Mukti Khanna

Mukti Khanna

  • B.A., Human Biology, Stanford University,
  • 1983; Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, 1989.

Steven is an engaged and intellectually capable human being. He is a thoughtful contributor to group conversations, making notable contributions by integrating theory, cultural awareness, and practice. He has demonstrated competence in peer counseling.  He is open and non-defensive about supervision.

Steven completed a multicultural autobiography project which consisted of family interviews in a dynamic film about cultural lineages in his family. His film was featured in a campus wide day of dialogue on intergenerational healing. Additionally, Steven created a film on community based learning that was featured in a regional conference.

Steven has skilfully co-facilitated 2 mindfulness based group experiences, drawing on his strong background in mindfulness practice. He demonstrated a growing understanding of group process and group dynamics.

Steven completed an internship in Buddhist Psychology at Chua LIen Hoa (the Lotus Temple), a local Vietnamese temple. He has gained valuable experience working cross-culturally and deepening in his study of Buddhism.

The academic work Steven did is strong. He has demonstrated breadth in individual counseling skill building, understanding the intersection of multiple identities, and understanding complex relationships among privilege, power and oppression. He has an excellent ability to examine multicultural issues from a multidimensional perspective.