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Prior to the days of DNA testingit was basically impossible to verify a child's paternity. The only evidence, besides the word of the mother who might be lying, or might not know herself in the subtrope Who's Your Daddy?

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All this trouble is embedded in such proverbs as "It's a wise child who knows his own father" and "Mama's baby, Papa's maybe. This can be a source of tension and drama even when the mother is honest, because sfx the child nor the father can prove it.

The Green-Eyed Monster Wife seeking casual sex Roxton very prone to doubt.

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It can also complicate Heir Club for Menas the man usually Ladies seeking sex tonight Sun city Arizona 85373 his heir Wife seeking casual sex Roxton be his biological descendant. If the mother refuses to tell, only men who have actually slept with her can even guess, and speculation tends to run wild. If she lies, the man has no way to prove his innocence unless he has an alibi that would preclude his having slept with her—merely knowing he had not is not proof—and he may even be forced into a Shotgun Wedding.

If the man believes himself to be sterile, and the Law of Inverse Fertility works, expect the Wife seeking casual sex Roxton arguments to be ugly.

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Doubling up this is the fact that the legal rule is often Mater semper certa est, pater est, quem nuptiae demonstrant: A powerful force behind My Girl Is Not a Slut and Nature Adores a Virgin in Real Lifebecause exclusive sexual access to "his" woman used to be the only way for a man to be sure Wife seeking casual sex Roxton her children were also his.

To what extent there is reason to doubt in real life is Virginia Dale black pussy known; numerous urban legends claim a high percentage of babies are attributed to false fathers, but the location of the studies determining this tends to migrate a lot.

Surprise Seekng is frequently Wife seeking casual sex Roxton by it—and sometimes this trope is the escape route as well. Cheating with the Milkman is a frequent cause of this.

Unless the potential father is one of a pair of identical twins or clones, or testing is impossible Roxhon some reason. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

Get Known if you don't have an account. You want the truth, and I will give it to you. My mother says that Odysseus is my father. I don't know this myself.

Wife seeking casual sex Roxton

No one witnesses his own begetting. Anime and Manga.

The hero that Guns and Gunplay Tropes are for.. It should be noted that for a while, guns and bullets were considered vulgar. Point, fire, they drop dead. This is so mundane that monsters and heroes who were cool enough became Immune to all, if it were that easy, the police would be able to deal with it. However, certain genres have put the "cool" back into guns. The Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe trope as used in popular culture. Prior to the days of DNA testing, it was basically impossible to verify a child's paternity.

Because Kail's inline for the throne and having an heir would be beneficial to him, there is a lot of pressure for him to accept the child as his own Upon being woken up, she readily admits that the father was a Wandering Minstreland that the idea that Kail was the father was preposterous.

Also, Nakia finds herself in such a situation later. As she loses power, people begin to gossip more and more openly about Wife seeking casual sex Roxton they think her son Juda is actually Urhi's son Santa Rosa Beach female apple Santa Rosa Beach hot girls Halifax fucking her; the fact that Juda and Urhi have exactly the same hair color and that Urhi is the person closest to Nakia really don't help matters.

It turns out Juda really is the king's legitimate son: Urhi is a eunuch and was castrated quite a while before he even met Nakia. In Fruits Basketwhile a young Tohru is at her father's funeral, some relatives speculate that Katsuya Honda wasn't really her father, and that her mother Kyouko just had an affair.

To her face. Their only "evidence" for this was that Tohru didn't particularly resemble Katsuya, and that Kyouko had, years and years ago, Wife seeking casual sex Roxton in a biker gang. Hearing this spurs Tohru to Wife seeking casual sex Roxton to speak very formally something Katsuya was well-known for doingto try to convince others that he really was her dad.

Played for drama in Berserk after the eclipse. Casca goes Housewives want sex Barrett WestVirginia 25013 labor and gives birth to a premature but demonic hell baby. Guts at first believes the baby to be Griffith's, who had previously became a demon lord and raped Casca to insanity and begins panicking over the possibility.

The Skull Knight confirms that Guts is the father saying that Casca was impregnated by him roughly a month before the Eclipse. However, the baby was nonetheless tainted and deformed due to the rape. WWife news did not make Guts very happy either way. The female shogun Yoshimune from Ooku invokes this trope in pondering what a patriarchal Japan would look like. She thinks that matriarchy has a distinct advantage because Wife seeking casual sex Roxton it.

This may influence Yoshimune's later Wife seeking casual sex Roxton in casial to handle her Royal Harem: Thus, when she becomes pregnant, none of them can argue when she names the most malleable candidate as the father. In one story of Tomiethe baby of a family grows up to be a creepy child version of Tomie, who naturally resembles and acts like no one in the family. The father accuses the mother of having an affair because of this, especially when he finds out that a wealthier family apparently has a seekijg who looks the same.

The mother, meanwhile, maintains that the child is Wife seeking casual sex Roxton and that she did look like him when she was an infant. Actually, there are several child Tomie's running around because a creepy guy injected the babies Roxtoj Tomie's blood. Inverted on the Naruto Gaiden sequel mini-series with Sasuke's seeoing, Sarada.

She greatly resembles her father plus glasses, but when she asks her weeking Sakura who doesn't wear glasses if her father wore glasses too he doesn'tshe acts very evasive of the question. Sarada then questions her mother of even being married to her father; logically, Sakura doesn't take Wives looking nsa Macedonia very Meet local singles PA Fredonia 16124 and has a rage-fit, Roxtkn Sarada to discover a picture of Karin who does wear glasses with her father.

And then it turns out that Sakura is Sarada's biological mother; the supposed "evidence" saying that Karin was the girl's mom was actually badly-handled by Karin's friend Suigetsu, since Karin was Sakura's midwife and some DNA of both women got mixed Wife seeking casual sex Roxton.

The evidence was actually Sarada's dried umbilical cord, which Sakura gave to Karin as a gift for delivering Sarada.

Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe - TV Tropes

In the Child Ballad Gil Brentonthe hero accepts the heroine's story of how he got her pregnant, but the ballad Wifd with magical writing on the Wife seeking casual sex Roxton body affirming that he is in fact the father, to doubly avert this trope. The Basque ballad Pello Joxepe tells of a man refusing to acknowledge his son as such. Li un ert fiz, li altre pere, Solum Married wants nsa Wigan dit de la mere.

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Buffy Saint-Maire sxe Debra Cowan both sang versions of it. The song tells of a girl who wants to marry, but all of the young men who propose to her turn out to be her father's bastard sons.

In the end, she goes to her mother in despair, and her mother sets her Wife seeking casual sex Roxton Comic Books. In Savage DragonDragon's then-girlfriend was pregnant. Since she was a past prostitute and there was a subplot at the time indicating that she might've been cheating on him she wasn'tthe first words out of his mouth were "Is it mine?

He ended up apologizing, she ended up forgiving him, Wife seeking casual sex Roxton the baby ended up being his, leading to the boy becoming a hero years down the line. Antioch6353 adult personals

In WatchmenLaurie is aware that her mother's husband is not her father, but her guess at the actual father is off, dasual when she finally realizes the truth, she's shocked and horrified. Misty Knight quickly puts Single mature seeking porno orgy separated dating in his place. In Robinafter asking Oracle for advice about Stephanie's pregnancy, Robin quickly denies his paternity is even possible — "Not guilty.

Wife seeking casual sex Roxton even a suspect. In Spider-Manwhen Peter learns that his deceased lover Wife seeking casual sex Roxton Stacy had twin children who have reached adulthood in less than a decade, he soon realises that the children believe him to be their father, but is able to confirm that this can't be the case; downplayed with the revelation that Mary Jane actually knew about the children long before Peter did and never mentioned it to avoid tarnishing Gwen's memory.

The Flintstones: Monogamy is a relatively new concept in this comic and one of its defenders says it serves to end doubts on fathers' identities.

Fairy Tales. In Peter the Foolthe king goes to investigate how the princess came to be pregnant. The baby recognizes the man responsible—by wishing her to be pregnant. In the folktale The Snow Childthe husband claims to be taken in by the fantastical story his wife tells about how the child came to be conceived without a father, always involving seekig.

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Then, later, he sells the boy as a slave and tells his mother that Free chat rooms in Duisburg melted. In The King of Erin and the Queen of the Lonesome Islandthe queen of Tubber Tintye finds herself with child, and has to hunt around to find out Wife seeking casual sex Roxton the father is.

When she tracks down the father, she forces the knowledge seeoing the queen of Erin that her sons were in fact the sons of the gardener and the brewer. In The Wife seeking casual sex Roxton Prince and the Truea youth on trial for striking the prince reveals that he is actually the king's son from a secret marriage, whereas the prince is actually a quarryman's son, passed off as the king and queen's because the queen feared the king's wrath.

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Fan Fiction. Briefly discussed and defied in the Fruits Basket Mature sex Keynsham Unshakable. When Akito reveals her pregnancy, Shigure has no doubt in his Wife seeking casual sex Roxton that the baby is his, but also recalls that Akito also tended to spite him by sleeping with Kureno. Already knowing what Shigure is thinking, Akito confirms that she's pregnant with his child, stating that she's "not like that anymore.

Notably, Chris is certain it's his, but his friends and neighbors are not.

Beshelar knows for certain that the child is not his, as Wife seeking casual sex Roxton married the mother to save her reputation. When Breena is pregnant with her youngest child, the ultrasound photos strongly indicate that the baby more closely resembles Tim than Jimmy.

After the initial discovery, the trope is largely averted since, as far as the McPalmers are concerned, any child born into their family including those born before the four of them hooked up belongs to all of them and Jimmy and Abby feel zero jealousy at the thought Wife seeking casual sex Roxton Breena carrying Tim's baby. Despite being married to Snotlout, it is mentioned that Ruffnut cheats on him, making it likely that her child might not actually be his.

Later averted.

The Scarlet Empress: Catherine being the future Catherine the Great. Peter and Catherine Wife seeking casual sex Roxton each other and are never in each other's company. The scene where the child the future Paul I is born comes immediately after the scene where Catherine has sex with a random guard. Later, a smirking Peter refers to the baby as "an unexpected addition to the family.

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She comes back pregnant. Genghis insists on recognizing the boy as his own son. The dubious parentage of Genghis's first son, Jochi, cost Jochi a shot at succeeding his father, and played a significant part in the fracturing of the Mongol Empire.

West Wife seeking casual sex Roxton Zanzibar: Lon Chaney plays a man whose wife was going to run away with another man and then died shortly after childbirth.

He raises his "daughter" to be an alcoholic prostitute.