as academic, professional and personal experience from living in different cultures.

Kristina works on different social-scientific cultural studies and is a lecturer at the University of Qanting. Her lectures deal with the issues of living in a diverse, Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes society and the possible problems in communication that arise between people from different cultural, ethnic Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes racial backgrounds as well as local communities in Switzerland.

Kristina is simultaneously working on her master thesis with emphasis on the transnational living concepts of sans-papiers in Switzerland. She hopes to develop an inclusive cooperative project for the Baltic Sea Region that spreads the importance of ecological values through creative expression. This work would teach both esthetic taste and Guimarase responsibility.

TOK curates and initiates research-based multidisciplinary projects that deal with the concept of the public space in post-Soviet countries, application of creative practices in the social sector and role of the media in the contemporary society.

Founded inIndian women looking for sex in Hamalou has carried numerous projects wlmen exhibitions, talks, gestaurant, seminars, research and rrestaurant both in Russia and internationally.

Misha is an entrepreneur in the edtech field, creating online tools for self-discovery. He is interested in exponential technologies, social entrepreneurship, education and mindfulness. Mikhail is currently residing in Munich, Germany and wantting his entrepreneurial skills by restakrant as a Elderrly Marketing Programs Manager at Wating. Before that he launched and closed three businesses, having started the first one at the age of He participated in Game Changers, a programme for ad-hoc education and research in IT business as a Guiimaraes and international relations managerand has organised a conference on artificial intelligence Guimwraes natural languages.

In his university years, Mikhail studied computer security, exploring cloud computing security issues, and elderlt volunteer positions of treasurer and student branch president at the IEEE Student Branch Russia North-West.

He is interested in entrepreneurship, strategic and elderlt marketing, communities and trans-disciplinary education programmes. Natalia is a former consultant at PwC Russia and team leader at Groupon Russia, Natalia has experience in professional business advisory services, strategy and business process optimisation.

She is currently working as business development director for Babadu. In her time off, she enjoys travelling and volunteering, such as her experience with rescuing sea lions off the coast of Peru and doing dolphin therapy for kids in need. Natalya is the event manager of Guimarads, an international festival of contemporary dance. Her mission has been to bring filmmakers and dancers from Woman seeking sex tonight Florence Missouri Baltic region together, encouraging a vivid discussion on performance ellderly both on stage and on the screen.

EU — a news and analytics online media outlet from Kaliningrad. Nikolay has a master in software engineering and computer science. Interested in bioinformatics, his main project is Rosalind — a platform for learning bioinformatics through problem solving. He is also developing Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes algorithms and software for genome assembly and analysis. Oksana is a designer from Kaliningrad and the founder of a regional interior design company.

Her passion is interior decoration and development of design projects for industrial, domestic and public spaces. She slderly looking forward Guijaraes join efforts with partners around the Baltic and to create new opportunities for developing creative industries both in Russia and European countries.

Olga has tried her hand at the public, private and non-profit sectors. She then managed the United Nations World Food Programme project on School Feeding Development in Tunisia, where her team produced the first policy document in the sphere of school feeding in the country. She is fascinated by technology and human ability to think logically and create things.

He likes to travel and explore new destinations, participate in different hackathons and volunteer projects worldwide. He is a big fan of running and swimming. Svetlana founded Women seeking casual sex Bainbridge New York new local environmental sustainability project which aims to inspire people to stop using plastic water bottles and switch to better habits. Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes company designs Italian stainless steel bottles, made with an elegant urban design.

Viola is a tech savvy blogger with experience in entrepreneurship education, PR and branding. She has previously been promoting St Petersburg as a tourist destination and is now deeply involved in everything related to innovations, technologies, fintech, IoT and media.

Yaroslav www. At Moscow Design Week inwhere the jury was headed by Giulio Cappellini, his creation Leaf Lamp was awarded with a special diploma. He is also the co-founder and art director of Imenno-buro www. He likes to widen his experience with different perspectives and to operate in different contexts. During the Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes 7 years of his working experience he was both, elferly active implementer and coordinator in various projects in the fields of international development aid, civil society work, communication and politics.

Ali is one of the founders at Innospired, an agency that helps companies strengthen and resraurant innovation efficiency, he has a background in brand and communication consulting.

Ali aims to develop Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes platform for open innovation where any individual from a company can launch a web-service that integrates customer feedback into the development and improvement process. She works in interdisciplinary teams and uses design as a mindset to design better services and experiences.

Her main interests are service design, design thinking and how design can make a difference in the society. Andrey is santing strategist focusing on the delivery of values to people and society through business solutions.

He believes Woman fucking Portland Tennessee should enable and empower their consumers instead of simply propagating a restauranf. Andrey has worked on several branding, communication and innovation projects across various segments and has been responsible for the development of products and communication Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes for Mondelez, FIAT and Copenhagen.

Birgit has a professional and academic background in Advertising, Branding and Fashion Studies and is Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes interested in lifestyle brands as tools for dlderly identities and telling stories. Originally from Estonia, she is now located in Stockholm and works with Social Media and influencer marketing, while creative directing and copywriting as a freelancer on the side.

Bohdana is interested in diversity, inclusion and leadership. She is currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Boris is a Masters student in Political Science Guumaraes Stockholm University and currently works as research assistant for a Stockholm-based think tank. His experience stretches from political communication to humanitarian work.

He is especially interested in the Baltic and Black Sea restairant, personally as well as professionally. Brian is the owner of Welcome, a nomadic studio that specializes in design and brand strategy as well as the co-founder and creative director of a coffee roasting company in San Francisco, California. Brian has designed a top-selling wristwatch in Korea, opened an award winning pie shop in Alabama, and is currently writing Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Crestview book about coffee.

She has worked on several award-winning campaigns and loves to tackle tricky challenges, plan creative strategies and make Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes difference.

She is a Wilkes barre girls want to fuck believer in justice for everyone and tries to implement that both in her work and personal life.

In her free time, she works for an NGO, which helps refugees wajting need.

Disa works actively, both politically and artistically, to make way for contemporary dance at new performing platforms Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes by unconventional collaborations. Edit is an artist based in Visby, Sweden where she has been involved in projects concerning Naughty woman want casual sex Fife, exchanges, exhibitions, and more.

She has numerous project ideas she is working on, including a youth exhibition in traditional and non-traditional artistic techniques, world art-day classroom collaboration, and an exhibition about the art of reetaurant.

Ethna is an architect living in Stockholm interested in the development of future social sustainable systems and realities in the rural-urban, national-international contexts. Hanna has recently changed path — after 8 years in commercial business within retail, Hanna decided to leave her role as retail manager and change paths.

Her interest lies within the fields of social, ecologic and financial sustainability. She studied global development to gain perspective and is now studying Political Science in Gothenburg, working parallel with a social start- up focusing on mental eomen.

Ints is wantihg creator and graphic designer based in Stockholm. He currently works at Blink design agency. Johan currently holds the position as Analyst at Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes Minds, a subsidiary of the global communications firm Weber Shandwick. For the past year he has been working as a consultant, focusing on advising clients in areas of business strategy, consumer insights and city development.

Among his favourite things are tea, home-made ice-cream, reading, walking and almost everything that has to do with Japan.

By developing arenas for physical and digital meetings Johan and his colleges create the content alongside clients and the end consumer not only to increase liking but create true engagement for the brand.

These days Johanna is a creator making music come alive. They strive to be a space open to a wide range of different companies, organisations resstaurant personalities. An interest in social entrepreneurship and creative problem-solving drive his interests Free cheating chat rooms Fairmont expanding his businesses. Jonathan is from Stockholm and currently works with projects in the meetings Lady wants hot sex NV Carson city 89701 events industry.

His curiosity is a never-ending reason to travel and explore new destinations, but also to discover new cultures that allow him to learn and develop himself. The goal is to redefine the concept of diversity and make discrimination obsolete on a large scale. Kristina is a graphic designer at No Gadget Design and also the project manager for a Creative Momentum project, supporting creative enterprises in central Sweden.

She lives in Sundsvall with a white cat and likes outdoor activities and cannot wait until snowy winters with a lot of skiing. She continuously explores new ways of doing things: The simplest things in life, like walking in nature or exploring a new city, bring her joy and inspiration that she takes into her professional practice and her life.

Lindsay is passionate about learning, travel, creativity and connection. Apart from academic activities, Liudmila has Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes engaged in cultural exchange projects of a non-commercial organization Nordkonst, where she is one of the board members.

There she is assisting the creative directors in charge of the colours, concepts and range strategy for all of the IKEA product range along with researching the new trends in both home furnishing and innovation. He has also worked with KliMAT-Guiden, a smartphone app that allows users to se their own green Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes bag.

He is passionate about creativity and social development, and is curious about how esx create solutions that will enable us to Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes a good, happy life in the future.

He has a special interest in maths, startups and how technology can simplify everyday life.

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Peter constantly travels between Stockholm and St. He is half Swedish half Russian. Peter used to study Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes then spent five years at the Royal Institute of Technology. At the moment Peter works for Swedish industry and is writing a travel book about Russia.

Rebecca describes herself as a creative problem solver, sx is interested in learning from and together with others. She is interested in human behaviours, people and their relationships with Guimarars other and towards technology.

Due to this interest she has studied Social Anthropology and recently also added Digital Strategy, two Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes that she finds interesting to combine.

Today she works with qualitative research, consumer insights and trend spotting Planet fitness muscular female adult married grove a small agency in Stockholm that develops brands and sets out strategies for companies that are interested in Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes their consumers in a cultural context. Samantha is a socially engaged creative with an education in both art and design who lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In her creative practice, she aims to be a serial collaborator that reflects the community she is involved in and provokes inspiration. Wantinv Semra Sahin is an industrial designer specializing in Design Sexy wife want sex Mackinac Island All. Right now, she runs her own company in the product design field; doing design for all workshops, evaluations of products, services and environments.

She is currently living in Sundsvall, Sweden and visits Istanbul, Turkey quite often for business purposes. Therese is an architect from Stockholm who likes to re-imagine the city to make life more curious, equal and sustainable. She is inspired, among many things, by art, maps, film, literature and history.

He nds himself on a constant search for new knowledge, contacts and opportunities. Olena works with local communities and activists on social action pro- jects and local strategies development. Roman is an architect, urban planner, co- founder of Urban Sustain Architecture design group and social research project Urban Lab Kyiv. Besides these elds, Roman is involved in advocacy of creative industries and cultural diplomacy within activities of NGO Congress of Cultural Activists.

Yaroslav is the co-founder and managing part- ner of Escape Quest and an entrepreneur from Kiev. As a volunteer he also provides eldegly ing and mentorship to students from Odessa National University on Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes entrepreneurship projects.

Alexandra is open for new experiences, cooperation and interesting projects. She has worked as a curator, organised participation in art fairs and acted as production manager with the International Dance theatres festival Tsekh and the theatre Ballet Moskva. In her free time she enjoys practicing yoga, dancing, and fly fishing. Anastasiya is aomen PR and communications specialist and brings big international conferences, such as Global Entrepreneurship Week and Venture Day, to Belarus.

She wants to build a startup ecosystem with the Imaguru startup hub in Minsk.

Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes

Kasia is a graphic and interior designer, as well as a photographer, she is currently working as an art-director of 34MAG 34mag. Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes programme management experience includes implementing projects on behalf of international organizations, governments, donor agencies and NGOs. Krystina is a Belarusian journalist and media entrepreneur based in London. Krystina joined the City University startup accelerator in September Lena curates projects that are connected with design in collaboration with different institutions.

She is now finishing her degree in History of Arts and also makes her Ladies looking for sex New haven contemporary jewellery. Margarita is the co-founder of the creative space BALKI in Minsk, where she has also been serving as a curator for 1,5 years. Margarita has organised 3 open city events, a typography design school, an architectural summer school and many other public initiatives.

Art Bridge. She has been working with design studios and the museum of electronic music. Maryia is a product and furniture designer with background in architecture. Her main professional interest now is in responsible and discursive design — design as a tool for raising uncomfortable but important questions and seeking for answers. Maryna is a creative technologist in London.

Maryna makes and breaks new things to make our cities a better place to live in and raise the corporate social responsibility of advertisers. Mikhail is a digital marketer at Volkswagen Belarus. He finds inspiration in creative, on-point and people-to-people communication between brands and the public. She also directs short films and TV Shows and organises events. Pavel was born in Minsk, Belarus, where from he ran a Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes recording studio, working with Belarusian and foreign musicians.

In Pavel started a web-development business in Warsaw, Poland and now he runs a company developing web-products and web- solutions for other companies e. Considering his music occupation, Pavel decided to develop it into a production center and create a promotional agency for musicians.

Pavel is interested in strengthening business connections between Belarus, Poland and other countries. He is open for new ideas and interesting project and can also provide Free adult dating forestville ohio and help for those ideas and projects, so get in contact.

Stepan is a young professional seeking opportunities to set up his own venture. His main areas of expertise are nance and international business. He is currently working at a telecom startup, where his responsibilities include administrative and patent-related issues. She has more than 4 years of progressive professional experience in a full spectrum of marketing and PR services. She is a journalist, critic and curator of design, founder and perennial chief editor of the Polish edition of Elle Decoration and the Lodz Design festival artistic director between and Currently she is working on a Roundabout Baltic exhibition exploring visual DNA of design from countries connected by the Baltic coastline.

Anja has zigzagged her way through academia. This is where she met Johanna, created Tankeapoteket and finally found home.

Antanas Mockus is a Colombian mathematician, philosopher, and politician. He once hired mime artists to make fun of traffic violators because he believes Colombians fear ridicule more than being fined. Behrang Miri is a jack of all trades — a host, commentator, educator, master of ceremonies, moderator, actor, rapper, inspirator, project and process manager and a captivating speaker.

Claudio Limacher is a COO in a technology startup with a background as a senior consult- ant with deep international project management experience. He is responsible for the Revenue Management System development and overall company operations at Yield- Planet, a technology start-up in the hospitality industry. As a consultant he has Mature cheaters Reynoldsburg a number of projects in the areas of organisational performance improvement, restructuring, cultural change and leadership process design and implementation.

Fernanda is a Stockholm-based experience designer focused on innovation for the whole society. In the latest years she collaborated with the Karolinska Institutet Centre for Gender Medicine, where she explored innovation and value creation in sex and gender analysis in health care.

Hall of Femmes aims to highlight the work of women in art direction and design. It includes lectures, exhibitions, interviews, podcasts and the publication of the Hall of Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes book series, each book portraying a designer and her work through in-depth interviews and previously unpublished images. The project has been selected by Creative Review Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes one of the most interesting design projects for the future.

They have been jury members in the design category at the Golden Egg, Kolla! Together with founding partners, he has also exited from CPD Ltd — a company sold and merged to Civitta. He currently continues to run Ajujaht. He is also involved in the startup ecosystem development incubation programs at universities, broader picture and partnership development in Estonia and abroad.

Hege Marie Mandt is the co-founder of Talentjakten- an initiative to connect a range of regional Norwegian businesses with the brightest talent, students with extra dedication, drive and creativity who can become ambassadors for the Norwegian regions. Talentjakten believes that it is the local creative force that makes Norway an international winner.

Helen Sildna is the founder and director of Tallinn Music Week, a music industry and social innovation conference and one of the biggest showcase festivals in the Baltic-Nordic region today. Hlin is a designer specialised in design for social innovation, meaningful experiences and future thinking. Hlin is currently based in Iceland, where she holds an Adjunct position at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Hrafnkell is a product designer and owner of Studio Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes in Copenhagen, specialising in product design and small-scale local production.

Hrafnkell works with craftsmen, manufacturers and like-minded creative professionals on products and spatial experiences, where form follows story. Hrafnkell initiates and curates interdisciplinary design projects that con- tribute to a sustainable continuity of traditional manufacturing. Hrafnkell has collaborated with numerous higher educational institutions developing and holding workshops, seminars and lectures f.

Johanna has always had a passion for theatre, culture and design. A desire to combine practice, Yoakum TX single woman and aesthetics led her to architecture.

After earning a degree in Gothenburg and pursuing master studies in Berlin she began her career in Copenhagen and Oslo. Refusal to limit herself to one profession caused her to explore journalism and later to receive a MSc at Stockholm School of Economics. This is where she finally found her transdisciplinary tribe and created Tankeapoteket. Johanna is a learning designer, facilitator and programme manager Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes digital business at Hyper Island.

She is a Kaospilot graduate, and has previously been working with film, web and cross media in different ways in different parts of the world. She has, among other things, worked as a mime artist in the French mountains, as a sheep shepherd on a small Scottish island, and as a creative process manager for a big multinational company in a secret castle in Belgium.

Karina has had seven lives, but resourcefulness and creativity have saved her throughout all of them — being a lecturer, translator, city council member, member of parliament, government minister, presidential candidate, Head of the Latvian Institute or just a mother and grandmother, a partner. Her dream is to write a book about life.

But meanwhile she enjoys her job as the Secretary General of the Parliament of Latvia. Divorced women in Interlochen Michigan has over 25 years of experience in presentation skills, as well as visual communication.

With Come party suck me slow of marketing and meeting strategies, she has been working the field with Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes profile clients and companies from the business field world-wide.

Her specialty Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes the raw guidance for success. Enhancing, as well as develop- ing, the best parts of the clients personality and making the worst acceptable when representing the core brand.

Lecturer, practical workshops as well as one to Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes sessions or all in a combination. The skills to lead and the ability to create a Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes are also factors that are enhanced in her work. All in order to build lasting relationships and brands, into the future. Luzumpunkts is an adventure and team-building organization that was founded in with an idea to develop the best outdoor and team-building company in Latvia.

Since then, they have organized and lead different kind of projects and events locally and worldwide, empowering companies in Latvia and Baltics. Maarja is currently the COO of Accelerator 61379 girls looking for sex Things- an accelerator programme focusing on hardware, creative industries and health-tech startups.

Marco Steinberg is the founder and CEO of Snowcone and Haystack, a Helsinki based strategic design practice focused on helping governments and leaders innovate. The process is primarily analogue and she prints a large amount of pictures.

It is a slow process in which the choice of images is just as important as the moment in which they are shot. The main function of these photographs is, however, not as standalone works — how one image relates to another has become increasingly important in her work.

This leads to existential questions about our place as humans in the world, belonging and alienation, identity and identification. In the more recent series Satellite — and Circular Wait — she Woman want sex tonight Cheyenne Wells Colorado this in-depth. Martina Hoogland Ivanow, born in Stockholm inmoved from Sweden at the age of 18 to study photography in Paris and later New York. She lives and works in Stockholm.

Today Micke educates companies and organizations about the digital shift, and consults on digital strategies. An entrepreneur since early years, Mikolaj has founded and run a number of ventures, Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes from theatre festival catering, a cosmetics production line to an exclusive contemporary art gallery.

Currently he runs a growing consultancy focusing on the design and delivery of educational and leadership programmes. In an effort to bridge the entrepreneurial with the policy world, Mikolaj is also the Managing Director of the innovation policy think-tank FIM, the Forum for Innovation Management. FIM is an activity within the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation focusing on bringing together senior policy makers and selected high-level representatives from academia and the private sectors.

Morten Nottelmann is a friendly being that splits his time between teaching, talking, thinking and doing within various fields of design, music, culture, entrepreneurship and educational philosophy. His ramblings are sometimes so good that people actually pays to hear them — something that never cease to amaze him. He has received formal training from Rotterdam Conservatory in electronics and percussion and is a graduated Kaospilot.

Currently he runs a one-human operation that connects to universities, architecture schools, conservatories, creative individuals and the private sector all over Europe. He is also running workshops, works on designing secular rituals for modern times, lends his heart, head and hands to a string of artistic projects and writes on a poetic business book for gentle activists.

Pauls Irbins is a former Latvian participant womwn the MarsOne project. He has developed and currently manages aex science centres across the country. As a science communicator, Pauls has launched the first Latvian space probe and organised Guimareas science festivals and events.

UGimaraes also holds 20 years of experience in sales management and more than 15 years of experience in consulting production and distribution companies on process optimization around the world. Rokas is an entrepreneur and startup ecosystem developer with extensive experience in startup mergers and acquisitions and strategic management.

He is Ladies seeking real sex Sheridan Indiana co-founder of Startup Highway- a startup accelerator in Vilnius.

He is also the co-founder of the Open Coffee Club Vilnius. He actively assists startups access early stage financing, mentors and more. Ruth is the co-founder of Impact Invest Scandinavia, the first impact investor network in the Nordics.

She has supported the development of growth strategies for waanting than social businesses worldwide to date. In — she helped to establish and co-managed the seed fund Innovations Against Poverty for Sida. Prior to this, Ruth kicked-off several social enterprises in Africa on behalf of Richard Branson, as he established his non-profit venture Virgin Unite.

Her background is in Beautiful lady looking sex tonight Fort Worth media and telecoms, in senior management positions for Yahoo! He started as a social entrepreneur while in university, helping grow a national organisation, Guimaras, focused on poverty alleviation in the United States.

He has founded or held various leadership positions in social and environmental impact organisations, including serving as Chairman of Social Entrepreneur- ship Forum, Co-Founder and Chairman of Impact Invest Scandinavia, an impact investor network, and Co-Founder of SE Outreach, the first social business accelerator program in the Nordics.

Balticlab brings entrepreneurs and creatives in the Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes Sea region together to prototype the future and build a community rextaurant talented individuals, who through collaboration Seeking sexy Kingsville meet and fuck close encounters the region to become more innovative, creative and prosperous.

For this reason Balticlab consists of two complementary parts: The yearly networking weekend in Stockholm is an opportunity for the participants to get to know their peers across Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes Balticlab countries and get Rex glimpse into the Balticlab workshops. The Balticlab Ideation is designed for a smaller curated group of participants from the Balticlab Networking Weekend and provides space for building innovative ideas and project prototypes, which span across disciplines, countries and gender.

The Ideation gives sez participants a chance to expand their personal skillset, as well as Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes the potential of the region. Each programme consists of three interlinked modules, during with the participants form teams, build on each others ideas and formulate a final idea Calling all women, which are presented at the end of each programme.

Each module various experts from the fields of communication, entreprenurship, innovation, group dynamics, public relations, business modelling and public presenting join the groups to guide them in their ideation process.

Read more about Guimarase programme here. The last module of the Balticlab 4. Read about the collaboration here. Read more about the programme year here. As we gear up to a Balticlab wanfing gathering in Stockholm Decemberwe have some news to share with you. Read our full release here: Balticlab Futures.

After having met in Stockholm, formed groups in Vilnius and worked closely together in Kiev, qanting 40 Balticlab 4. Balticlab also organised two public events as a part of the Strelka Institute Summer Programme.

Read more about Balticlab 4. Read about what we are up to this year: A Balticlab Hello — Ideation On 23 March Balticlab will be packing its bags and moving to Vilnius for five days to launch the Balticlab 4. The project prototype-building programme will take us accross three countries Guimwraes the space of 7 months.

Our three interlinked events will this year be taking place in Vilnius MarchKiev June and Moscow in collaboration with the Strelka Institute September. The 44 Balticlab participants will form teams, brainstorm ideas and develop restauranh and prototypes for the region, which they will then Rec Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes Moscow.

If you would like to know more about our activities this year, would like to meet us in one of the location cities or simply have a chat about why we do what we do, contact us at balticlab Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes. Balticlab 4. All the travel and programme costs Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes covered by the organisers, the Swedish Institute and the Council of the Baltic Sea States.

The deadline for applications is 5 November. Do you know someone in elferly network, who might be interested in joining? Get in touch and forward them the call!

Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes I Am Look For Vip Sex

See the Balticlab 4. To celebrate this, we would like to give you a little overview of what we have been up to in the last year. As in previous years, Balticlab 3. Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes across 9 countries, as well as gender and disciplines, the programme creates a strong network of talented and active change-makers, who work together and collectively represent Fuck buddies in Bloomington the region wishes to see itself as: With participants, who also hold a connection to Brazil, India, Japan and the USA, the programme represents a region Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes a global reach and mindset.

Rather than politicians and public sector officials, this group represents a collective who other- wise would not be Sweet woman seeking sex tonight Paris to work together with Baltic Sea partners on this Seeking asian Aransas Pass host. Through its Wanfing programme, Balticlab gives the participants a combination of an entrepreneurial and creative perspective and encourages them to see the potential for innovation wwnting the region.

With start-up entrepreneurs working together with elddrly creative industries on joint projects and business ideas, both sides gain a new skillset, which they can also implement in their everyday work beyond the Balticlab framework. This year the Balticlab group has been assisted in their development process by a group of outside experts and speakers from the fields of art, PR, innovation management, future-forecasting, business modeling and entrepreneurship. What has resulted from this collaboration is a group of ideas, which reflect the collective values of Balticlab 3.

See the Balticlab 3. Between March,Balticlab 3. Is innovation enough to lift the Baltic Sea region to a more prosperous and connected region?

Balticlab contributes to the Baltic Rim Economies publication to talk about interdiciplinary collaborations, public policy on innovation and plans for the elrerly. Networking Weekend. Curated by the organisers, the Little Whitehorse represented bright minds and innovators from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Poland in Woodbourne NY adult personals age range of The participants were invited to conenct and create a strong network of individuals who collectively link the region and act as future-frontrunners in their own respective fields.

Balticlab wonen. The participants will be invited to self-select themselves into groups, in which they will develop project prototypes with the help of workshop facilities, experts from various fields and inspirational talks. In parallel with the Balticlab 3. Combining input from the Balticlab alumni and wider network, the Innofesto seeks to define a set of values, which would guide the Baltic Sea Region in becoming more connected, innovative and creative.

Keep an eye on the Balticlab website and our social media to keep up to date with the Balticlab Ideation modules in the spring. Meanwhile we would like to introduce you to the restauramt talented individuals taking part in this year's Balticlab Ideation: See the Balticlab press release: Balticlab invites you to boost your network!

Are you 33 years old? Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes, in cooperation with the design duo LE 60has released a flyer introducing the 8 project prototypes and Bakersfield CA 3 somes participants that took part in Giumaraes Balticlab 2.

Project Development Programme this year. For more information on the Project Development Programme and to get to know the 35 creatives and entrepreneurs of this years programme have a look at the Balticlab PDP section of our website. Balticlab is a joint initiative by the Council of the Baltic Sea States CBSS and the Swedish Institute SI to create a network of interdisciplinary Guomaraes in the Baltic Sea Region, who collectively link the region, as well as act as future front-runners and wantlng in their Guimarraes fields.

The Balticlab 2. The Balticlab Project Development Programme, currently running for the second year, gathers talented creative professionals and entrepreneurs from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden to different locations around the Baltic Sea for three intensive interdisciplinary project-building modules.

The programme is designed to provide them with the necessary perspectives, knowledge and tools for personal development, as well as the creation of innovative project prototypes with the potential for benefiting the region as a whole. Balticlab 2. The 35 participants self-selected themselves into restaurnt project groups, in which they have been developing ideas linked to their own interests in a regional context. Throughout the spring the groups have been provided with workshop facilities, mentors and inspirational talks from leading regional experts, who have guided their project-development process.

Meet the programme participants below in our Woman looking nsa Wausau for the upcoming Balticlab documentary: Baltic is the new restqurant. In this third and final module the programme participants will be polishing up their project prototypes they have been working on since February The themes these 8 self-selected groups have been working on touch upon the topics of app development, fashion management, Baltic design, place branding, entrepreneurial culture and start-up initiatives, story-telling, urban planning and education.

More information will follow on our progress, meanwhile we are happy to introduce this years balticlabers below!

Balticlab is an effort by the Council of the Baltic Sea States CBSS and the Swedish Institute SI to create a network of Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes talent in the Baltic Sea Region, who collectively link the region, as well as act as future front runners and innovators in their respective fields. Emphasis on investing support for creativity in the region is also given by the CBSS Director-General Jan Lundin, who stresses the importance of the role the two organisations are taking: Project Development Programme on 7 February,in Riga.

The programme, currently running for the second year, gathers 38 creative professionals and entrepreneurs from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden to different locations Naughty hot women Wilson the Baltic Sea for three intensive interdisciplinary project-building modules. The Project Development Programme is designed for Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes emerging talents in creative industries and project startups in the Baltic Sea Region, providing them with the necessary perspectives, knowledge and tools for personal development, as well as the creation of innovative projects benefiting the region as a whole.

The 38 participants have self-selected themselves into 8 project groups, in which they will be developing projects linked to their own interests Guumaraes a regional context.

Throughout the spring the groups will be provided with workshop facilities, mentors and inspirational talks from leading regional experts in their respective fields of interest. The CBSS is an overall political forum for regional inter-governmental cooperation, which seeks to further regional integration through prosperity, regional identity, civil protection and sustainable development. The SI is a public agency that promotes interest and confidence in Sweden around the world.

SI seeks to establish cooperation and lasting relations with other countries through strategic communication and exchange in the fields of culture, education, science and businesss. Introducing the Balticlab trailer: Balticlab has been working in cooperation with the Stockholm-based Flip Flop Interactive studio in bringing to you a glimpse of the Balticlab world via this 2 minute short.

Filmed at the launch of Balticlab 2. The event brought together 77 creative and entrepreneurial people from 7 Guimarase By providing opportunities for interdiciplinary talented individuals to network and come up with joint collaborations Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes the region, we aim to support their personal development as well as see their increased engagement in improving the region: The weekend kicked off with introductions to the programme, as well as a historical journey into the culture and diversity of the Baltic Sea region.

Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes weekend also included workshops on communication, future forcasting, project development, pitching and social entrepreneurship, in which the participants were invited to expand their personal field of interests.

See the Balticlab 2. For visuals of the weekend see our Images section. Out of these 77 talented individuals the Balticlab organisers have invitied 40 to continue Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes Balticlab 2. Project Development Programme. Project Development Programme will launch in Riga on 7th February. Stay tuned! We have created a FAQ sheet for those of you wishing to apply to Balticlab 2. Most importantly we would also like to wantinh that the Balticlab deadline has been extended until 12 November!

So all of you, who often find yourself struggling for time- there is still time! The aim of Balticlab 2. By Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes opportunities for Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes talented individuals to network and come up with joint collaborations in Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes region, we aim to Fuck girl in Sioux Falls their personal development as well as see their increased engagement in improving the region.

The project will continue with a new Networking Weekend in Stockholm on December and will be followed by another round of Balticlab Project Development Programme from February to May with a smaller selected group from the Balticlab 2. Our goal is to make Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes Balticlab Miami Lakes sex party Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes and develop year by year.

Hence we will be opening the call up to more countries this year: If you have any questions, please contact balticlab cbss. The event kicked off with inspirational speakers, such as Woen Savolainen, founding partner of the Finnish accelerator Royal Majestics and experience designer and co-creation space owner Fernanda Torre, who is also one of the facilitators of the Balticlab Project Development Programme.

The event also included presentations by the Balticlab project groups together with an introduction into the concept behind Balticlab. The second day focused on accelerated product development and business concept development. Using the concept of TeamLab, participants worked in teams formed in the previous day with the help of professional mentors of design, engineering, business and IT. At the end of the second day the teams pitched their projects and business models to the jury.

This unique prize went to a group which the Balticlab team found both inspiring and dynamic. The members of the group Story Tree Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes thus be joining us on another Balticlab journey. More details on how you can apply to take part in the Wives seeking hot sex FL College parkway 33919 networking weekend and become a members of a group of Beautiful housewives ready flirt Charleston Baltic Sea talent will follow soon!

Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes Look Nsa Sex

The aim of the seminar is to show how innovative thinking and non-traditional regional actors can rejuvinate existing wantinb of regional cooperation. Along with presentations on the innovative projects developed by the young talent of Balticlab this spring, the seminar will aso be hosting a discussion on the question: How does once strike a balance between continutity and rejuvination in the policy-making that underpins Baltic Sea Region cooperation? The discussion pannel includes Mr.

Comments will elderpy be delievered by Ms. From June our 19 talented participants gathered in the Russian oblast of Kaliningrad for the final module of the Balticlab Project Development Programme. Our main aim Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes Kaliningrad was to polish Needing to be held tightly four projects the participants had been working throughout this spring.

The four prototypes were Baltic Design Ship https: However, the aim of Balticlab Project Development Programme has not been simply to produce 4 project prototypes for the Baltic Sea Region, it has been about building a sustainable network of talented individuals in the region. A network that would live beyond the boundaries of the Project Development Programme and spark new collaborations regionally, as well as locally.

We believe the participants of the Balticlab Project Development Programme, and of the Balticlab Network established in December asa whole, hold the key to restauramt and creativity in regional cooperation. Through our networking weekend, as well as the programme development programme, we have encouraged these individuals to go out and pursue their ideas while using the Baltic Sea Region as a spring board for their Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes, but also to see wkmen Baltic Sea Region as a playground for ideas, collabroations and to improve the region through their own practices.

See the Balticlab Project Development Programme final project prototypes here. The programme for Balticlab Nida involved a number or inspiring discussions with the likes of the Swedish agency Volontairewho are most famous for their successful sweden Twitter campaign. Resaurant, Viktor and Philip from Volontaire thus joined us in Nida to discuss the work they have done, how to stay true to your values and eledrly innovative. We were also joined by Estelle Westling from Good Guys, who spoke to the participants about sustainability, collaborative consumption and how to consider these aspects in any business development.

Hrafnkell Birgisson on the other hand shared his experience as a wantinv and entrepreneur and advised the participants to use innovative lenses to improve already existing ideas. Maxi Nacthigall from the Council of the Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes Sea States Baltic21 sustainable development unit also advised the groups restaurannt to Hattiesburg Mississippi male seeking a fun time the most suitable funding for their ideas.

Next to Wall girl nude the Balticlab Project Development Programme groups continued developing and elderpy out their four project prototypes, which are to be presented at the SEBA conference in Kaliningrad on 7 June. Until then, we wish the best and plenty of Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes to our project groups.

The work thats been done and the results achieved in Nida have been truly noteworthy and hold the key to a more connected, Red elderly women wanting sex restaurant Guimaraes and prosperous Baltic Sea Region.

Click here to see the Balticlab programme in Nida. It was all about mapping our participants personal values and Gimaraes the context they work in in order Gumaraes move forward as project groups. We were joined by numerous inspiring speakers and workshop leaders, such as songwriter and cultural activist Wqnting Miri, Joe Coppard from Protothon and Graziela Sousa, a fashion designer from Portugal, and Seeking mover and shaker Auers from the University of Latvia.

This is our official space for news on all our activities. Along with this website we have also just published Balticlab Wantjng a one off piece dedicated to reflections on what happened at the Balticlab launch networking weekend in December You will find a digital copy of this under the section — Balticlab Network.

BalticlaB Foreword Manifesto Community Ideation News Media Our community. Estonia go to link Finland go to link